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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 102 - Pranking Feng Jia

Chapter 102: Pranking Feng Jia

Chairman Wang was silent for a long time before revealing a smile. At that moment, a waiter served some wine. He picked it up and took a sniff. He recognized what it was and tilted the glass toward her.

“This is Chenin Blanc. It’s one of my favorite white wines. It’s pretty good, something I’d drink when a contract is signed. Would you like to try it?”

Gu Chu immediately smiled. “Of course I would.”

She then took a glass. Although there was a hint of hesitation in her heart, when she thought that Feng Jia would be back soon and that it wouldn’t be nice to refuse Chairman Wang at this time, she immediately clinked glasses with him.

Then, she drank it in one gulp.


She thought it would be sweet

Why was it so spicy?

Feng Jia seemed to have come back at the right time. It just so happened that Chairman Wang was pulled away by someone he knew to discuss business. He asked her, “How was it? Did it work out?”

Gu Chu sighed and said somewhat dejectedly, “No.”

Feng Jia felt that the temperature in the room was a little low, so asked the waiter to get a blanket and comforted her, “You’ll get it next time.”

“There won’t be a next time.” Gu Chu’s voice became even lower. “Tomorrow is the meeting with the board of directors. If I can’t get this contract, I’ll definitely have to renew the contract with Meiyang.”

She looked a little depressed. It seemed that she was sad about losing the contract.

Feng Jia pinched her chin and raised it slightly. He looked into her eyes and said, “If you don’t want to work with them, you should give a reason to persuade everyone. No one will agree with you based only on your own opinions.”

Gu Chu lowered her eyes and said through gritted teeth, “At the beginning of the year, they came to Haicheng City for an inspection. I was in charge of entertaining them. At first, the conversation was good, but that night, the manager, he...”

It had been so long since the incident, but Gu Chu was still so angry that he gnashed her teeth. “He’s dirty!”

Feng Jia’s eyes suddenly darkened. “To you?”

Gu Chu leaned against his shoulder, she whined coquettishly. “Feng Jia, I can’t renew my contract with Meiyang. Can you help me talk to Chairman Wang? The chairman always helps his wife solve her problems. Why don’t you?”

Feng Jia reached out and hugged her. She had an excellent figure and was curvy at all the right places. She leaned against his body softly and she smelled good.

His Adam’s apple moved a little. At this time, the waiter brought the blanket over. He took it and draped it over her back. “I thought you didn’t want me to interfere in your business.”

“Since when? Actually, I’ve been waiting for you.” She pouted and said, “Help me get the contract, and I’ll go back with you.”

Feng Jia was a little tempted.

Gu Chu urged, “What are you still standing there for? Hurry up andg!”

Controlled by his lust, he said, “Okay.”

Gu Chu held back the evil smile on her face. “Hurry up. He’s right there. If you’re any slower, he’ll leave.”

Feng Jia saw how anxious she was and immediately left.

Gu Chu watched him leave and burst into laughter.

She had finally pranked him.

She got up from the chair and the blanket fell to the ground. Her head was spinning, so she didn’t notice it.

She suddenly felt the alcohol and her footsteps became unsteady.

She thought that with Feng Jia’s intelligence, he might realize that she was messing with him soon, so it was better for her to leave first.

She staggered out of the door. It was better to wait for him in the car. She didn’t want others to laugh at her.

The sky was still drizzling. The waiter gave her an umbrella. Gu Chu waved her hand. “No need. It’s close by”

The waiter said, “Please be careful.”

After leaving the clubhouse, the driver should have come to pick her up right away, but he didn’t. She wondered if he was ahead, so she continued walking forward.

It was a little difficult to walk in high heels. She had only taken a few steps when she suddenly bumped into someone.

Gu Chu subconsciously apologized, “I’m sorry.”

The person she bumped into looked like a thug. Initially, the man was about to lose his temper, but when he saw Gu Chu’s face, he was stunned.

Gu Chu went around him and was about to leave. She staggered a little, but the man grabbed her arm. “Hey, pretty girl, are you drunk?”

Gu Chu frowned and pulled her hand back. She wiped the place where he had touched her in disgust and replied, “No.”

“Then where are you going?”

Gu Chu was impatient. “Home.”

She swayed as if she was only one step away from fainting. The man suddenly had evil intentions. He held her hand and said, “Come, I will send you home.”

And he dragged her away…

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 102 - Pranking Feng Jia