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Zombie Apocalypse
Chapter 1904 Altar

Chapter 1904 Altar

It's halftime.

It had been two years since Qi Hao and Qin Yue had joined the Spirit Exorcism Team, and this was the first time they had encountered such a situation.

Experts are indeed privileged. They are still working there, but they are on vacation here.

Qin An listened to Qi Hao talk about many things about Spirit Doctors in the car. He felt that this ability seemed to be somewhat similar to his own energy system.

Actually, from the looks of it, many powers originated from fantasies. To fantasize about a world and release the energy that belonged to this world into reality, this was the source of the powers.

Since there were similarities, Qin An felt that he still had a chance to help Qi Hao. At the very least, he could grasp some powerful offensive and defensive abilities.

Having an idea in his heart, Qin An was not in a hurry. He decided to teach Qi Hao slowly in the future and make sure that he had enough ability to protect his daughter.

Not long after, the city of altars was right in front of him.

Qi Hao frowned at the first glance.

This city is quite magnificent, It is estimated to have a circle of walls about a hundred meters tall, It reminded Qi Hao of the era he had walked through in the apocalypse, At that time, he had seen all sorts of strange city walls. In the apocalypse, humans created many architectural miracles in order to protect themselves. Unfortunately, the Apocalyptic city world became Qin An's controllable world and its face was completely different. Otherwise, the Apocalyptic city left behind would definitely become a spectacular sight for future generations.

Yuan Ji smiled and said, "Isn't it very powerful? Hehe, there's nothing I can do. There are a lot of spiritual grievances on this side, so the guardians built the city wall to strictly control the people who enter the city."

Qin An said casually, "Since this place is so dangerous, why do you have to move your entire family here?"

Yuan Ji said, "Mom and dad are travelers. They think this place is a fantasy city, so they came."


Qin An opened his clairvoyant vision and looked inside the city. He was immediately shocked by the scene behind the fence. This place was really beautiful!

There was a very large man-made lake in the middle. The bank of this lake was very interesting. It was staircase-shaped. There were many seats placed on it. There was a vertical distance of more than 300 meters from the surface of the lake, and the slope was extended by about one kilometer.

Then having such a large levee meant that the lake below was also very large, which meant that the city was also very large.

Unlike the solemn high walls outside, it was filled with fire, flowers, songs, dances, and laughter.

Even Qin An had rarely seen such a dazzling street. Even he had rarely seen such a warm and smiling people.

Living here may be really easy, which proves another problem. The leaders here must be very good.

"Which country does this belong to?"

"There is no country here. It is just such a chaotic area. The surrounding area is really not peaceful, but the Altar City has not been affected for decades."

"I can see that it is flourishing. Who is its manager?"

"Mercenaries. I have never seen the City Lord here. He rarely shows up. I only know that he has a strong army of mercenaries."

"Oh, powerful? Can you fight against those spirit resentments?"

"Of course. The weakest of these mercenaries are all rank six."

Qi Hao raised his mouth and put on a proud expression.

He had always wanted to become a formidable spirit doctor, but unfortunately, his progress was slow. Now that he had finally reached the fifth stage, he didn't expect that the weakest mercenaries in this shabby city were all sixth stage mercenaries.

One had to know that a sixth-grade spirit doctor was much stronger than a fifth-grade spirit doctor.

On the whole, a Tier 6 Spirit Doctor could defeat more than a dozen Tier 5 Spirit Doctors. How formidable was that?

At this time, Qi Hao was still quite young, and he had a winning heart. Moreover, at this moment, he had already taken the spirit medicine career as a faith, and his desire to become stronger was becoming heavier and heavier.

Qin An looked at the expression on Qi Hao's face and sighed lightly.

He could tell that compared to him, Qi Hao had a clearer and more ambitious goal.

Thinking back to his past, he didn't have any ambition at all.

At this moment, the car finally entered the city. With Yuan Ji's identification, the car was directly released.

Looks like time and space are still very useful for attracting people's identities.

At Yuan Ji's suggestion, the car drove to her home.

This is a luxurious villa in the west of the city. It has a courtyard.

Qin An nodded his head repeatedly and felt that Yuan Ji's status was even more formidable. He estimated that his monthly salary was not bad, right?

Under Yuan Ji's warm hospitality, a few people walked into the courtyard. Before they could enter the house, a few people came out. They were all Yuan Ji's relatives and servants.

When Yuan Ji pulled her parents over to show Qin An, Qin An was completely dumbfounded.

My dear, isn't Yuan Ji's father too ugly?

His weight was estimated to be more than 200 jin. He had round legs, a fat belly, a short neck, dead fish eyes, and a mouthful of big yellow teeth!

If it was just like this, Qin An could actually accept it.

