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98 steping up, Acheiving fusion intent


A huge force suddenly burst out of Wang and it was invisible but it made a huge sound before calming down.

The one that felt it the most was the old man beside him.

All this time since Ruruo started her fight, he had already started to get some feeling.

But upon seeing the reaction from green Ruruo was fighting after she trampled his dignity, he understood immediately, and moving towards the old man, his insight had already gone to the limit.

Or to say it had already reached the limit when he understood the principle from the moment the fight between Ruruo and the man started but from it, he had grasped the slight chance he needed.

But under the man’s violent outbursts he had already got inspiration.

When he was belittled by Ruruo the man become very angry despite doing the same to her before.

What had always been blocking his barrier for intent?


It was self-conviction.

The intent is the conviction one has on something and it can vary depending on the nature of a person.

Standing there Wang just looked at the old man silently as if to warn him.

His transformation continued and even the old man, close to him thought it was an intimidation tactic.

He didn’t know what was going on but could feel immense pressure being generated from Wang at the moment, as though it was aimed at him.

But that was far from the truth, the intent being released from his body was not directed at him.

But Wang could feel other than his perception, another kind of force was slowly being generated and gathered towards him by the outside world.

It was unique and untraceable for the current him, but the benefits were there.

His perception had become more clear than when he does it with his consciousness.

The force was slowly accumulating in a certain area, and he should perceive the change was not slow at all.

From the moment he went towards the old man to now, the old man was now being pressed down by a force he couldn’t explain.

It was as though someone had asked him to use his hands to support the heavens, of course, that was just an illusion brought about by immense pressure.

Soon in the clear sky changes happened.

Rumble! One could hear loud noises from the sky and clouds were gathering but it was not raining that was being brought rather more like thunder.

It was so loud that one could think the sky was shaking.

In Wang’s eyes, a change could be seen before the old man as eyes wondered before meeting Wang’s eyes.

The old man did not dare move, he had a feeling that the moment he did, it would be the end of him.

It was the power of intent and with it, Wang could manage to launch an attack without necessarily having to use a weapon.

For instance, at that time Ruruo was dealing with the ‘bandits’ she just infused sword force into the rainwater and managed to convert it into numerous small swords.

When it comes to intent, it can manifest itself without a medium and attack, but using even r a medium can magnify the power multi-folds.

The old man was lost in Wang’s eyes, for an instant and suffers severe damage to his spirit and eyes.

As he grunted, he struggled to close his eyes before he recovered, but he was scared stiff.

He saw a weird-looking force that the moment his eyes were set on it couldn’t make out the exact shape of the weapon being presented.

It was as though all the weapons he could think of were present.

The more he wanted to understand, his spirit was severely injured and his eyes even suffered a serious injury.

Blood was currently flowing out but luckily he closed before things were too late.

[What the hell was that? I saw numerous weapons appearing as one but they were too huge as though supporting the heavens themselves, when I cast my gaze upon them I almost went blind. If I insisted on looking further, becoming blind wouldn’t be my biggest concern, even keeping my life would be very hard. Wait? That woman fighting over there and this man are not the same group, right? If that is the case doesn’t this mean it was equivalent to courting death trying to fish in muddy waters?

This is bad, that woman is super exaggerated strong and another this man added to the list isn’t it just courting death with my being here? Damn! What kind of dog shit luck is this meeting a pair of perverted individuals. No! I have to think of something or else going to be planted in this place by the couple.]

The old man was analyzing the situation but he couldn’t think up any ways out of this situation, being oppressed, he thought it was Wang doing it on purpose, failing to see that this was a breakthrough in intent.

The thunder in the clouds become even more intense and started gathering towards Wang.

But he did not even glance at it, the intent he was manifesting was indeed something new.

In the beginning, he just attempted to fuse sword and saber force and after this succeeded he didn’t stop adding others including spear,.., but this also made it hard for him to take the next step.

Now as much as he was happy he was also clearly experiencing the change brought about by it.

His bones were also feeling some slight changes from this process, he felt as though they were being refined slowly and increasing in strength.

This sensation was however different from the use of techniques to refine the body.

It was as though his bones were being tempted towards being a weapon.

But the process was not something of much consequence since it was very slow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The events did not fail to be noticed by the others, it’s just that Ruruo had turned serious after seeing her opponent’s methods.

She was not like Wang that wanted to end things in the most thunderous methods possible.

He also did not go ahead to feed her his ideals, some things could only be decided by people themselves at the end of the day.

At the end of the day, cultivation was not easy and if one depended on others to make decisions on everything it might end up hindering their paths.

At that moment he might indeed become like Ruruo’s burden.

He had also gained this inspiration after reaching the limit and breaking through sword intent.

The conviction was more like some freedom, trying to break away from some shackles, which comes from the resolve to do it. It is also the same reason he did not stop Ruruo from fighting the man when she was angry at his trash talk.

He could always take initiative to quickly end things if the situation was necessary.

But this could also burry Ruruo’s chances to grow.

This discovery made him very awake. Even a family could not always go on cultivation adventures together, he had to have some faith in them and if worried find other methods to ensure their safety.

Numerous thoughts passed through his head, and he was already in the final steps, but the fight between Ruruo and the other man turned very serious.

Ruruo no longer compete with the man, but she seriously was fighting.

As soon as she drew her sword, and stuck forward, the defenses set up by the man become useless, even the Yin Qi he was defending upon was shattered he was knocked back.

But the man was very angry and unwilling, he was being suppressed due to the sword in Ruruo’s hands.

The sword could enhance her domain skills by suppressing the enemy in all aspects even access to Qi was cut off.

During the fight in the end, without the ability to recover Qi, the opponent will eventually continue towards a losing trend.

She also did not let the opponent relax to use some life-saving measures or bring about a triumph card from their storage.

From the moment the man’s eyes turned white, he had complete control of the fight, but soon he realized all that was not worth much, in front of Ruruo and her sword.

From the energy Ruruo controlled, he could hardly

oppress her with Yin Qi. His combat experience however soon stopped being an advantage the longer they fought.

After all the strength he could exert was limited and as time passed become weaker and weaker.

With the weakening combat power of the opponent, Ruruo intensified the attacks and one could see sword lights crisscrossing in the sky and leaving the man no out.

From being evenly matched to being suppressed, the man was very angry, and seeing that she was not intending on giving him a way out, he become mad. The man had in the beginning blocked his own escape route with a treasure.

[Damn! Back then how could an ant-like existence be capable of steeping on my dignity like this? Damn! Wait till I recover, then I shall teach this woman a lesson the hard way.]

[Aahhhh!!!.. You forced me!]

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