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Zombie Apocalypse
Chapter 1917 Weng Lan Was Furious

Chapter 1917 Weng Lan Was Furious

Long Junfeng's brows were tightly locked together.

Was Qin An really that powerful?

Now that he was surrounded, he wanted to lead his troops out?

This was a risky move. If he failed, he would be doomed and the chance of failure was very high.

At this time, the Empress spoke up.

"Your Excellency State Teacher, you said that this Qin An is an outsider from the sea? He doesn't even think that my sister hates marrying a woman?"

This Empress is called the Ancient Blue Lotus, and she is the older sister of the Ancient Blue Flower.

Mu Nanxiang smiled and said,

"Yes, so, if Qin An is really capable, General Qinghua and he are really a good couple. After all, he doesn't think it is shameful to hate to marry a woman."

"That's great. If Qinghua can still marry, even if it is just a small child, it is the glory of the family!"

The ancient green lotus' eyes were smiling like crescent moons.

Long Junfeng looked at his Empress wife and was in a bad mood.

At this time, she was still in the mood to care about her sister's marriage.

Sigh, forget it, forget it. There is no world in a woman's heart.

Long Junfeng thought that he understood women, so he did not mind the performance of the ancient green lotus.

At this moment, a soldier rushed in.

Long Junfeng's expression turned even colder.

After all, he was still the Emperor of the Cloud Empire, but with the shrinking of his territory, his authority seemed to have also started to decrease.

Did something big happen? Did the officials dare to come in without informing him?

"Your Majesty! The ancient general led eighty thousand cavalry out of the city and killed more than ten thousand enemies. He also forced the enemy to retreat ten miles away and continued to fight. Our army has captured countless enemies and obtained countless strategic resources! Great victory! Great victory!"


Long Junfeng, Mu Nanxiang, and Empress Primordial Green Lotus were all dumbfounded.

How could they destroy the enemy's battalion with just eighty thousand cavalry? This was simply impossible. If it was so easy, they wouldn't have been trapped for so many days.

"What exactly happened? Speak clearly!"

Mu Nanxiang had already asked the soldiers what Long Junfeng also wanted to know.

That soldier was originally sent by the Ancient Green Flower, so he knew the whole story.

"Reporting to Imperial Preceptor, tonight the enemy's five great commander-in-chief, Flying Heaven Little Wei Yang, Ancient Bronze Thousand Jin Hammer Shang Yu, Clear Feather Cloud Sea Wing Lan Ji, Dead Demon Subduing Flute Si Yurong, Rain Flower Wen Qingjian Bo Fu sneaked into the city together, wanting to assassinate her in a tavern near the Ancient General's house. Coincidentally, the general called Qin An was there. He and another person attacked together and killed the enemy five generals! That is to say, these troops outside have become headless flies, which is why General Blue Flower led troops to defeat them. General Blue Flower is confident that he can force the enemy to retreat a hundred miles and take back the three city pass that originally belonged to us! General asked me to come back to report and remind you of two things. First, please reward General Qin An and hope that he can serve as a military officer. Second, please quickly gather the troops and set off to protect the three city pass that we can take back soon."

Mu Nanxiang nodded repeatedly, and then said to Long Junfeng, "Your Majesty, this official will lead troops out of the city to support the ancient blue flower. It seems that you will have to meet this Qin An tomorrow morning. I think he must be a good minister from heaven!"


That night, the Emperor's good minister slept very comfortably, but unfortunately, Qin An woke up before dawn.

Hearing that there was a faint crying sound in the wooden house, Qin An hurriedly stood up in front of the door, raised his hand and knocked lightly,

"What's wrong? Weng Lan."

"Get lost!"

Weng Lan's voice was sweet, but Qin An did not have any special thoughts. He was just very confused.

"I'm not a ball, how can I get lost?"

As soon as she finished speaking, the door opened. Weng Lan stood inside, glaring at her. She looked a little haggard. She hadn't slept last night.

Qin An glanced at her and found that she was holding "Apocalyptic city" in her hand.

"Youโ€ฆ haven't slept all night. Are you reading?"

"Humph! I have been reading it all night."


"Oh your sister! If this book is real, then I have been frozen for so many years. How can you have the mind to make so many women outside? Pervert!"

Awkward, so it was because of this.

"Weng Lan, the book is very clear, right? I have been reading you all the time. I was just careless with them, and sometimes I was forced to do so."

"Planting pigs!"


Qin An felt dizzy. This little girl was really hot tempered.

"Fine, even if Lan Yu is forced to do this, what about Qin Xiaoyan? Two shameless people, I have only been gone for a few days, and you guys are already together?" ๐’Š๐ง๐‘›r๐‘’๐—ฎ๐. ๐œ๐‘œ๐‘š


"And Tang Yu! Are you all perverts?"


"Oh right, there's also Grandma Rong! Shameless!"

"Are you jealous?"

"Eat your head! If I weren't the female lead, I wouldn't be angry. Why am I such a female lead? Who the hell wrote this book? The first female lead didn't even show her face for more than four million words? Oh right! You even had two of my sisters?"

Qin An blushed. He had never been shy for so many years. Now, he really couldn't get over it.