Didn't he just look uglier when he hadn't seen anything? Life is just a skin bag.

But what the hell was Yuan Ji's mother?

Qin An had seen many beauties and slept a lot.

Yuan Gui's mother, who had suddenly appeared in front of Qin An, was ranked first among all the women he had seen. She was basically above Liu Ru and Yao Zi. If she was younger, she would be the poison in the world!

Qin An thought so. Qi Hao, who had never seen anything on the market before, was even more dumbfounded. After looking at it for a while, he actually had a nosebleed and even drooled.

Originally, Qin Yue was also attracted by Yuan Ji's mother, but she suddenly found her husband's dirty appearance. She was so angry that she raised her hand and pinched him on the waist.


Qi Hao was pinched by Qin Yue and cried out, which also woke Qin An up.

Ah, man, I didn't make any sense, even the good cabbage was arched by the pig!

The pig in Qin An's eyes was of course Yuan Guitar's father.

At this moment, the fatty was warmly inviting everyone to sit in the room. The food had already been prepared, so he asked when the table would start.

Qin An and the others arrived a little early. Originally, they had planned to leave at dusk, but now, they estimated that they had already arrived two to three hours before dusk.

Qin An politely shook his head and said that he was not hungry. Yuan Ji was not polite at all to her parents and shouted, "We'll eat later. I'll take adults around first, and you guys add four more dishes. Let's have a good drink tonight!"

A little boy kicked the football. The football rolled under Qi Hao's feet. Qin An gently kicked the football back. The little boy ran over with the football in his arms as if Qin An was a Hengshui ferocious beast.

Yuan Ji pointed at the lake and said, "Isn't it nice?" There was also an island in the lake. Actually, this was not a man-made lake in the real sense. It was a small natural lake in the early years. Later, wealthy businessmen started to develop it here. If they wanted to build the island on the lake into a place for leisure, they invited a lot of workers. However, half of the construction was completed, and the owner of the investment had no money, so he ran away. The workers refused to leave without wages, so they settled down around the island. They dug up pictures and built brick factories by the lake again and again. As a result, the natural lake became a man-made lake. More and more people gathered nearby, becoming a small village. Later, someone built a city wall, and this place had a name, called the altar. "Although not many years have passed, there is really no way to verify the origin of the name of the altar. Some say that it seems to have originated from the city lord. Some say that it was the developers who ran away to curse the workers who owed them wages. There are many other versions, but the remaining versions are not as convincing as these two."

Qin An nodded his head and thought it was interesting. He didn't expect that there would be such a thing as a boss running away from his workers' wages in this place.

His gaze inadvertently caught sight of a couple in front of him.

This Qi Hao is really clingy. He hugs Qin Yue and doesn't let go. He touches his butt, thigh, and waist.

This was a scenic spot in the city. There were a lot of people by the lake, and Qi Hao was simply like no one else.

Of course, Qin An listened to it depressingly, but after watching it for a long time, he felt envious.

Although Qi Hao was very childish and lecherous, he could tell that Qin Yue was not bored at all and enjoyed it.

This is called Qin Se He Ming. The real two-person world is not just the two of us, but the millions of people in the world. We only see each other in our eyes!

Qin An frowned even more after looking at it for a while. Has there ever been such an interaction between his Weng Lan?

In the past, she thought that there was, but now she thought that there wasn't. Weng Lan was always lacking a trace of passion, but she was always lacking a trace of courage.

Qin An no longer looked at the couple in front of him. He looked back at the lake and continued to feel the lake under Yuan Ji's lead.

In Little Weng Lan's world, Little Weng Lan was excitedly telling her girlfriends her bizarre experiences.

"Hey, Weng Lan, you're too ridiculous! Are you saying that the novel you wrote back then, that pig foot called Qin An, appeared in the real world to talk to you?"

"Of course, I'm not lying to you. Furthermore, this is not the first time. He came to me when he was in college. Afterwards, he traveled to the Three Kingdoms World."

The group of girlfriends all vomited, which was obviously mocking Little Weng Lan's nonsense.

He was too good at blowing too much dog blood. Only a fool would believe what she said.

Little Weng Lan drank a lot of wine. Seeing that her best friends didn't believe her, she stood up and shouted in frustration, "You guys believe me. I'm telling the truth!"

"Hahaha, no one believes it! No one believes it!"

"It's true!"

"I don't believe it! I don't believe it!"

At this moment, a mature and handsome middle-aged man appeared and hugged Little Weng Lan from behind, kissing her mouth.

"Hey, my good wife, how much wine did you drink?"

"Hehe, honey, you're here."

In this world that was real compared to Apocalyptic city's novel world, Third Qin An had disappeared for many years. Little Weng Lan had long since forgotten the man who had written the novel with her, but had married and had children with other men.

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Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1904 Altar