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Chapter 95: I Worship You

The word sounded so nice. Gu Chu did not even realize that her body had already softened and was lying against his body.

Feng Jia immediately added, “I worship you.”

Gu Chu: “!”

Lin Yin: “!”

She immediately closed the window and did not continue to listen.

Gu Chu complained to her every day about the bastard Feng Jia, causing her to think that Feng Jia was a stoic man.

Now, it seemed that it was all false, wasn’t he good at sweet-talking?

He worships her? Hehe, that was a clever word.

Gu Chu liked being worshiped.

Lin Yin lay on the sofa with a smile on her face.

She also wanted to experience sweet love!

There was a moment of silence downstairs until Feng Jia asked her, “Are you hungry?”

What kind of hunger?

Physically or physiologically?

What was she thinking about?

Gu Chu came back to her senses and said, “I ate a lot tonight. I’m not hungry yet.”

“Then eat something with me? I haven’t eaten anything since noon.”

“Did I starve you?”

Gu Chu chided him, but she was thinking about the surroundings of the villa.

The villa area they were in didn’t have many restaurants around it. If they wanted to eat, they had to go to the residential area.

Feng Jia said, “I was not in the mood.”

Gu Chu could sense that he was buying sympathy.

CEO Feng was indeed a businessman. He knew how to take advantage of every opportunity.

Gu Chu pushed him away and opened the door to enter the house. “Then I won’t disturb you while you eat. Take care and see yourself out.” 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

Feng Jia quickly grabbed her hand. “Let’s chat for a while more?”

Gu Chu turned to look at him. “You’re not hungry anymore?”

Feng Jia smiled. “I’ve waited for you for more than 4 hours and we’ve only spoken a few sentences. I feel like I’ve lost out.”

Gu Chu: “...”

How many times is he going to use this card?

Gu Chu rolled her eyes. Fine.

It would be a waste not to ask the person who delivered himself to her door.

She turned her head. “It’s fine if you want to talk, but you have to show some sincerity.”

Feng jia: “Yes.”

“Did you already know Gu Wan before she returned?”

He stood against the light, his face mostly hidden in the shadows. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Must I answer this?”

“Can’t you see that I’m still obsessed with this matter? If you don’t answer me, I’ll investigate it myself.”

She would definitely figure it out.

Feng Jia answered her, “Yes.”

Gu Chu bit her lower lip and asked, “How did you meet?”

“I went to the capital on a business trip and met her by chance. She was in some trouble at that time and asked me for help, so I helped her. After I came back, we didn’t contact each other anymore. Strictly speaking, we’ve only met once, so we don’t really know each other.”

As he spoke, he walked toward the car, and Gu Chu couldn’t help but follow him.

She thought about it, and she became confused.

Feng Jia opened the car door, took out a suit jacket from inside, and put it on Gu Chu.

Gu Chu, the little vixen, was the kind of woman who wanted grace but not warmth. It was midnight, the coldest time of the day.

Gu Chu felt the warmth and could not help but shiver. She asked, “Is there anything to do with a person with the surname Shi?”

Feng Jia closed the door and was a little surprised. “You already knew?”

It was really true. Gu Chu replied, “I asked someone to find out.”

Since she had already found out, he had nothing to hide. “After she returned to the Gu family, she came to me in private and begged me not to tell anyone about this. I thought there was nothing much to say, so I agreed.”

“The two times that I saw you and Gu Wan meeting in private?”


Alright, she finally understood.

Gu Wan was someone’s mistress at that time.

The document that Lin Yu passed to her had detailed information on Gu Wan’s university days. Some of it could be verified, some not. Among them, there were a few things that were more crucial.

Gu Wan had entered the University of Finance and Economics with high grades. There should have been government subsidies for tuition fees, but even so, she still did a lot of part-time work during her college years.


She was short of money.

The debt came from her adoptive parents.

Her adoptive parents were surnamed Chen. In her senior year of high school, they were severely injured due to a dispute. The perpetrator’s family was poor and could not afford to pay the medical fees. She took many loans in order to treat her adoptive parents.

Even so, her adoptive parents died soon after.

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