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97 Can you just repeat what you said?

[Damn, he just had to open his mouth at this moment. The situation was developing just perfectly and when the two sides had already exhausted each other, I would have swept in.]

The moment the old man said this, he was startled as a voice sounded in his ears.

[Ooh!! What a perfect plan? What a scheming old man? But did you ask me if I agree?]

Turning around, the old man met Wang’s gaze which seemed to be smiling while not.

From the moment this old man came into the picture, he had already noticed him.

But he realized the man was easily irritable and thus made that statement out loud to see his reaction.

Now hearing what he was murmuring to himself, even if Wang was a saint, he couldn’t let the old man just go like that.

On the other side, seeing Wang moving away as though escaping, the man with a mark on the top of his brow, seemed to want to laugh at himself for being so scared.

[Was I imagining things just now? Right! That person has no strength, to begin with. Running away in this situation is normal, what a waste, even made me think he was going to do something turns out he escaped.]


The man scolded inwardly, but how could he know of Wang’s plans?

As he was thinking this, his attention was diverted towards Ruruo and his face still retained some seriousness.

The woman in front of him was a different story and if he would have it, he’d prefer not to fight her.

He had just seen her slap away his attack as though she was sweeping a fly.

That was a top cultivation technique and he did not want to admit it, but he had not even taken it far.

All the achievements he made were due to having spent most of his time in the ice pool.

He planned to use it to take the technique to a higher level, and the reason both Wang and Ruruo didn’t even attach any importance to the man was the practice methods he had chosen.

Though it might end up allowing him to improve cultivation, in the end, he was forcefully trying to cultivate a technique.

To someone like Ruruo, it was very easy to see that the man had used external assistance seeing the inconsistency of the aura he was giving off and his aura.

The man properly observed Ruruo and he wasn’t moved by beauty, but rather the fact that he could hear the voice of the old man inside his head speak.

[So young! How is this possible?

She is less than three hundred years old? ]

The truth was the old man was inwardly scolding himself at the moment. With Ruruo’s qualifications, she could probably easily cultivate the technique and the most suitable person for it.

But having offended such a person, with good talent the old man knew what it meant.

He had seen several examples and thus he wouldn’t let this little brat growing up.

Besides, she seemed to also have access to some realm order pieces and that was enough for them to be serious from the get-go.

With the old man’s seniority, he could see that the overbearing nature of the man when he came for the realm order had offended the woman.

He did not care about the idiot hiding behind the scenes trying to real benefits.

As long as they obtained the realm order piece then retreating wouldn’t be a problem.

The moment the man opened his mouth again he was not as overbearing as his first time arriving here.

He was not like the old man, he jad to know where the woman came from to have such strength.

So he wanted to find it out first, perhaps in the future he could also visit the place and collect any pieces that could be located there.

[I’ve cultivated for many centuries but this is the first time I’ve seen you and with your combat power you shouldn’t be an unknown person right?]

The tone he spoke of suddenly changed from rhe polite one to an even more overbearing one.

[Well, it doesn’t matter you will just die here today and the realm order piece in your possession shall be mine.]

The man spoke in a resolute tone.

But what surprised him was she was still looking at him with curiosity.

[Ooh!.. You are wondering where my trump card is and how I have the confidence to deal with you?] The man liked that reaction the most, but to his disappointment, she said something else.

[I’m curious as to why you didn’t go around with any righteous words to kill me for treasure and said just out flat. My husband said, even when someone wants to kill you for your things they usually have some weird reasons, but you seemed different until I remembered where we are.]

[Ha! that is what you are more curious about the whole time?]

When the man asked this, Ruruo nodded before saying, [ of course that is it, as for the other issues even a fool can guess your thoughts. When you were crumbling on, you probably took precautions to make sure I can’t escape. Only two methods in your case that is an attack that I can’t withstand and a second getting help. But from how nervous you are, that is impossible. You probably want to make sure that no one else knows about the realm order.]

[ so what if you know, currently this entire region has been sealed with my treasure, do you think there is the hope of escaping? All my enemies that have found themselves under this method couldn’t even escape if they wanted to escape could accomplish this.]

His voice carried some confidence as it resounded in his ears.

Seeing the man’s self-confidence, Ruruo smiled and said, [ After centuries of cultivation, your greed has led you to your doom.]

When Ruruo finished speaking she strengthen her hand and a sword with complex patterns appeared.

It made the entire sky turn gloomy. The man could feel even the Qi around him, several kilometers were repelled. The same was true for other forces present. It was as though he was standing on an isolated desert island.

What replaced everything was extreme cold which made the man very scared.

This was not something the power at his level could touch.

If it was before perhaps Ruruo was just playing with him.

But now, the man could feel he had been abandoned by the world.

Repelled and on the side, he was standing a huge monster that seemed to be salivating at his sight.

But all this was just like a sword that had been pulled out by the woman seemed to have returned him to the state of a mortal.

As she stoked the sword even more complex patterns lit up and the pressure descending doubled.

[ what a big tone? Indeed men that talk too much can’t do it?]

When Wang that had just arrived in front of the old man had what Ruruo had just said, he staggered slightly with his mouth twitching.

With a wave of the sword forward, the sword force she infused in was very biting cold at the same time it could cut off vitality.

But Huang remembered that Ruruo had been studying the true meaning of vitality and not the opposite.

Then everything in the direction of the seniors becomes frozen including the man.

At this moment, seeing this scene the old man that was standing near Wang was shaken.

He could see the plants near the attack weathering and their vitality draining.

If that attack was aimed at him, he might not be capable of survival at all. Especially considering his age, he might indeed become a bag of bones under the attack.

Unexpectedly, a huge Yin Qi erupted from the man’s body, and even after managing to make a huge ice shield in front of him, the attack managed to get past it.

But the force that reached him was not much to cause him serious damage.

But it still made the man take two steps back before stabilizing himself in the sky.

The man had a black eye color before but now recolor had turned white, this was very frightening.

But it only made Ruruo somewhat sole and not much change on her expression.

[Little brat can you repeat what you just said to this old man if you have some guts.]

A very old voice could be heard this time and sounded to be very offended.

Looking at the development of things even Wang was still caught off guard.

But he could feel the way the man spoke had not only changed even the aura was completely on a different level.

The man folded his hands and the temperature continued to decrease further until even Wang could feel some cold.

And it was still decreasing, how could he not be anxious, that combat power was no longer first-floor origin tower at all?

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