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93 getting insight into intent

After having suffered from the situation, Wang had this feeling but couldn’t completely grasp it.

This was also some kind of realization, to attain intent, he had to do more than just have good comprehension.

He had managed to open the door towards intent. It was something that could only be obtained through some kind of resolve rather than his sword comprehension.

The direction however depended on comprehension, in the end, implying that cultivation was not easy.

Luck was a factor, but its value could not make a powerhouse.

Only those that utilize it correctly could be capable of obtaining benefits.

Just past midnight, Wang could see the carriage reaching the village.

At this time, he still had yet to get the thunder on his body surface under control, but he could ve said to be almost there.

Ruruo’s voice reached him, and he could tell she was worried.


[Husband, what happened to you?]

On the surface, of Wang’s body, one could see occasional lightning arcs. The clothes he had on were burnt to leave behind numerous scorch marks.

With that not being enough, the area around him seemed to have just undergone a huge disaster.

[Nothing much, just some technique I practice. The weather was suitable for it but overdone it a little.]

As Wang was still giving such vague answers, Ruruo observed the bamboo forest through her perception and her mouth twitched.

When Wang was saying only a little damage, he forgot that almost all the hundred and forty area radius of the bamboo forest had been decimated.

Even though the destruction was uneven and some bamboo shoots managed to survive in that area, it did not change the facts.

Ruruo’s most likely wanted to ask him if he was not satisfied with the damage and probably he wanted to destroy everything even their house.

But she still didn’t ask that, she was just wondering why he was even practicing such a technique until she saw lightning arcs all over his skin.

[It’s good you are okay. We should probably stay in the carriage for the night and come home tomorrow when the drizzle completely stopped.]

She didn’t want to bring the other to such a hazardous area yet, as it couldn’t be safe to assume Wang’s activities might not spread.

And the way he had yet to realize the area destroyed was big.

But then again thinking about it, her coverage extended to kilometers and thus several hundred meters could be deemed a trivial thing.

[okay, I have no problem with that. It’s good you guys are back. This place was very boring without you guys. this person before. Did you finish everything you wanted to do there?]

[Yeah, but granny Hei seems to have left before I could meet her, perhaps we might never meet again!]

Indeed the old woman that used to guard her seems to have retired. She couldn’t keep up with Ruruo’s martial arts.

Besides, she probably had to only protect her for a period of twenty-five years or something.

But at this time, she had indeed already done her job, so retiring on her part couldn’t be seen as much of an issue.

For the current Ruruo, not many things could go past her unnoticed about those with low cultivation levels.

With her perception she could see a lot, like Luoli though her cultivation level was low, she could still live a complete life of a mortal.

She also lacked the drive to cultivate thus even if she were to give her some cultivation techniques it would turn futile in the end.

The heavy rain had already stopped but a drizzle could not stop people from moving about.

The frightening thunder that kept flashing on the other side of the village had also eventually stopped, it made people’s hearts uneasy.

With Ruruo’s cultivation, she could still manage to overhear the conversations ongoing about the way thunder has been striking that direction of her residence continously.

At the moment when the discussions were ongoing, somewhere outside the planet.

A woman appeared with a cloak covering her face continuously flying in space, a, after moving closer to the huge body, she seemed very cautious.

Taking out an object from her storage, it was indeed similar to the metal scraps Wang had obtained it’s just that the color was completely black.

Even the patterns on them seemed unique and after being released, the metal scraps seemed to fuse, making the huge body vibrate slightly before an attraction force pulled the token towards, a certain direction.

On the body of the huge celestial object, a similar token space could be seen where the token had perfectly fused.

Following that, a huge howl could be heard, even the woman’s cloak was shattered by the after effects of the shockwaves despite being behind the sound source.

The terrifying sound waves were just the beginning as another powerful force emitted from the celestial body seemed to contain the power of space, caused hundreds of thousands of kilometers in space to crack.

Terrifying energy could be seen accumulating before striking into the turbulent space vacuum that had already turned chaotic, creating a black rift in space.

