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96 Otherwise What?

Looking north a huge bird of blue color was flying in the sky, seeing it, Wang couldn’t hide his excitement.

He beaconed it to the huge grassland cliff the carriage was standing.

It had enough space to accommodate the huge bird, back then when Wang saved it from the snake monster, the bird occasionally finds him if dome interesting treasures were located.

Even the fruit used by Fengxi to set up the foundation of her martial art was discovered by the huge blue bird.

After circling the cliff for a few rounds.

[Screech!!] after releasing a huge cry it descended.

Standing opposite sides of the carriage its height was close to four and a half meters.

Returning his attention to the two in the distance, he could see them colliding.

Listening to the words of the man Wang was not angry at all.


He was just going to enjoy a nice show. From the moment the man spoke so much he was doomed.

‘Boom!’ After a confrontation both of them retreated three steps.

And the impact of that collision spread out in all directions.

Seeing that both of them were evenly matched the man did not panic but still turned serious.

[You should have given me the Realm order when I asked first perhaps you could escape but now it’s too late.] As the man spoke, an ice Phoenix manifested behind him.

That alone made the temperature drop sharply, it even started to show signs of snowing.

But that effect did not seem to affect Ruruo in any way, she was still Looking at the phantom of an ice Phoenix with amusement.

On Wang’s side, his domain covered the huge bird and the carriage he was sitting on together with Fengxi.

[Dad! Who is going to win this fight?] Fengxi continued to ask about the outcome.

[Watch more and learn something from your mother.]

The manifested Phoenix let out a cry and moved towards Ruruo.

But Ruruo still looked at the ice Phoenix with some disdain.

She had been infected with Yin Qi since birth and after Wang opened all her meridians, together with the dual cultivation of Yin and Yang, her potential was even further enhanced.

After her body managed to gain balance between the two she already got free from the control of Yin Qi and could be said to have acquired even superior Qi.

After that from the ancient cultivation system,s Wang obtained one that focuses more on the understanding of the world.

From it, she has managed to improve herself over the years, and despite not having made a step forward in the realm, her cultivation is even more profound.

As early as six years back she had already perfected her comprehension of two true meanings and gained insight into the other three.

If she broke through then she might have a faster speed of compression which has become a limitation.

But that has not limited her combat power with how competitive she is, especially after Wang told her he planned to take his combat strength even higher than the second floor of the Origin temple.

She was still on the first floor, even though she is on the first-floor confrontation she has never felt perfect.

So she continued to challenge it and even sometimes repeated her challenges knowing there would not be any compensation upon winning.

Truth be said, even though her realm is higher than Wang’s, unlike her Wang has put his focus to pursue combat power.

This has not failed him though, his combat power is high when comparing the two of them and the realm.

But at the end of the day, Ruruo has more opportunities to continue to strengthen herself from the challenges.

Without the attribute panel, even for Wang having reached second-floor combat power would be considered the limit.

But now he could take up many fronts to make sure his combat power keeps rising steadily.

Seeing someone that has combat that can barely pass the first floor of the Origin Temple looking down upon her is a joke.

Despite not putting the man in her eyes, she was still careful as per the situation Wang informed her about.

He had underestimated an opponent resulting in them using poison on him, had it not been for opportunities obtained from the Origin temple, he might have found it hard to survive the corrosive black substance.

Up to now, she had to keep herself improving to keep up with her husband because she could feel he was still in the great grand master realm but his physique also still improving as he has yet to reach the limit.

But she saw someone belittle her efforts without the qualification to do so.

[Dad why is a mom just observing that bird fly towards her? She will be frozen by the cold.]

Even though protected from it within Wang’s domain, she still could see how frightening the cold was.

[Haha.. what joke, he can also freeze your mom? Does he think she was cultivating some inferior system or something? Fengxi! In the future don’t ever look down on your enemies!]

Just as Wang had said that the sound of glass shattering could be heard before Ruruo regained her freedom again.

Raising her hand lightly she parted forward meeting the ice Phoenix manifestation that stopped mid-air for some moments before being crushed like glass scattering all around.

The ice Phoenix soon disintegrated into spiritual energy that floated into the man’s body.

[Just like that!.. Dad?] Fengxi looked toward her father waiting for his opinion.

[Offcouse not! This was not even a fair fight from the beginning. He has a low combat strength yet looks down on your mom. I guess he is going to be forced into getting serious.]

He replied absent-minded but he was staring back into the distance.

[What! Do you mean they were not serious from that confrontation? How is that possible?]

She was suddenly very excited and wished to also gain such combat strength.

Comparing the man and Ruruo was like a joke, her physical strength alone was enough to suppress him.

When she broke through the world master realm, her physique also ascended along with her cultivation.

When she goes on to utilize her true meanings then it would turn completely into a situation where an adult is bullying a child and at worst using a weapon in the process.

So seeing how suppressed Fengxi was he could understand.

She had attained her current realm thanks to her bloodline and she might even continue to have an improvement in the future but she had to know the truth about some things.

Like now she wouldn’t be capable of breaking through to the great grandmaster with her bloodline alone.

She had to comprehend true meanings, and she had been lucky to get some insight into the true meaning of thunder.

However, she had yet to start comprehending it at all. Once she did she could perhaps understand the difference between having and not having it.

Just like Wang, he could utilize numerous of them already and once he reached the realm they emphasized more on the more he would also gain many benefits.

Ruruo can perfectly utilize the true meanings and even has a clear route to them. The world realm makes it easier to access them.

She however had already grasped two before breaking through which enabled her to improve her comprehensive abilities.

Even her consciousness was stronger compared to those in the same realm due to it.

The man still looked pale after his manifestation of Qi was shattered. Even though he managed to regain some of the Qi his breath become disordered.

The most annoying thing was, in the stance,e he could see others watching him as though he was a clown entertaining them.

In his head, a voice could be heard, [Boy I told you before to never underestimate your opponents yet you pulled off such a move? Are you tired of living? I can sense there is someone else hiding somewhere nearby watching the fight. You should be careful, from my observation he is not with this group, that is to say,y he was watching you all this time.]

The man seemed to have become somehow passive, this situation did not develop how he wanted.

[Old man didn’t you say that after practicing that art to small success I will almost be invincible on this small planet? Why did that woman crush my attack head-on? And look at those two in the distance watching me like a clown.]

What he failed to say was, that he was feeling very ashamed of the big talk he had just introduced himself.

He could see that he couldn’t stop the woman if she wanted to leave, furthermore, there was a probability he couldn’t defeat her.

Thinking of the realm order the man become anxious, he thus shouted again this time.

[Give me the realm order and this matter ends here otherwise..?]

He was about to continue threatening when another voice interrupted him.

It was the man that had been sitting on top of the carriage with a little teenage girl.

[Otherwise what?] This voice was not commanding or threatening but the man felt his blood circulation slow down.

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