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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 113 - Went to Lock the Door

Chapter 113: Went to Lock the Door

Beads of sweat appeared on Feng Jia’s forehead. “If you don’t stop now, I’m afraid you’ll regret it.”

Gu Chu met his eyes. It might be emotions, or it could be because the lights were not switched on, his eyes looked so dark that she felt a little scared.

After thinking for a while, she picked up the belt at the side and tied it around his hand twice to strengthen it. She smiled and said, “It’s secure now.”

She turned around and asked, “Tell me, what did you do?”

Feng Jia’s gaze did not change and he did not say anything.

Alright, Gu Chu chuckled. She opened her legs and sat on him.

With her hands on his chest, she pulled up her skirt and pressed her underwear against his. Her whole body froze and she felt like she was scalded.

She twisted her waist and moved a little. She felt that the thing under her body became even harder.

She smiled proudly. “CEO Feng is so busy with work, but still have time to work out. Your figure is really not bad...”

She bent down and kissed his lips again.

She pried open his mouth and stuck her tongue in.

Just as he responded, she stepped back.

She kissed his chin, followed by his neck. Finally, when she reached his Adam’s apple, she bit down on it.

His body tightened. She twisted her waist again and rubbed against him. “CEO Feng hasn’t done it for a few days, has he? Why can’t he control himself?”

“Don’t move,” Feng Jia warned.

Gu Chu looked up and found that his hands were still there, so she became bolder.

No way she’d stop moving. She loved the fact that he couldn’t resist!

She moved, and her underwear went in deeper. Separated by two layers of underpants, both of them froze.

He almost sat up. She reached out and pushed him back. “What? Do you want to show off your strength? Now you have to listen to me. If I don’t tell you to move, you’re not allowed to move!”

Feng Jia’s breathing was very heavy. It was as if he had reached his limit. Suddenly, he laughed. “Chu Chu, the office door. Did you lock it when you came in?”

Gu Chu was stunned. It didn’t seem like she did.

She was holding a cup of coffee in her hand. How could she remember to lock the door?

He said, “Go and lock it. Otherwise, if the secretary comes in, both of us would be embarrassed.”

It seemed to make sense. Besides, she didn’t want others to see him like this.

She also cared about her pride.

Before she got off, she checked his binding again and found that it was very tight, so she was relieved.

She kissed his cheek. “I’ll give you two minutes. When I come back, you have to give me an answer, okay?”

Feng Jia looked at her and gritted his teeth.

Gu Chu locked the office door. After making sure it was safe, she was ready to return to the lounge.

She saw her phone screen light up. There was a call.

Her phone was usually silent, so she didn’t hear it just now. She was about to pick it up when it was hung up. She saw that it was from her father.

He had called twice.

She pursed her lips but didn’t call him back. She wanted to go back to the lounge. If Feng Jia refused to tell, she wouldn’t be polite with him anymore. 𝒊𝐧𝑛r𝑒𝗮𝐝. 𝐜𝑜𝑚

When she pushed the door open, she found that there was no one on the bed!

She walked in and felt something was wrong. The lounge wasn’t big, so where did he go?

There was a tie and belt on the bed. It was obvious that he had broken free.

She knelt down and looked under the bed subconsciously.

She did not see anything.

Just as she was about to get up, she suddenly felt a warm embrace on her back, pushing her to the edge of the bed.

This position seemed a little dangerous.

Gu Chu’s heart was about to collapse. “You! How did you untie it?!”

“What do you think?” His breathing was hot, and his hands were around her as he reached into her clothes.

How could she possibly know?!

He was clearly tied up tight. Could there be a third person here?

She was terrified. “Did someone help you?”

Feng Jia reached out and pinched her smooth mounts. “No.”

Then, as if he had lost his patience, his hands slid down, pulled down her underwear, and pushed into her.

Gu Chu: “!”

His fingers dug into the quilt.

She was not ready at all, let alone in this position.

Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. She couldn’t escape.

She was annoyed. “I didn’t do anything wrong just now. You promised me two days ago that you wouldn’t get involved with Gu Wan anymore. In the blink of an eye, you let her into your car. Did you feed all your promises to the dogs?”

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 113 - Went to Lock the Door