"Not really. I was just careless with them. Hehe, you saw it very quickly. You saw the back of the book in a night."

"That's not the point. Anyway, I don't want to be a pig's foot! Damn pervert, big pervert!"

After Weng Lan finished speaking, he slammed the door shut, causing Qin An's ears to ring.

After standing in a daze at the door for a while, he smiled bitterly and shook his head.

No matter what, this was a good thing, right? Weng Lan finally had a strong reaction to himself.

Qin An stood at the door for a while, then left in boredom. When he arrived at the place where he had slept, he continued to lie down and sleep until dawn.

The sun fell on Qin An, and it was a little hot.

He slowly opened his eyes and found many people standing beside him.

He glanced at Qin An and only recognized one of them. It was Chen Sheng from the tavern.

When Chen Sheng saw Qin An wake up, he rushed forward and said respectfully,

"Master, I'm here."

"Yes, Chen Sheng. Do you know what happened?"

"I, I don't know either. I just feel that I always have a master in my heart and I am willing to follow you."

"En, that's good. From now on, we will be brothers who travel together. I heard that this world is very big. Let's go take a walk and see if we can encounter some interesting and interesting things. Where is your Xuan Tian's heavy sword?"

"That is called Xuan Tian's heavy sword? I placed it over there to salute."

"Don't lose it. He is the source of your strength. Go down."


Chen Sheng respectfully withdrew. Qin An was in a trance for a moment.

He really had some fate with Xuan Tian. In the past, the first person he met was Xuan Tian. Now, Xuan Tian could be considered to be alive by his side. In another way.

Qin An sighed with emotion for a while before looking at the others around him.

"What are you all doing?"

An old eunuch came forward, his face full of smiles.

"General, this lowly one is Guo Anfu. The Emperor of the Cloud Empire has invited you to the Imperial Palace and has sent me to invite you."

"Oh, so impatient? Alright, let's go with the customs. Since the Emperor has invited me, not going to see him is not giving him any face. Lead the way."

Qin An knew that it was impossible for him to fight alone in this world, and he had to have some people by his side.

Just like that, twenty minutes later, Qin An entered the imperial palace and saw Long Junfeng and the ancient green lotus in the Emperor's palace.

This time, the ancient green lotus looked at Qin An with a different expression, already looking at his brother-in-law from the perspective of a sister-in-law.

Of course, Long Junfeng didn't care about these things. He was very polite, actually leaving his seat and walking forward to grab Qin An's hand.

"General Qin, it's great that you can come! I heard that last night, you and another hero killed the enemy's five commander-in-chief. This is really a pleasant surprise. I really can't believe it. Although these five people aren't considered peerless experts, the strength displayed by the five of them together is not to be underestimated. Even if the ancient blue flower general fought against the five of them, it would be difficult to deal with."

"Your Majesty, you are too polite."

"General Qin, I like to get straight to the point. Since you have already given me such a good tribute, I am willing to make you a military general of our army."

Qin An was stunned. He frowned and looked at Long Junfeng,

"Your Majesty, are you really so assured about me? Are you willing to give me all the troops and horses in the country? If I am not mistaken, the so-called military might should be an existence that surpasses the ancient blue flower. She is the Grand Marshal of the Military. If I am above her, can I command all the troops and horses in the country?"

"Haha, General is so smart. This question is extremely sharp. Under normal circumstances, I would naturally not trust a person so easily. But now, the Empire's territory has already been suppressed in this corner. The Cloud Empire is already on the verge of destruction. Now that General has appeared, it is too important for me. I am willing to place the empire on you. This is a gamble for me!"

"En, it is indeed not bad. Alright then, I will accept you. Anyway, I really want to go to the world. I heard that the world originally belonged to you, but it has become like this. When I go out to play, I will conveniently bring back the world for you."

Long Junfeng's heart trembled when he heard this because Qin An's words were really too savage.

When he went to play, he would also bring himself a day to come down?

Qin An looked at the petrified Long Junfeng and smiled.

"As the saying goes, it is easy to share hardships, but it is difficult to share wealth. Your Majesty, what I said is not false. When I help you take back the world, that is, when I have a high position, how do you want to get along with me?"

Long Junfeng frowned and looked at Qin An for a while. Then, he laughed and said, "This world is already not mine to begin with. If that day comes, how can I, an Emperor who is sitting at the bottom of a well and watching the sky, be compared to a provincial official like you? Brother Qin, I am willing to become sworn brothers with you forever. What do you think?"

"Haha, it is a good thing that the Emperor is so broad-minded. In that case, let's do it this way. Give me a decree, and I will lead the troops to sweep the world. I don't know how far I can go. In this life, I'm afraid that there is no time for us to meet. It is my honor to be able to be sworn brothers with an Emperor."

Long Junfeng was very surprised to hear Qin An's words, and he could not understand Qin An's thoughts.

He hesitated and said, "Brother Qin, no matter how far you go, I will definitely support you with all my strength. However, before you leave, I have two things to entrust to you."

"Oh? What are the two things?"

"To be precise, there are two people. One is the ancient blue flower, and the other is my little sister Yu, Long Shiyu!"

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Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1917 Weng Lan Was Furious