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Zombie Apocalypse
Chapter 1906 After All, She Was the Woman She Loved the Most

Chapter 1906 After All, She Was the Woman She Loved the Most

Qin An didn't know that someone was talking ruthlessly at him, but at this moment, his attention was focused on his wife.

Actually, Apocalyptic city was quite perfect. Qi Hao had more or less come into contact with the many supporting characters who lived and adventured in different worlds over the years.

Most of the female masters had been in love with them for a lifetime. Although they left after that, how could happiness be eternal? If they really stayed together forever, everyone would probably be tired of it.

Only Weng Lan, this woman, could not be put down by Qin An.

Weng Lan was really drunk. After entering the room, she was placed on the bed by Qin An. She unexpectedly stretched out two slender thighs and wrapped them around Qin An's waist, preventing him from leaving.

Actually, Qin An was a little nervous. He had never seen such a wild Weng Lan before. The female pig foot in Doomsday City was a contradictory body. She could be exquisite outside and dignified and solemn in front of Qin An.

In fact, Qin An was also a contradiction in the apocalyptic city, both compassionate and heartless.

Sigh, it's all because of the different authors. They want to shape their own personalities, but they never ask what kind of Qin An they want to be.

"Why did you come here? Who drank so much wine with?"

Qin An asked softly as he tidied up Weng Lan's long hair.

"You… don't misunderstand me. I'm not here for you."

Weng Lan's voice was very delicate, so she drank too much.

"Well, you're not here for me. Then why did you appear in Altar City?"

"Hehe, if you can come on vacation, so can I. I'm here. I'm so happy, I met a handsome guy!"


"He wanted to take advantage of me, but I pushed him out. Then I flew and flew, and then I fell, and then you picked me up."

Qin An smiled again. The little woman's logical thinking ability was still preserved and she spoke very clearly.

She didn't come here on purpose. She only used the flying ability of an Illusionary to fly to a very high place and fall. Fortunately, she was discovered by herself. She used the ability of the Red Leaf Sword God to escape from the gravity. Otherwise, she wouldn't have died.

Qin An's smile was filled with a trace of killing intent.

Even if he didn't understand his feelings for Weng Lan, even if he was a little stagnant, even if he wanted to break up with Weng Lan, he would never allow any man to touch Weng Lan. People were selfish. Qin An had lived for many years, but he still couldn't get rid of this basic human nature.

Weng Lan's movements were very agile, and her waist strength was also very good.

Her legs were crossed around Qin An's waist, and then she actually used this kind of power to fold her upper body, leaning against Qin An's body, stretching out her hand to hug his neck.

"Bad guy, hurry up and tell me!"

"What did you say?"

Feeling his wife's close breathing, Qin An's heartbeat actually accelerated.

Yes, as an old bird, he was actually able to react to a woman's heartbeat. It was really not easy.

This proved that Weng Lan was really his dish. Perhaps he wouldn't be bored if he stayed with Weng Lan forever, right? But what about her?

Hey, what are you thinking about all this for?

Qin An glanced at his mouth, it was a kind of contempt for himself.

He put his arm around Weng Lan's waist and then lowered his head to kiss her lips.

Weng Lan resisted twice, and then she felt weak.

When Qin An kissed her, his hands weren't very honest and he played around with Weng Lan.

Since I'm already old, Qin An naturally knows how to make Weng Lan comfortable.

After kissing for almost two minutes, Qin An finally let go of Weng Lan.

Weng Lan glared at Qin An with a drunken and confused pout.

Qin An thought that her appearance was quite cute. The lipstick was on the corner of her mouth. It was really interesting.

"What did you ask me to say just now?"

"I… I told you the truth! Did I really have a baby with you… No, no, no! That's not the point, it's how you kiss me! You forced a kiss on me!"

"Me? You're probably drunk, aren't you? Nothing."

"I didn't drink too much. You just kissed me!"

Weng Lan shouted at Qi Hao, looking very angry.

Qin An still felt that this kind of Weng Lan was very cute. He had never seen such a side of Weng Lan before.

"I really didn't kiss him."


"No, are you dreaming?"

"Impossible! How can I dream if I'm not asleep?"

"That's what you imagined after drinking."

"You… I don't believe you."

Weng Lan's eyes widened. Then, she suddenly moved forward and took the initiative to kiss Qin An.

Of course, Qin An was not courteous. This kiss lasted for another two minutes.

Weng Lan pushed Qin An away and smiled, "Look, this is the feeling. You are kissing me!"

"I didn't. You kissed me just now."

"I kissed you to prove that you just kissed me."

"In the end, you only proved that you kissed me just now, but you can't prove that I kissed you before."

Weng Lan frowned, her face full of confusion.

She was confused.

Qin An smiled and sat on the bed, then lay sideways, letting Weng Lan lie beside her, gently hugging her.

"Hateful, let go of me!"

"I told you some stories about Apocalyptic city last time. Do you want to hear more?"

"Don't listen, don't listen. This story doesn't sound good. I'm not even in it!"

Qin An was stunned for a moment before he couldn't help but laugh again.

