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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 96 - Feng Jia’s Explanation

Chapter 96: Feng Jia’s Explanation

Although her adoptive parents had died, she still had to pay the debt.

In her sophomore year, she met a man surnamed Shi. The man was already middle-aged, had a wife and children, and was a small business owner. He owned a few small businesses and helped her pay off the debt.

So, they developed a kind of sugar-daddy and sugar-baby relationship.

After that, they maintained the relationship for the entirety of her university life.

Although there was no way to prove it, her roommates all knew about this.

After university, she and Mr. Shi were on and off. It was not until the Gu family found her that they completely broke up.

Gu Chu guessed that Mr. Shi must have met Qiao Qiao when he brought Gu Wan out for social gatherings. That was why Qiao Qiao thought Gu Wan looked familiar.

Although Mr. Shi appeared to be generous to Gu Wan on the surface, he was prone to violence. To put it bluntly, he was abusive.

It was said that he had beaten and scolded Gu Wan regardless of the occasion.

When Feng Jia went to the capital on a business trip, Mr. Shi and Gu Wan happened to be staying at the same hotel.

It happened so that Mr. Shi became violent and hit her again. She couldn’t take it anymore and ran out. She ran to the hotel corridor and bumped into Feng Jia.

She asked Feng Jia for help, and Feng Jia called the police. That was all.

Later, they met in Haicheng City. Feng Jia didn’t expect Gu Wan, whom he had met once, to be the eldest daughter of the Gu family. Gu Wan was afraid that he would tell others about her past, so she secretly begged him to keep quiet.

Feng Jia wasn’t a person who liked to talk bad about others behind their backs, so he agreed.

After hearing all this, Gu Chorted coldly. “You’re quite a man of your word. I’ve asked you many times, but you haven’t said a single word.”

When she heard their conversation in the villa last time, she thought that there was something going on between them.

Feng Jia said, “I’ve told you many times before. I have nothing to do with her. It’s you who doesn’t believe me.”

“Then think about it from my perspective. If Lin Yu and Idid things in private and I only told you that there’s nothing going on between us. What would you think?”

Feng Jia paused.

Gu Chu sneered. “You don’t have to answer me. We only worked together on a project, and you’re already so jealous. You even tried to trick me into giving up on the project. If my relationship with him was as complicated as yours, you would have locked me up at home long ago.”

“So, I am angry about your relationship with her because you’ve been holding back.”

His gaze was initially calm. Now, it was as if someone had thrown a pebble at the sea, causing ripples.

After a long while, he said, “Never again.”

He had always been a man of his word, so she believed him.

She returned his suit jacket to him. “It’s getting late. You should go back.”

He looked at her. “You’re not going back with me?”

“Of course not. Do I have to go back with you just because you said some nice things?” Gu Chu looked him up and down. “You might be good-looking, but dream on.”

Feng Jia: “...”

Gu Chu turned around and swaggered into the Linyin’s villa. Then, she slammed the door shut.

Feng Jia stood by the car in a daze for a long time before looking down at the coat in his hand.

The coat was still warm, but she was gone.

After Gu Chu entered the small villa, she leaned against the door and the corners of her mouth curled up.

Since when did the b * stard learn how to say sweet things?

Was she that easy? She actually forgave him just like that?

Gu Chu was in a very good mood. After pacing around the living room for a while, she finally went upstairs.

The small villa was originally occupied by the Lin siblings. In the past, when Lin Yu was around, it was not appropriate for Gu Chu to come. When she wanted to chat with Lin Yin at night, she would always ask her to go over to her place, so this was her first time staying here.

Lin Yin was still watching a dance video. When she saw her return, she was a little surprised. “Why didn’t you go back with him?”

Gu Chu replied while removing her makeup, “I wanted to, but I wanted to let my body rest a bit.”

She didn’t want to be so indulgent at such a young age.

Lin Yin: “...”

She turned off the video expressionlessly. She was a little shocked.

She asked Gu Chu, “By the way, did he explain what’s going on between him and Gu Wan?”

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 96 - Feng Jia’s Explanation