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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 101 - Cooperating with Chairman Wang

Chapter 101: Cooperating with Chairman Wang

Only Gu Chu and Chairman Wang were left. Gu Chu looked at him with a troubled expression. She wanted to say something but hesitated.

Chairman Wang noticed her expression and asked with concern, “Miss Gu, it seems that you have something to say to me?”

Gu Chu then slowly said, “Actually, I’ve already discussed this matter with someone from your company and we have come to a conclusion. It’s just that it’s such a coincidence to meet you at the party today. I wanted to chat with you again, but I was afraid that you would think that I’m being too presumptuous.”

Chairman Wang did not mind. “May I know what it is? You can tell me. Tonight is a casual occasion, you can say anything you want. If it’s something inappropriate, I’ll just treat it as a joke.”

Gu Chu picked up the wine glass and swirled it against the table, she said unhurriedly, “Gu Corporation wants to buy 180 hot spring machines from Shengyan. We’re in a hurry this time, so we could accept the price increase. However, your company’s offer is really far from my budget, so in the end, we were unable to come to an agreement.”

Chairman Wang already knew about this matter. He replied politely, “It’s a shame, but we are not the only hot spring machine manufacturer in the country. I believe that the Gu corporation will find a suitable one soon.”

“Actually, we have already found one.” Gu Chu smiled slightly. She opened her bag and took out a form. “My secretary just sent it to me.”

Chairman Wang was stunned. He put down his wine glass and took it curiously.

Gu Chu said slowly, “180 units is such a big number and the construction period is very short. It’s very difficult for domestic manufacturers to do it in just one month. However, we plan to buy the hot spring machines from 25 manufacturers separately. We’ll place the order tomorrow morning.”

Chairman Wang glanced at the company names and smiled faintly. “I guess this is also a solution.”

“We even joked that we could test their quality. If it’s good, it won’t be a one-time deal. We might be able to work together for a long time.” Gu Chu smiled.

Chairman Wang smiled. “That would save you a lot of trouble.”

However, at this moment, Gu Chu changed her tone. “Actually, I still hope to work with Shengyan.”

Wang Dong was surprised. “Why?”

“During the previous bidding, apart from looking at the proposals, we also checked the machines. At that time, I had a good impression of Shengyan. However, it was also because of the price that I had to give up.”

“This time, when I re-selected a brand, the first company I went to was Shengyan. Even though we already have a solution, meeting you here is fate. So, I would like to take the liberty to ask again, is there still a possibility for us to work together?”

Gu Chu’s gaze was sincere, making it hard for people to reject her.

Feng Pei, who was under the table, snorted in her heart when she heard her words. She thought that she was really eloquent.

In fact, she had been hiding because the light was dim and there were no other guests around, so she was not discovered.

Before she came, she already learnt about the schedule. She knew that the event had two parts, the second half included wine tasting. She could seize the opportunity to prank Gu Chu!

The lights in the hall suddenly turned bright, and the room temperature was raised. The waiters filed in, removed the meat dishes on the table, and replaced it with seafood.

The second half of the event had begun.

Feng Pei also knew that this was her chance.

She crouched down and quickly moved toward the place where the dishes were served.

Gu Chu was still waiting for Chairman Wang’s reply, but she was thinking in her heart, who in the world came up with this business model? It was highly likely that it was an evil capitalist!

Meanwhile, Chairman Wang was still thinking about Gu Chu’s words.

Frankly speaking, he did not want to cooperate with the Gu family because he could not stand their working style.

However, after these two encounters, he realized that the rumors were not true. He did not seem to dislike the Gu family that much. When he heard Gu Chu’s passionate words, he could not help but be moved.

“I’m very grateful that Miss Gu thinks so highly of Shengyan. Actually, I also think highly of your relationship with CEO Feng. It reminds me of me and my wife. However, in business, we can’t just rely on emotions.”

Gu Chu understood. “If you’d like, we will place Shengyan’s logo in a prominent position in the hotel. This would be an advertisement for Shengyan to increase your brand value.”

“Moreover, we plan to build another 20 hotels next year. When that time comes, we will use Shengyan’s machines. The Gu family is loyal, I believe that we will be excellent partners.”

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 101 - Cooperating with Chairman Wang