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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 107 - Gu Wan Reported Her

Chapter 107: Gu Wan Reported Her

“Of course breakfast brought by the eldest miss of the Gu family must be good.” The person who spoke sat opposite Gu Chu was a man in his forties who always spoke harshly.

Gu Chu smiled. “Uncle Wang, have you forgotten? The eldest miss of the Gu family has been found. I’m now the second miss of the Gu family.”

Director Wang was stunned, but he quickly corrected himself. “In the company, you’re Head of Business, not just the second miss of the Gu family.”

Gu Chu’s smile did not change. “Weren’t you the one who called me the eldest Miss Gu?”

Director Wang: “...”

Then, he simply skipped this topic. “Director Gu, you should know why we called you here, right?”

Gu Chu nodded. “I know. It’s because of the hot spring machines.”

“We’ve talked to Director Li, but he said that you would give us an explanation at the board meeting today, so we called you here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the board members looked at her.

Gu Chu felt that their gazes were too intense, so she changed her mind and said, “I signed the contract with Shengyan yesterday.”

Director Li narrowed his eyes. “Where’s the contract?”

“The contract will be delivered later,” Gu Chu replied as she looked at her watch.

Hearing Gu Chu’s words, the board members looked at each other and spread their hands. “As expected.”.

Gu Chu was surprised. Something must have happened before she came.

Director Li suppressed his anger and said sternly, “The contract is so important, but you left it at home?”

Gu Chu understood what he meant. He thought that she had left it at home and asked someone else to deliver it.

She shook her head. “I didn’t leave it at home. It’s still with Shengyan. Later, Shengyan will get someone to deliver it.”

“What a joke. The contract should be drafted by us. Now you’re saying that Shengyan will send it over. Who are you fooling here?”

Gu Chu replied, “There’s a reason for it.”

Director Wang immediately became excited. “What reason?”

Gu Chu looked at Mr. Gu. He was silent. It was unknown whether he was observing or avoiding suspicion?

Director Li treated her silence as if she had nothing to say, and he immediately became angry. “So you can’t tell us. When you terminated the contract with Meiyang, you also said that there was a reason for it. Gu Corporation has always done business openly. What’s there to hide?”

Director Li could not control his temper, while Director Wang was being sarcastic. “Probably because the contract was forged, so she couldn’t tell us?”

“...” Gu Chu almost thought she was hearing things. “You’re saying that I forged the contract?”

Director Wang chuckled. “We received a tip-off that you forged the contract. Moreover, we called Shengyan yesterday afternoon to confirm it. They did not confirm that they signed the contract with us. So you got the contract in one night?”

Gu Chu finally understood why they were acting strangely.

So it was because they thought she forged the contract?!

“You knew that forging the contract could get you in trouble, so now you’re saying that you forgot to bring the contract. You knew that we all trusted you because you’re the chairman’s daughter. That’s why you think you could get away with it.”

“But have you ever thought that you can’t hide it forever? The equipment will be changed next month. If you can’t hand over the goods, who will bear the loss?”

Facing the accusation, Gu Chu asked curiously, “I know that it’s difficult to reveal the identity of the whistle-blower, but I still want to ask, who was the one who reported me?”

Director Wang became alert. “What? You want revenge?”

“I’m just curious.” Gu Chu glanced around. “Why don’t you tell me, is the informant in this meeting room?”

Her gaze shifted to Gu Wan.

Gu Wan was a little hurt by her gaze. She pursed her lips and said in a low voice, “Gu Chu, I know you think it was me.”

She let out a deep breath. “Alright, there’s nothing to hide. I was the one who reported you.”


Gu Chu snorted in her heart. No wonder she had told her to work hard that day. It turned out that she was planning to drag her down.

Gu Wan looked up at her and said, “I accidentally heard what you and your secretary said. I just didn’t want you to go astray, so I reported this matter to the board of directors and asked them to investigate.”

She added, “Chu Chu, it’s okay if you can’t complete the task. What’s scary is to make mistakes again and again.”

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 107 - Gu Wan Reported Her