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92 Ruruo Making a move

She could already guess the man was just probably buying time, but she was not flustered at all and with a wave of her arm the drops of rainwater that had turned into swords pierced the air towards the group.

Suddenly there was a sound coming from behind the group.

An old man could be seen and witnessed this happen he wasn’t flustered.

“Audacious! They said it was their mistake and you still want to punish them?” he just let out an angry howl using his Qi.

Moved towards the attack, waving his hands causing some kind of barrier to form from Qi.

But his expression soon stiffened upon coming in contact with the water swords.

The barrier shattered instantly and the old man suffered some backlash.

The man soon spat out a mouth fool of blood before he turned into an after image running off into the distance.



The gang: “???”

After the man run away the group went down on their knees and there was indeed some hesitation in Ruruo’s eyes.

She even didn’t make an effort to keep that old pervert behind.

“Hai! she is too soft, she hesitated, let’s see how she handles the gang from his on.” in the bamboo garden after keeping his situation in check Wang was also observing Ruruo.

But he soon found out he was taking too soon when he saw another ice condensed from rain drops breaking through the air nailing the escaping man on a tree.

As for the group that was kneeling they seemed to have become ice sculptures without any life.

“I spoke too hastily there, my wife should not be offended at all.”

moving his mind away from the situation, he started to observe his body

After taking his star refinement art to the second level, the star energy was slowly being infused within his bones and muscles.

Thd process was not faster at all, the muscles on the other end, seemed to contain lightning sparks.

The destruction aspect was very useful in dealing with the black matter but failed to completely get rid of it.

Now it had achieved some kind of balance.

Thinking back to when he created his techniques based on the versions of martial arts he had collected all over, only adding the true meaning in them, changed them completely.

The willow technique was something to do with visualization and yet it allowed him to take down even stronger opponents.

The only problem with it was, that it could develop on its own but rely heavily on the strength he had.

Considering everything else, one could say his use of world energy gave him an advantage.

If the circulation of Qi is considered inferior to energy generated from the practice of techniques, then world energy is on a higher level.

But it also comes with conditions, as even Wang had to use the true meanings to accumulate world energy and convert his Qi into world energy.

He can’t compare to Ruruo anymore that had already entered the world realm.

What she absorbs is world energy without any need to go through processes.

In a sense when it comes to power, the ancient cultivation system the couple used is considered worth it.

Even though Wang uses his way to categorize the realms, it doesn’t change the unique nature of the system.

He also is aware that there might be some other stronger beings that still or have taken their cultivation higher using the same system.

Perhaps to them, it might not be an ancient system, since they have always been using it. The devouring of world origins after their deaths is also some deficiency that seems to come with the current cultivation system. Instead of creating oneself, the system seems to focus on taking already existing foundations and fitting them on oneself.

Such a method even if one is building a house would not be advised. Since it is very difficult to get the binding to a very high level or adjust it to fit ones present in the process of construction.

It also explains why most of the celestials rarely improve in their strength at all.

A half-step celestial would find it hard to compete against world energy let alone its application of techniques.

And after Wang passed the assessment on the first floor of the Origin temple he already had an understanding that he was weak.

Compared to those using the cultivation system, he could seem strong but the reality was he was not worth much.

The Origin temple’s first floor should be considered normal to pass, yet he failed miserably on the first trial, if one were to claim that he was too strong it would be very funny.

After studying the star refinement art, he barely could pass through the first level and it also was the one that allowed him to hold on longer.

His techniques were in the end not considered much it proving that the star refinement art is not a simple technique.

Even after the black substance poison, he took the star refinement art to the second level and incorporated the star energy into his body, allowing him to restrain the very dangerous substance.

The fifth-level lightning technique, that even failed to completely eradicate it.

But during this period he had to learn to control the intense destructive energy being generated from the thunder.

Besides the rain had started to drizzle, and even the thunder striking his location seized.

Sitting on the scorched ground, some bamboo trees were not lucky enough and still had lightning arcs moving about.

The area around him had turned into a thunder domain.

He was still trying to control it, as he had absorbed numerous amounts of thunder and his body was still unstable despite his relaxed state.

He had already experienced torture and since the technique had reached a point of extracting some vitality from thunder, he could only endure it.

But the benefits to his body are also immense, as the tempering perhaps night allows him to obtain his previous set goals even faster and he decided to take his strength to the limit before forcefully leveling the star refinement art again.

For the fourth level, he had a plan and hoped at that time he would have accomplished it.

The most important thing was that the star in his body had also been nourished by the star’s energy.

The amount of star energy was too immense and its role, in the beginning, was to improve his cultivation of star regiment art, but now it had been consumed by the body and star in his dantian.

The only good thing is that this has improved even his capacity to hold energy and the size of the star increased several times.

The star energy was the correct source needed to allow for the expansion of the star.

Furthermore, he could already see something from this, perhaps he could pass the technique to his daughter after she reached the great grandmaster realm

He wondered if Ruruo could be able to learn it too and how fast that would be.

Upon reaching this point, he started to think about some important things. The most pressing being some techniques focused on life preservation.

The collection from the library in the black gate should be plenty, but he had yet to even master all those from the first level.

Now thinking about it, he had a lot of opportunities to raise his strength and no hurry to breakthrough yet.

Southern region in a certain underground base, a man with a teenage appearance, silvery mark on his brows but gloomy eyes, that seem to be capable of even freezing the void, was looking at the broken token indicating the death of his disciple.

The silvery mark seemed to be the result of the technique he was practicing, after reaching small success.

He was sitting on some ice like a lake, and his expression become very distorted for some reason.

He had already confirmed that his disciple obtained the thing he wanted but now died, how could the man be in a good mood. He was agitated but not his eyes were on the realm order rather than the disciples’ token.

“Damn, you took something of mine, I shall skin you alive whoever you are. Wait till I finish my cultivation of the ice sutra to great accomplishment.”

If Ruruo were here she would recognize this man.

The man seemed very angry and yet his frost Qi still failed to even make any waves in the pool.

That was an indication of how low the temperature in the place was.

At the same time, the man seemed to be angry over the loss of the realm token rather than his disciple.

On his left hand, he was stocking what seemed like a token, but it was more intricate than the one that Wang had he had obtained more than two pieces and fused them.

After all, the man seemed like had lived for a long time considering the light in his eyes.

With his hands stroking the token, he submerged in the cold pool and everything returned to calm.

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