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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 111 - She Treats Her Secretary Well

Chapter 111: She Treats Her Secretary Well

Of course, Gu Chu came to mess with him in the office, but after the shock, she immediately became dispirited.

She could not regain her confidence so quickly, so she said disinterestedly, “After the board meeting, I came over because I had nothing else to do.”

Seeing how unbridled she was just now, he asked, “A complete victory?”

“Yes.” This was indeed something to be happy about. Gu Chu added, “I also have an unexpected gain.”


Gu Chu sat at his desk and recounted what happened in the morning at the board meeting.

Initially, she just wanted to take this opportunity to prove that she was very capable at work.

However, since Gu Wan came directly to her, she accepted it with a smile.

Gu Chu curled her lips and shook her feet. “If all goes well, I probably won’t see her at the company anymore.”

Feng Jia leaned back in his chair, looking a little lazy. Seeing him like this, Gu Chu became bolder. She reached out and scratched his chin. “Aren’t I amazing?”

Feng Jia grabbed her hand and said, “You’re lucky.”

Her earlier act of being incompetent had disappointed everyone, including Gu Wan. That was why she took the risk and directly confronted her in the board meeting.

There was of course some luck involved. If Gu Wan had not heard the joke about forging the contract between her and her secretary, everything would not have gone so smoothly.

Gu Chu grunted, “Luck is also strength.”

Feng Jia played with her fingers. “Your luck has always been good.”

“Yeah.” Gu Chu narrowed her eyes, “For example, last night, after I got drunk, I ran out and met a bad person, but I was able to return safely. It’s just that someone else had suffered. He thought I was lost and even cried in anxiety. So, I came here to offer consolation.”

Feng Jia knew immediately that those were Meng Lang’s words, “You believe Meng Lang’s words?”

Gu Chu leaned over and looked at him. “If I was kidnapped by a bad person, wouldn’t you cry?”

Feng Jia took her hand and held her waist, pulling her down from the office desk. She fell and landed on his thighs.

He pinched her thigh. “I didn’t cry.”

Gu Chu had a look of disbelief. “Let me see.”

Then, her red lips suddenly landed on his eyelids.

Feng Jia’s eyes suddenly darkened. “Picking a fight?”

Gu Chu had an innocent look on her face. “No, I just couldn’t help myself.”

Feng Jia pinched her waist and asked, “So, you wanted to terminate your contract with Meiyang no matter what because of your secretary. What happened?”

Gu Chu reached out and stroked his chest, “One night, I invited the manager to dinner. I wanted to talk about renewing the contract, but I left the table to take a call. When I came back, I found that he was about to violate my secretary. Fortunately, I came back in time. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

Feng Jia frowned.

Gu Chu sounded a little angry. “What’s more infuriating is their attitude. They covered up for the manager and didn’t deal with him seriously. They said that he drank too much, and then they threatened us. They said that if we dared to make a big deal out of it and affect their company’s reputation, they would withdraw their shares and terminate the contract.”

Thinking of their hateful faces, she tugged at Feng Jia’s tie angrily.

Feng Jia saw through it. “They think that the Gu Corporation can’t do without Meiyang, so they have nothing to fear?”

“Yes,” Gu Chu laughed, “However, I don’t like to be threatened. If they apologize, I’d still consider renewing the contract. Otherwise, we will part ways. Gu Corporation is still a big client of Meiyang. They would lose as much as us.”

It was obvious that they parted on bad terms in the end.

To the outside world, it was like a peaceful breakup, but in reality, it was not. They were not able to reach an agreement.

She did not explain this to others previously because the secretary was timid and worried about other people’s gossip. That was why Gu Chu did not tell the truth.

Mr. Gu only knew that there was one victim, but he did not know who it was.

That was until Gu Wan said it in public today.

Gu Chu gritted her teeth when she thought of this. Fortunately, those who were present were all directors, so they would not have the time to spread rumors about the secretary. Otherwise, she would deal with Gu Wan sooner or later.

Feng Jia looked at her and was surprised to see her treat her secretary so well.

Gu Chu looked up at him. “You didn’t expect that I would treat my secretary so well?”

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 111 - She Treats Her Secretary Well