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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 97 - She was in No Hurry

Chapter 97: She was in No Hurry

Gu Chu threw away the cotton that she used to remove her makeup and took another piece. “He’s explained everything.”

The misunderstanding between them was also cleared up.

Also, she did not know how Gu Wan found her way back, and why her parents hid it from her.

But now she understood.

Her parents must have known that Gu Wan was previously kept as a mistress, which was why they hid it.

It was not surprising that her mother’s attitude towards her had changed drastically the moment she came back. She had been deceived by Gu Wan and Gu Wan also said that she was the reason she went missing, so her mother had thought that if it were not for her, Gu Wan would not have suffered so much.

Gu Chu thought that she must go back and have a heart-to-heart talk with her mother after she settled these matters in the next two days.

She could not let her mother blame her for something that she had not done.

Lin Yin, who did not know what she was thinking, sighed. “I didn’t expect Gu Wan to have such a past. I actually feel sorry for her.”

However, she changed her attitude in the next second. “No, she’s still very annoying. It’s true that she’s very pitiful, but she shouldn’t have tried to take her sister’s fiancé!”

Gu Chu said calmly, “I think she’s pretty amazing.”

Lin Yin looked at her in confusion.

She replied, “The year her adoptive parents got into trouble, she was in her third year of high school. It was a critical moment in her life. She actually performed well and got into the University of Finance and Economics. If it wasn’t for this incident, wouldn’t she have gotten into the best university?”

Not everyone could do it.

Lin Yin felt the same way. “How old was she at that time?”

Gu Chu did some calculations. “About nineteen.”

“She just became an adult?” Lin Yin became quiet.

She had just become an adult and her adoptive parents were seriously injured in the hospital. She also owed a lot of debts and had to bear the responsibility all by herself. This was not easy.

Lin Yin suddenly sighed. “When I saw you and CEO Feng acting like that just now, I kind of missed Mr. Scar. Sigh!”

Gu Chu seemed to have thought of something, but she was distracted by what she said, so she continued the topic, “You haven’t been in a relationship for so many years because of him?”

Lin Yin retorted, “Not really. It’s mainly because a man will affect my perfect dance moves.”

Gu Chu asked, “Then if you were in a relationship and he appeared suddenly, what would you do?”

Lin Yin immediately said, “Do you even need to ask? I’d definitely choose him. My relationship with any man would not be as deep as that with him.”

Gu Chu fell silent.

She didn’t know whether to sympathize with her future boyfriend or to lament that she was loyal.

The so-called Mr. Scar had a scar on his shoulder.

It was her 18th birthday. She had a birthday party on a cruise. She didn’t warm up before going into the water. Halfway through the swim, she suddenly had a cramp in her calf and sank to the bottom of the sea.

At that moment, a man jumped into the sea and saved her. At that time, she was barely breathing. She couldn’t see anything and only vaguely felt a scar on the man’s shoulder. She tried her best to open her eyes, and it looked like a knife scar.

When Gu Chu first heard about this, she was hoping that they would get together. However, after so many years, she still couldn’t find her scarred hero.

Therefore, her enthusiasm slowly subsided.

Gu Chu was not in the mood. “I’m going to take a shower.”

However, Lin Yin was in high spirits. “Let’s go together.”

“No way.” Gu Chu smiled mischievously. “I’m afraid that you’ll suddenly go wild and pounce on me.”

Ms. Lin winked. “Give me a chance.”

Gu Chu immediately closed the door.


The next morning, when they arrived at the office, the secretary chased after Gu Chu and asked, “Are you going to buy the hot spring machines today?”

Gu Chu was very calm. “There’s no rush. Let’s wait and see.”

“Then, do you want to have lunch with Manager Zhao from Shengyan?”

Gu Chu was a little puzzled. “Why her?” i𝙣𝒏r𝚎𝑎𝙙. 𝒄૦m

The secretary said, “Don’t you want to talk to her? It’ll be easier if you meet up. Or have you already made an appointment with the CEO?”

Gu Chu shrugged. “I haven’t.”

Wasn’t she too calm? The secretary was worried for her. “Tomorrow is the board of directors’ meeting. Our contract hasn’t been finalized yet. “Also, I heard that the deputy director seemed to have talked to the chairman and CEO Li yesterday. When CEO Li left the chairman’s office, he was very unhappy and said that he was waiting for your explanation tomorrow.”

Gu Chu was still calm and composed. “Just go and do your work.”

The secretary was dismissed. Gu Chu felt more at peace.

She even took the time to call Lin Yu who was in the capital. She said that she had seen the document and it was very useful. She even asked him about the progress of the project.

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 97 - She was in No Hurry