That's right. Weng Lan, the number one female lead, was also feeling aggrieved.

After the first chapter appeared, more than four million words remained unspoken, even more so than the dragon set.

"Alright, this story is a bit long. How about this, I'll give you Apocalyptic city's novel. You can read it yourself."

Qin An's Heavenly Awakening Spatial Ability could still be activated, and he always carried with him some physical versions of Apocalyptic city's novels.

After all, this book recorded Qin An's life and was very memorable. Therefore, Qin An had made a very hardcover physical book in the early years. If he had nothing else, he would take it out and take a look. Now that he had reunited with the number one female lead, he naturally had to show it to her as well.

Weng Lan took a look at the book and threw it aside.

She is so drunk and confused now that she has no spirit to read novels.

Lying in Qin An's arms, Weng Lan actually felt quite comfortable.

His body is so warm, it looks like a small stove.

As a result, Weng Lan closed her eyes as she snorted and became more and more sleepy.

In the end, she fell asleep, obediently like a child.

Qin An looked at Weng Lan and let out a long breath.

I'm so stupid.

Even in the real world, Weng Lan might not fall in love with that little security guard back then, but in the real world now, she was no longer the man she was at that time. He had grown up to be outstanding enough. As long as he was willing to work hard, he would definitely make Weng Lan truly fall in love with him.

This time, it was different from other times, because this time, he was the real Qin An, and she was also the real Weng Lan!

After thinking through these things, Qin An was at ease and happy. She put on a posture that Weng Lan liked best, so that she could lie on her own more comfortably.

Weng Lan was indeed very comfortable. Not long after, she fell asleep. Qin An kept looking at her. Ten minutes later, a little saliva actually flowed out of the corner of her mouth. That cute little appearance was really beautiful.

Qin An couldn't help but lean over and kiss the corner of Weng Lan's mouth.

Yuan Ji's house was large enough for his guests to live in.

Weng Lan and Qin An stayed in one room, and Qi Hao and Qin Yue stayed in the same room.

Although Qi Hao and Qin Yue were no longer newlyweds, they had only been married for a few years. Moreover, the two of them were affectionate. Qi Hao was also physically strong, and he was lucky to hug his wife every night.

Actually, Qin Yue was a little reluctant. She felt that the bed here was too soft, and in other people's houses, she always felt that she could not adapt to it.

However, Qi Hao was too naughty. He kept teasing her. Helplessly, Qin Yue could only satisfy him.

After working for a long time, the two of them lay motionless in bed. Qin Yue felt sweat on her body, so she went to take a shower.

Qi Hao watched as his wife ran into the bathroom naked and smiled, "You're the only one who cares. Isn't it gone with a little sweat?"

He picked up his pants from the ground and put them on and went straight to the balcony.

Ah? It's still muggy tonight and there's no wind at all.

Qi Hao frowned slightly. After standing there for a while, he felt that the sweat on his body seemed to be a little more.

The Yuan Ji Clan has a courtyard wall. The house Qi Hao lives in is right next to the courtyard wall. On the third floor, standing on the balcony, you can see what's happening outside of me.

It was a big city, and even though it was late, there were still many people on the streets.

The people here weren't as relaxed as the aunts in the country. They might have different beliefs. Qi Hao could see some people kneeling on the ground and kneeling in the same direction.

What did he believe? Allah? Then you shouldn't have come here in the middle of the night to pay your respects.

Or believe in something else, like this chaotic region, where people often go back to believe in something, longing for a Lord God to point the way to their lives.

It was a pity that such a path did not exist. They might not be able to figure it out until they were about to die. Life was in their hands, and even God could not help them.

Qi Hao didn't think these people were ridiculous. He was different from Qin An.

Qi Hao was a person with no faith, and Qi Hao had faith. He believed in the spirit medicine profession devotedly, so he did not think that other people with faith were morbid.

After looking at it for a while, Qi Hao felt bored, so he decided to turn around and go back to his room to take a bath with his wife, Qin Yue.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly noticed a dozen people rushing towards him from afar.

Ah? What are they running for? Moreover, their postures were very strange. Their legs were stiff but they were running very fast.

This action…

Qi Hao frowned. He remembered something he had learned in the Spiritual Medicine Academy.

There is a kind of spirit resentment called stiffness. This thing can spread zombie virus.

The so-called zombies weren't much different from zombies. They were all soulless undead creatures, bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty. Their colleagues could also spread zombie viruses.

However, the grade of stiffness was generally low. The majority of them were fifth and sixth grade. This kind of stiffness was unable to spread the zombie virus forever. After a person was poisoned and turned into a zombie, they would be able to recover in a few days.

However, it was said that zombie viruses could be transmitted from grade seven to grade seven zombie stiffness.

Right now, the Alliance Army was dealing with an Eighth Grade Demon Spirit. Suddenly, a stiff demon spirit appeared nearby. Hopefully, it wouldn't be a high-grade demon spirit. Otherwise, it would be equivalent to a catastrophe.

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Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1906 After All, She Was the Woman She Loved the Most