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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 115 - Mr. Gu’s Phone Call

Chapter 115: Mr. Gu’s Phone Call

𝚒𝘯n𝒓𝐞𝓪𝗱. ᴄ𝘰𝐦

Gu Chu was someone who was shameless before the act, but shameful after.

Feng Jia passed her request to the secretary.

The secretary carried out the task calmly. She bought underwear and sent them into the CEO’s office.

Feng Jia was about to take a call at this moment, so he asked her to send it directly to Gu Chu.

The secretary knocked on the door twice. Gu Chu was still wondering why Feng Jia was so polite today. After telling him to enter, the secretary came in with her eyes lowered. Gu Chu was stunned and looked at her awkwardly.

“Miss Gu, these are clothes that I just bought. Try them on. If you don’t like them, call me again.” The secretary put the clothes on the table and went out.

Gu Chu put on Feng Jia’s slippers and went to take a shower.

The size was just right. When she went out, she heard Feng Jia speaking in an Oxford accent on the phone.

The lounge was sound-proof. At least she didn’t hear his voice before she opened the door.

Listening to his spoken English, Gu Chu remembered that he had lived abroad for a period of time when he was young. When he was seven or eight years old, the Feng family returned to the country. That was when he was brought back to Haicheng City.

However, when Mrs. Feng fell ill, so she had to go abroad for treatment. Mr. Feng accompanied her, and they took his other two brothers with them, leaving him alone with Old Master Feng.

Even Feng Pei was only sent back to the country to study two years ago.

Although it was understandable since he was the eldest son, and he would inherit the Feng family’s legacy in the future, which was why he was kept in the country, he was only a seven or eight-year-old child back then.

Gu Chu didn’t have much of an impression of him when they were young. She only remembered that he picked her up to look at the lanterns on the last day of one of the Lunar New Years. His personality was always cold, he didn’t like to play with children his age.

Thinking about it, his childhood wasn’t happy.

What was going on? Why did she seem to sympathize with him?

She shook her head, walked to the coffee table expressionlessly, and poured herself a glass of water.

The food had already been delivered. Gu Chu had not eaten lunch and she had done something that consumed a lot of energy, so she was famished. Seeing that Feng Jia might be busy for a while, she did not wait for him and started eating by herself.

She left a portion for Feng Jia. As she ate, she played with her phone. Only then did she realize that Lin Yin had sent her a few messages.

She was mainly asking her about the board meeting.

She replied directly, “It’s a great victory. I’ll tell you the details later. Also, I’m not sure if I’ll be back today. You don’t have to come pick me up. I’m at the Feng Corporation now. I’m already eating. Don’t wait up.”

After replying to Lin Yin, she saw that her father had also sent her a message.

He had called her several times today. She knew that he wanted to talk about what happened in the meeting today.

Gu Chu didn’t really want to hear it. After all, the wrongs she had suffered were real.

Mr. Gu had only sent one text message, but the it was quite long.

“Gu Chu, did you go to Feng Jia’s Place? I went to the Commerce Department to look for you. I couldn’t find you and you didn’t pick up your calls. I was so scared that I almost called the police. You can’t be so willful next time. You’ve experienced an attack before. Your personal safety is not guaranteed, I am very worried about you.”

Gu Chu felt a little guilty. After all, he was really worried about her.

“Or are you still angry with me? I’ll apologize to you, okay?”

“I’ll apologize on behalf of your sister as well. I’ve already talked to her. You have to believe me, she really didn’t mean it. She misunderstood your words. She was afraid that you would go astray. She told us because she was afraid that you would make a mistake.”

“We are family. If you don’t want to see your sister in the Business Department, I’ll transfer her to another department. She won’t have any contact with you at work. She just wants to do a good job and works very hard. If I make her leave the Gu Corporation, she will not be able to take it. Chu Chu, you’ve always been sensible. You’ll understand right, right?”

Gu Chu was so angry that her hands were trembling.

At first, she thought that her father doted on her, but halfway through the message, he begged her to forgive Gu Wan. He even asked her to let Gu Wan off and let her stay in the Gu Corporation.

Gu Chu snorted coldly and threw her phone aside.

The lunchbox in her hand was no longer fragrant. She felt hungry just now, but now she was full of anger.

“Are you done eating?” Feng Jia saw her stop eating as soon as he ended the conference call. However, there was still a lot of food left in her lunchbox.

“I have no appetite!” She blew off on him. “What did you order? How can I eat these? You eat them by yourself!”

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 115 - Mr. Gu’s Phone Call