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The Bookstore Mage
The Bookstore Mage

The Bookstore Mage

57 Chapters 1.2K Views 8 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


The Bookstore Mage novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy genres. Written by the author Immortal_Simo. 57 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Participant of the Webnovel spirity awards, so votes, reviews, and comments are very much appreciated! ******* Following the unfortunate news of his grandfather’s passing, Lucien is forced to go back to his old hometown. As the sole living relative, he gets to inherit his old pop’s bookstore. A place where he had spent most of his childhood. There, however, he finds an ancient book that ends up shaking his view on the world and raising the curtain over a side he never knew existed, one filled with magic, mythical creatures, and all sorts of dangers. “Wait a minute! Are you telling me, grandpa was a wizard?!” Follow Lucien as he slowly unveils the mysteries of this hidden world, meets new people, saves princesses, befriends dragons, and uncovers the ancient secrets of his bloodline. This is the story of the Bookstore Mage. ******* This story is set in a modern-day setting. It’s not earth but a parallel world similar to ours with different countries and all of that. There will be some world-hoping elements down the line. There will be some elements of army building. There will be pets. There will not be any harem, I’m not confident enough to write a realistic one without compromising the relationships. There will be a realistic development of both the MC’s powers and his relationships. This will seem like a slow start, but it will hopefully pick up the pace whilst still being enjoyable. I’m not writing the chapters now, this is an old draft I had for a long time. So the updates will be consistent.

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