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99 Terifying might

Looking in the direction the shout was coming from, Wang could already guess that the guy with white pupils was making a faint.

But the desire to kill Ruruo seemed also real.

Taping his finger towards the old man, a strand of intent went straight into his dantian, and he could feel that any weird moves could doom him.

But was also relieved since the other party seemed not after his life.

Wang had some use for this old man, and that is why he went ahead to just suppress him.

Without waiting for the man to even say a word, he jad already flown towards the area the two were fighting.

Drawing his sword, he slashes out without any technique or even world energy, but a huge intent broke out from the simple slash, dissecting the area between Ruruo and the man she was fighting.

This attack was not just overbearing but sent the man shivers down his spine. Had it been targeted at him, he would have ended up suffering seriously.

Turning his head he only saw the sword in Wang’s hand disintegrating.


This was a show of the immensity of that force, moreover, he had yet to learn how to perfectly utilize it.

[We have no personal grievances so let’s discuss this. What do you want?]

The man spoke this time his tone no longer had that arrogance from before.

But Wang could see the man taking out something that reminded him of the poison from back then.

That person also had some similar aura, this was already something he had not forgotten.

A stoner pillar appeared on his hands before he infused it with star energy and intent.

The two forces made the stone pillar vibrate slightly and even some unrecognizable symbols appeared on its surface as though they were moving and alive.

Seeing this the white pupil man seemed scared for the first time.

[Creation pillar! Impossible that was just a legend.]

He shouted immediately in horror as he watched Wang spin it before striking him.

[I have information about this pillar..]

His shouting was interrupted when the pillar started descending towards him.

Space around the man seemed frozen, as though the pilar had locked his movements.

The panic on his face couldn’t be hidden and the moment he said he had information about this stone pillar Wang never intended to spare his life.

Seeing this development the old man becomes stiff.

[ I knew it, that man was a real devil. He seems very amiable and harmless to even insects but that attack was too much. But why did he spare my life in the end.]

As the old man speculated, the attack landed and everything in front of it was decimated including the man and storage device.

But he saw something being blasted off and chased after it only to be amazing.

[A realm order, it has more pieces than mine.] As he put it away, he couldn’t help but be happy.

But he also felt other groups of individuals hiding in the distance but didn’t bother with them.

[Husband, You just had to show off right?] Ruruo asked with an aggrieved look but deep down she felt a sense of security.

When he heard what she had just said his mouth twitched a few times.

He had the urge the ask, ‘who the hell was showing off just now?

But getting other pieces of the realm order allowed him to be in a good mood.

What Wang didn’t seem to realize was that he had destroyed more than just one person, and the people in the distance were afraid to show up because they assumed Wang to be a demon in human clothing.

Several hundreds of kilometers east he could see a huge town and it was indeed someplace the couple had planned to go visit, but with all this popularity it might not be a good idea.

So he decided to cancel that thought and set a different target.

Things like this have happened over the years but not to this scale.

With such scary combat power, how could the ones feel at ease as he entered their city?

And based on the location of this city, the experts could probably be at the level of the old man, but Wang didn’t want to make others uncomfortable just staying under their nose.

But seeing the events that had transpired, especially that inability of the man to fight back at all, only one strike that seemed very casual made a person disappear completely.

Some of those in the distance was contemplating running away.

Looking into the distant areas where groups of old men and women with stronger cultivation were hiding he just ignored them and floated towards the carriage.

[ you come here! You can drive the carriage for us for the next decade before you are free to go.] Wang looked towards the old man and after speaking didn’t bother to look in his direction.

The old man despite being relived, thought, [Indeed, the man wanted to find a person to look after his cow and called me over. How disgracing.]

But his actions were very honest, remembering the fate of the other guy.

[Was that a staged fight or something? Hiw could such a strong man be destroyed so fast? That means that even if a group were to surround that man it would be useless, and don’t forget that woman.]

Some transmissions seemed to be passed amongst the groups, but Wang had already entered the carriage.

With the old man sitting at the front of the carriage, he didn’t have to do anything as the huge bull started to move in the opposite direction of the hanging cliff, dragging the carriage along.

To the bull, the carriage was probably an easy task these days. With improvement in strength and modifications made with formations, the carriage was indeed very strong.

It has been less than a century since Wang came to this world, but at this moment he can walk around most parts of the world without being too worried.

Some people can even regard him as an expert.

That attack he had just used exceeds the combat capability he has.

Perhaps it could allow him to easily move unhindered on the second floor of the origin tower, but when the stone pillar is removed the attacks might would decrease.

Most of the people that witnessed the scene however did not know this, but even a simplified version of the attack might be too much for them.

It should be known that the attack could lock on an opponent and make them incapable of even defending at all.

That feeling of homelessness is very terrifying, even stronger experts couldn’t give that kind of pressure as long as one could escape upon defeat.

But having no ability to fight is different at the end of rhe day

The people in the distance looked at each other and saw helplessness in each other’s eyes.

So what if they were stronger in the region, even joining forces against such a perverted level of combat prowess would be deemed useless.

Even if the woman just sat there doing nothing, the rest of the people would be in a tough spot in the end.

Seeing the carriage leaving, everyone had their thoughts about the situation and another man had some look flash across his eyes.

He was still contemplating something as he observed the carriage.

Ruruo could feel some force that was still attracting her from that attack, just now when Wang made the first attack, she had indeed seen a direction to take but it become vague.

She wanted to ask about it but was still hesitating.

knowing her competitive nature, Wang could see right through her.

At this moment the combat power that Wang displayed might make others envious of him, but he was not in any way happy.

He could still feel that the first five floors of the Origin floor were at least something he should pursue.

Ruruo and he were ranked in the same category in terms of the realm, that is because he also had attained the same level of true meanings and even had more than her.

He had just not taken the step into the realm, but with his true meaning, it was indeed not fair to call him someone at the great grandmaster realm.

Unlike Fengxi, that did not manage to see the way the fight ended, the old man was also a strong person so he could be said to have suffered a mental defeat.

Looking at Ruruo he couldn’t help but ask, just to give her initiative.

[Wife, what’s on your mind?]

[That attack just now?] She didn’t finish but she knew he could understand what she meant.

[Ooh! Did you feel it? Indeed you remember back then when we were just married and during one of our discussions, I mentioned intent. In your case, it is sword intent, as for Fengxi she has yet to grasp spear force. But you have grasped sword force to perfection so you could feel the intent in that attack. Once you grasp sword intent your attacks would be magnified several times and with your true meanings you could take your combat power to the third floor of the origin tower.]

What Wang just said stupified her, perhaps to others intent was not a big deal but she could tell, she was still a strong person on the first floor of the origin floor but after being advised by Wang to challenge other different kinds of opponents in different settings she discovered she was not yet there.

But what Wang was saying, indicated that once she grasped intent and utilized it in her attacks using true meanings then she could, in essence, stand at the level of invincibility on the third floor of the Origin temple.

[Actually, I think you should only take the next step in the world realm after becoming the only one standing on the second floor. I have a feeling that the first five floors all are for one realm. That is to say, the moment you do that, you can continue to improve and challenge the third level. When your sword int et in perfected you can pass the fifth level easily.

And once you enter the second level of the World realm, even attempting the sixth level is possible but the probability is not high. How about it, does that challenge sound?]

The moment he said this Ruruo had an unbelievable look on her face and said,

[No way? You! ]


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