At this moment, it was as though everything had returned to stillness, but on Wang’s part as well as the man at the bottom of the ice pool with a silver mark on his forehead, they could feel strange fluctuations emanating from the realm tokens.

The man in the ice lake becomes more uneasy because he assumed the worst had happened.

Someone had used the realm token and that implied that it would take a long time for him to accumulate others.

The woman that initiated all this had brown long hair reaching all the way to her waist and observing all this her icy blue eyes lit up.

A roar could be heard from the other side of the rift space.

Soon the area around her suddenly fell into the endless dark like she had entered the abyss.

The woman did not panic, instead, there was even some excitement on her face.

Soon however she was shrouded by pitch black energy that rushed into the rift space, traversing through the darkness.

At the same time, the celestial body seemed to have lost all energy turning into its original dormant state.

In the rift, that was slowly closing, another woman could be seen rushing towards the rift at a very fast speed, and luckily she managed to jump into the rift before it closes, but at that moment one could not say she was lucky at all.

Without protection from the dark energy, survival might also not be on her terms.

If Wang were here he would be shocked because he once killed a woman looking kike this in the past, but this one exudes a different kind of Aura, it’s imposing and her strength seems to be on another level.

This was the sect leader of the Cloud Water Sect.

But what could even make one more suspicious was why someone on her level would risk entering the rift in space that seemed to be closing.

The powers emanating from the rift are enough to decimate a world, compared to the techniques of domain that Wang usually uses the world prison, destruction in it was not worth mentioning in front of this rift space.

It was like comparing an infant with a spoon and an adult with a nuclear weapon and trying to measure the degree of damage one of them could cause.

Such a comparison without even considering the weapons each held was already unfair.

Let alone when the weapons comparison of an infant with an adult consideration.

Wang was still trying to emulate a world in his cultivation and that would probably continue even after the next realms after world realm.

But that rift made in space, was not on the level of the world, it had transcended that, and thus it could shred a world into particles let alone some celestial realm expert.

But something surprising happened in the rift before it completely closed, the sect master of Cloud water sect seemed to have produced some blue talisman and crushed it.

Golden symbols emerged from all around shrouding her, as the rift completely sealed itself.

[Um? That little doll from end of the star field actually used tricks to forcefully pass through realms, what a careless doll. Well everyone wants freedom, but she actually chose the wrong place. In the Abbys, woth her current level, she doesn’t even qualify for cannon fodder. Peacock lady, I thought you would take her in? ]

[That little doll indeed is not bad for this place, but that is it, she does not have fate with my Purity palace. Even your star place is very grumpy when accepting disciples yet you want to manage my star temple’s situation? ]

[you don’t have to go take it to that level right Granny peacock! ]

[Im pretty much younger than you old man, how dare you call me a granny?]

[ younger my foot, we are only a decade apart in age, granny peacock stop trying to lie your way out of here?]

In the black gate cave, the two in the phitigraoj seemed to be arguing again, and Wang misses such a good show.

But even if he was around he still couldn’t be capable of realizing this.

In other distances that even Celestial cultivators couldn’t see, between the void, some waves of fluctuations happened from time to time.

This was a discussion on the events that had just taken place before the situation returned to normal.

Such existence seemed to be on the same level as the ones in the painting of the black gate cave.

In the Origin temple, several fluctuations were felt. If wang had a high enough realm and felt this he could feel a chill down his spine.

The black gate cave and Origin temple were just a few examples present on the planet, but it seemed they were not physically located on the planet but created some way to allow those on the planet to enter it through various places.

In that way, even though people like the sect master of the Cloud Water sect were deemed celestial perhaps he was not even using the same cultivation system.

But that also explained why she could easily suppress those in the celestial realm and threw them in the prison.

The same can be said for the indifference of some figures in the cloud water sect and other top factions to the origin of worlds.

If the strong in those places wanted the origin so badly, then resources invested in the destruction of the world would be on another level.

The man in the ice pool couldn’t take the situation anymore and jump out.

He was becoming more anxious with time.


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