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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 103 - Looking for Gu Chu

Chapter 103: Looking for Gu Chu

Just as Gu Chu had expected, Feng Jia felt that something was wrong after taking a few steps. She had been drunk before. Judging from her current state, she must have drunk alcohol when he was not around, and it was very likely that she was already drunk.

Feng Jia gritted his teeth. He should have expected it. This woman was so strong-willed, so how could she coquettishly ask him for help.

He turned around and wanted to settle the score with the woman who was full of lies. However, when Chairman Wang saw him, he thought that he was here to continue the wine tasting. He warmly greeted him, and Feng Jia had to go along with it.

After a few words, he returned. However, when he returned to his seat, it was empty. He only saw a blanket on the ground.

He frowned, bent down and picked it up from the ground. He asked the waiter, “Excuse me, where is the lady who was here just now?”

The waiter thought for a moment and replied, “She went out.”

Feng Jia immediately chased after her. The courtyard was brightly lit, but the lush vegetation blocked his view. He shouted, “Gu Chu, Chu Chu?”

The waiter who was guarding the door heard his shout and jogged over. “Mr. Feng, are you looking for Miss Gu?”

He asked, “Where is she?”

“She has already left. I wanted to give her an umbrella, but she didn’t take it. She said that a car would come to pick her up,” the doorman answered truthfully.

Feng Jia nodded and strode out of the door. The driver looked at him and quickly drove the car over. Thinking that he was leaving, he called out, “CEO Feng.”

Feng Jia looked at the back seat and didn’t see anyone. His heart suddenly tightened. “Where is Gu Chu?”

“Miss Gu?” The driver saw that his expression didn’t look too good and immediately panicked, “I just went to the toilet and left for five minutes, but the car was parked in a very conspicuous place. Miss Gu should be able to see it, she...”

Feng Jia closed his eyes.

She was drunk and left alone. Her whereabouts were unknown.

Feng Jia let out a deep breath. He could not calm down no matter how hard he tried. He said to the driver, “Call all the staff of the clubhouse. Tell them to look for Gu Chu nearby. She is drunk.”

The driver did not dare to delay further and quickly got out of the car to look for her.

Feng Jia went back to the club alone to look at the surveillance footage.

The surveillance camera at the entrance of the club had clearly captured the scene. Gu Chu had only taken a few steps out of the door when she bumped into a man.

After the two of them talked for a minute, she was pulled away by the man.

Feng Jia stared at the screen and his eyes darkened. “Who is this man?”

The staff replied, “He doesn’t look like someone from the club. He must be passing by.”

So, the drunk Gu Chu was kidnapped?!

Feng Jia zoomed the image to the maximum. It was high-definition, so he took a picture of the man’s face. He first sent the picture to Wang Xiao, then anxiously made a phone call.

“Wang Xiao, Gu Chu is missing. I just sent you an address and a photo. Get someone to help search the area. If you can’t find him, then look further.”

With Wang Xiao’s family background, it would be easy for him to find out where Gu Chu was.

Feng Jia rarely spoke to them, so if he asked, it was a big deal. He immediately said, “Okay.”

After he hung up the phone, he quickly got up from the bed, grabbed the leather jacket on the coat hanger with one hand, and the car keys with the other, and quickly left the house.

It was now past ten o’clock in the evening, and the night was blurry from the rain. The sky seemed to have cast a layer of haze over people’s hearts.

After the staff of the club learned that one of their guests had gone missing, they immediately activated the first-level emergency plan and sent people who to look for them.

Feng Jia had already asked Wang Xiao for help, so he did not mobilize his own people. Otherwise, if he alerted the people in the old mansion, it would not be good for Gu Chu’s reputation, so he drove around the area alone.

Thunder began to sound in the distance. He picked up his phone again and called Gu Chu, but there was still no answer.

Feng Jia pulled down his collar somewhat impatiently and lowered the car window.

His lips pursed into a straight line.

Last time, when Gu Chu was in danger in Yangcheng City, he knew to call and tell him. This time, she was drunk and probably didn’t even know where she had been taken by the man.

At the thought of this, Feng Jia’s breathing became heavier and heavier. He completely lowered the car window and let the rain pour in.

He felt suffocated in his chest, as if there was an invisible hand clutching his heart.

At this moment, his phone rang. It was Wang Xiao calling him. He quickly picked up and asked, “Have you found Gu Chu?

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 103 - Looking for Gu Chu