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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 16 - Feng Jia, Save Me!

Chapter 16: Feng Jia, Save Me!

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Gu Chu left Qianke Hotel and prepared to return to her hotel. As she walked, she thought that CEO Wang’s attitude was a little strange. The Gu Corporation didn’t have a bad name. Why would he leave without even listening?

A cool breeze blew. She had just drank some alcohol and felt a little uncomfortable in her stomach. She thought that she had to go to the hospital for a check up after returning to Haicheng City..

At this moment, her phone rang. She saw the caller ID. It was Feng Jia.

She had just picked up the call and was about to speak, but a hand suddenly reached out from behind her and covered her mouth tightly!

Gu Chu was caught off guard, and goosebumps appeared on her back. She wanted to struggle, but there was a huge difference in strength between men and women, so she was no match for him. Soon, she was dragged into an alley by the side.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

Feng Jia stood at the entrance of the shop. When he heard the beeping sound of the call being hung up, he frowned.

Why did she hang up again? Is she still angry?

He dialed again, but this time, she didn’t even pick up.

At this moment, the secretary walked over. “CEO Feng, CEO Wang wants to meet you at the Qianke Hotel across the street.”

Gu Chu was also going to look for CEO Wang. Since he had already made an appointment with him, Gu Chu should have returned to the hotel, right?

When he arrived at the private room, CEO Wang personally welcomed him. “Hello, CEO Feng.”

Feng Jia asked, “CEO Wang, why are you asking me out for dinner at this time?”

CEO Wang smiled embarrassedly. “Just now, someone from the Gu Corporation came to me to discuss the Yangchang project. I am worried that they will keep bothering me, so I thought that maybe we should just sign the contract?”

Feng Jia looked at him. “What did she say to you?”

CEO Wang immediately replied, “Nothing much. She just wanted me to look at the proposal.”

They sat down and Feng Jia said calmly, “It’s just a proposal. Why are you so nervous?”

CEO Wang laughed dryly. “I don’t want trouble...”

On the other side, Gu Chu was in trouble!

She didn’t think that she would be kidnapped in Yangcheng City!

At first, she struggled, but then her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

The man carried Gu Chu into the trunk of the car. The trunk was not ventilated at all, and the smell of gasoline entered her nostrils. In her daze, she felt very uncomfortable, but she could not open her eyes.

She had a strange dream.

In the dream, she heard a woman’s gentle voice, “Gu Chu, Gu Chu...”

Who was calling her?

“Chuchu, we named you ‘Chuchu’. Isn’t it nice? Grow up quickly. We will always love you...”

The woman’s voice was gentle, and she had long black hair. It was very soft to the touch.

She wanted to grab it, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t. She could only watch as she got further and further away...

She stretched her hand. Bang! She touched something and was woken up by the pain.

She suddenly opened her eyes. It was dark all around her. Her head was very heavy, and her body was curled up, as if she was in a cramped space.

“We’re almost at the hotel. Let’s drive the car into the basement and find a suitcase to put her in. We don’t want anyone to see us.”

“But we have to buy a suitcase first.”

“There’s a supermarket ahead. You go and buy it. And you, go to the hotel and get a room first. Call us when you’re done.”

She heard every word the person in the driver seat said. She widened her eyes in shock. It was actually the three men who were at Qianke hotel just now.

They were the ones who kidnapped her!

She quickly calmed down. She could not make any sound, or else they would realize that she was already awake!

Moreover, there were three of them, and she was just one woman. So, she couldn’t use her strength, she had to use her wits!

She fumbled in her pocket and was lucky to find her phone.

When she struggled, she conveniently stuffed her phone into her pocket, and they were lucky not to search her body.

She didn’t dare to make a phone call, so she could only text him.

She kept praying in her heart. Hurry up and reply, Feng Jia!

However, Feng Jia, who was talking business with CEO Wang, saw the phone screen light up and ignored it.

At this moment, the car stopped and two people walked out.

Soon, the car started again.

She sent another message to Lin Yin and her other friends. She didn’t expect that there wasn’t a single reply from the people who usually replied within seconds.

Cold sweat broke out on her forehead and she panted heavily.

At this moment, the car stopped and she heard the sound of the door opening.

Her entire heart was about to jump out!

Fortunately, he didn’t open the trunk directly. It seemed like he was just walking around the car and checking out the place.

She thought, “This is a good opportunity!”

She was about to call the police when Feng Jia’s caller ID showed up!

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 16 - Feng Jia, Save Me!