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95 Are you doing it or should I?

[Let’s go! The fate of the tree is now upon itself, it can manage to withstand the test of time, then the fruit might end up losing the essence back to the tree.]

After saying this Wang did not even bother to look at the fruit. A mirror-like surface appeared and the couple stepped through it.

Appearing back on the cliff, the couple looked in another direction at the same time.

But what attracted them was not just the phenomenon occurring, but a sense of familiarity.

Wang looked at Ruruo only to realize she was also facing his direction with the same expression.

[Should I do it or you do it?] Then the couple started to discuss it as an insignificant matter.

Over the years the couple has also been spending time honing their daughter’s skills.

Since she wasn’t allowed to foolishly pursue realm, Ruruo would spar with her occasionally and thus she would be tired most of the time.

Wang on the other hand passed several techniques to her, of which she only managed to properly grasp the thunder body art to the second level.


Surprisingly she also saw a way through the true meaning of thunder.

This had taken Wang eight years to accomplish and even currently his true meaning of thunder was still at forty percent.

So seeing someone coming directly towards them, especially with how the guy had a very provocative way of issuing a challenge.

Well, I wouldn’t call it a challenge though, the man was filled with coldness, that originated from his technique and also killing intent.

With the couple still communicating with each other, the man was approaching them.

When he arrived at a distance of six hundred kilometers, the area around him could be seen turning into a huge ice field.

The trees also seemed to be frozen due to ir, that the man was affecting the environment around him.

But that was not considered much, even Ruruo could do that.

Surprisingly, the man seemed to have combat strength slightly weaker than the first floor of the Origin temple.

[Husband, I’m still angry at how you were taking advantage of me just because of the statement I used. I need to vent my anger. Why don’t you stand to the side and make yourself useful?] Ruruo had already risen to the sky.

She was indeed feeling somehow angry about her favorite catchphrase turning on her.

After having been married for a long time, the couple is no longer as restrained as they were back then.

In the world of mortals, they could be an old couple that has been together for decades.

She looked at the ice field covering the area around the man.

Wang, on the other hand, was already sitting on the carriage roof with his daughter’s feet dangling at the side.

What Ruruo meant by being useful was to make sure their fight did not end up affecting other people.

The only people in the vicinity were the four of them and that did not include the guy that had just appeared.

Ruruo did not require Wang to protect her as she rushed out to meet the guy using the ice field to intimidate others.

Standing on top of a huge frozen tree the man’s voice could be heard from a distance it was so immense like it had been amplified by some means.

[Hand over the realm order and all of you will die with a corpse intact.]

The reason was he used some sonic technique but that was indeed useless against Wang or Ruruo.

When the sound waves reached Ruruo they did not make waves.

Upon entry into the World master realm, a domain is naturally formed, and to improve upon it, the cultivation of true meaning is necessary.

Even just standing there her domain already covers her entire body.

To some extent, a world master has already set foot on the path of detaching themselves from the shackles of the world they live in.

The more profound one’s cultivation level has reached the stronger the level of detachment.

Regardless of the stage in cultivation, everything is about detachment in the end.

Through it, one can be capable of living their life without worrying about the existing shackles of their life.

Martial artists struggle to improve their strengths and break free from such shackles time and time again.

But even if one detaches themselves from the world, another higher shackles will always exist.

It is for this reason that one has to become steady in their pursuit of the realm, as the realm can become a cage to anyone.

If one carelessly pursues the realm, then their foundation might be weaker making their futures very bleak.

To Wang, he had learned this lesson early and thus decided to make sure even his family knows of its significance of it.

The best case is the existing celestial realm among the aliens.

Even with their higher realm, most will never be capable of breaking past that level.

It is because the foundation of their martial arts is lacking.

Even with opportunities making up for it is impossible.

To this, one could say once a tower has been founded with mud pillars and wooden sticks it is difficult to take it too far.

It might not be capable ot withstanding the weight or that is to say, the materials used in the construction might not support it.

Cultivation, on the other hand, is even more ruthless, the building could be rebuilt but cultivation takes time, and even with enough resources one might lack the right amount of time to redo things again.

in that case, the moment the man appeared neither Wang nor Ruruo gave him much respect. That is because the combat strength of this guy could barely survive the first floor of the Origin temple.

Surprisingly though he seemed to be using a different system than the one from the aliens he had seen before.

This already told Wang that he was not the only one that managed to get involved in ancient cultivation systems.

In the black gate cave, he remembered the old guy looking at him and mentioning something about the standard cultivation system.

Even though he couldn’t speak the same language the intent behind the words seemed to be perceived.

That is the same for some inheritances left behind by some old existences.

Once obtained it might indeed be difficult to understand the language but the intent could be perceived in the end.

The man standing in the air releasing a cold aura could be said to have a different feel to him compared to the normal cultivation systems he has seen.

What Wang had guessed is indeed correct, the man gained some inheritance. He practiced ice-related arts.

Due to this opportunity, his strength has skyrocketed over the past millennium.

He however has yet to completely digest everything from the inheritance.

He was the man, that ordered his disciple to collect the piece of the realm order from the woman in the South Wilderness.

After having felt the familiar aura at that time someone outside this planet activated a realm order to the abyss.

His coming here should be to collect the realm order piece that his so-called ‘disciple’ lost.

The reason the couple felt something familiar from him was the yin aura emanating from the man.

It is almost as one Wang had worked hard to get rid of Ruruo.

It seems to come from the same source, and even an idiot could feel the aura was just a remnant, the man was refining.

Implying that the man had gotten it from somewhere else.

it was something foreign, and he was using it to try to enhance his strength.

Also, the man to Wang was surprising since he is yang by nature yet he has gone through so much effort to convert himself into a Yin person.

Standing in the air and looking at the man looking down on her Ruruo was very angry that she almost went mad.

Ruruo was showing the man some respect but he still went ahead and spoke such bold words.

From Wang, Ruruo had also learned the habit of not releasing pressure outside her body all the time.

Hearing the words directed at them, by the man she decided to make a move.

Addressing everyone at once and even offering the deal to leave a corpse, was disregarding everyone present.

In that sense, even Ruruo was being seen as nothing in front of his eyes.

Seeing how her mouth twitched the man’s remarks, from the roof of the carriage, Wang could help but laugh.

On the side, Fengxi looked at Wang and wondered what he was laughing at.

[Your mom is feeling helpless because she has met another idiot that believes himself invincible. After suffering some setbacks in the Origin temple I guess she could empathize with that guy.]

Wang analyzed from the side.

[Is that so? But I don’t think that is the reason you are laughing thigh right?] Fengxi pressed.

Wang just smiled at that and pointed at the two in the sky before saying, [Just watch].


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