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94 An interesting family

Lying on the cliff, Wang and Ruruo were currently watching a fight in the distance. If one were to see them, they wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This strong couple was busy watching the fight in the database and even commenting on it.

In the distance, at their backs about two hundred meters, a carriage was stationed there with Fengxi and Luoli.

[What are they doing they have been in that position for almost an hour. Are we staying here tonight?]

Fengxi now looked like a twelve-year-old, after having been with her parents on the journey over the years, she had already reached the grandmaster realm and Luoli by her side was at rank nine.

Ago was left at the village, he took up the role of the village elder sometime back and even had a child before the group of four left the village a few years back.

Visiting places all over, Wang had managed to chain insight into the true meaning of star while Ruruo had also made improvements.

when the couple feels like they could destroy some bandits or even give some pointers to some martial artists.

Just like this close to a decade, has passed.


Fengxi is now an adult but her growth is still slow.

Wang went ahead to confront her that once she reached the great grandmaster level, she could become an adult.

But the truth was he was not sure it would happen, besides he did not have a problem with his daughter growing slowly.

But indeed she also proved somehow talented, not wasting her parents’ potential.

At the grandmaster’s realm peak, she could be said to be stronger than the couple back then.

She has cultivated numerous martial arts and the thunder body art too.

She left the carriage and stood in the huge grassland looking into the distance, her parents were lying on their stomachs at the edge of a cliff.

She couldn’t understand them, but only Ruruo and Wang knew they were watching a good show.

Over the years, Wang had seen many things he had never imagined existed.

And now the couple was watching a fight in the forest, some distance of several thousand kilometers away.


Katcha!, ‘Roar!!!!’

A huge fight had broken up and the cause was some treasure.

The funny thing was the tree with the treasure was also sentient and the moment the fruit is picked it would wither and die.

So it was waiting for an opportunity to counterattack.

Watching all this from their perception the couple found it amusing.

They didn’t plan to interfere, truthfully over the years of traveling, what situation have they not seen?

Wang has even managed to completely get rid of the black matter that had poisoned him. back then.

Also through the travel, his spirit had improved greatly unlike at that time in the past when he was in a hurry for results in cultivation.

Even Ruruo did not breakthrough over the years despite meeting the criteria to improve.

She had suffered defeat in the Origin temple several times before she successfully broke through the first level.

Wang managed to keep tempering himself in the second level without attempting the third level.

In the distant forest.


A figure was knocked flying, by thick green beaches when approaching the fruit.

He had already managed to defeat the competition for fruit but ended up getting attacked by the tree with the fruit.

Some distance off another person could be seen snaking through the bushes headed for the tree’s location.

Comparing cultivation levels, that figure did not seem impressive as the one knocked out by the tree.

Funny though, the actions of the tree did not make the figure slow down at all.

It was as though the figure knew the tree had gained sentience.

The figure stopped after arriving a certain distance from the tree.

The one knocked off on the other hand was very annoyed that his prize had developed legs.


He released some killing intent and directed it towards the tree, it was a shame that could not play any role against the huge tree.

The man moved again and this time he did not target the fruit but wanted to sever the tree from the branch holding the fruit.

A sword was swung, heading towards a certain area of the tree, but the tree was not slow either it swung another branch towards the sword, and another headed to the attacker.

Defense and attack were launched at the same time, and collusion was ensured after.

Retracting the sword attack to defend himself the man suffered from this confirmation and got lashed on.

Though this attack did not throw him back, he still had some blood flowing at the corner of his mouth.

Surprisingly the couple could have sworn that heard a roar coming from the gigantic tree. After intense confrontation, the thick green branches exploded mid-air with some green juice being sprayed all over. One could see sword shadows in the sky in a nonstop confrontation with the tree branches.

The tree might have perhaps run if it could move.

in the confrontation, the sword Wilder had the upper hand. That can be seen to be due to the tree lacking enough intelligence and only acting on impulse to survive.

It is not easy for trees to give birth to wisdom, even though the couple had seen numerous things over the years traveling this was also something unique.

Even if the tree is strong, it still has numerous restrictions that make it such that its ability to defend itself is almost negligible.

The other one was slowly scheming and the couple could see the shadow of someone on top of a tree planning to use a rope to target the fruit.

Nature was indeed very cruel, this tree had gained sentience yet its survival depended on its fruit.

This was a cruel joke, as the fruit in itself seemed to be very attractive to its enemies.

Regardless of the means used the tree seemed to be deemed to die in the end.

Turning his head Wang felt a stare, and he was wondering whether he had anything wrong.

Only to see his wife had made that face as though she wanted to cry.

[What’s with this look? we agreed to watch events for fun. Don’t tell me you want us to interfere here?]

He had the urge to cry right now. On their journey, it’s not that Wang was very generous to do all those things but she was the cause.

Now she wanted him to also make a move, but this was already a headache.

Sighing, Wang stood up and stretched his waist slightly.

His domain spread covering the entire region several thousands of kilometers.

Along with it, pressure descended on the people in the vicinity of the tree knocking them all out.

The Dimensional domain opened and Inside his domain, Wang could move as though it was transportation.

Stepping through a mirror with Ruruo the couple disappeared from the cliff arriving near the tree.

Ruruo released her vitality domain covering the huge tree and this made it relax as it could not sense malice.

Wang on the other hand sends the group some distance away before starting to set up a formation in the area.

[It is indeed a pity for a tree that had gained sentience like you to be killed here. Let’s see what I can do for you.]

wang transmitted the message to the tree and made several formations by taking advantage of his domain, covering a wide area.

He was going to make the place seem none existent, the other issues could be dealt with slowly.

[Wife, this could be said to have been a good method but it is not a permanent solution though. In the end, it is that fruit that has made the fate of this tree as it is. And it is the thing that ought to be solved the most.]

He mistakenly said this when in a daze but realized he had messed himself up.

Ruruo shamelessly asked him to finish what he had started.

[Husband! Don’t tell me you can’t do it. Hai!! I can’t blame you. I’ve heard some women talk in the village about how their husbands can’t do it. If you can’t just say it, there is nothing to be embarrassed about it.]

The moment Ruruo said this, Wang had thd urge to strangle someone.

Wang had a black face right now. At the end of the day, he couldn’t get angry at his wife, but that person that was passing such information to her was already his sworn enemy.

How could she teach her to tell a man to admit he can’t do it because he lacks the ability?

‘Damn, it was that woman that Ago married that seemed to be teaching Ruruo this nonescence. Regardless of the situation she would use this statement to manipulate me into agreeing. I even feel like crying now. She is testing the ego of a man.’, Wang was already cursing someone right now.

[Wife, what was that, that you said husband can’t manage, it about we hold an adults discussion on that issue first.]


[You... Pervert!] Suddenly a blush appeared on Ruruo’s face.

She was even averting her eyes and started regretting it. Her brazen husband using such provocations might just end up resulting in her suffering.

[Wife this place is very nice, especially with the notification of formations you have to make things clear so that your husband’s feelings are not hurt.] Wang said with a devious smile.

[???] at this moment even Ruruo was speechless and regretting having used such a trick at a time like this.

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