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91 Desperate move

Seeing the needle approach him, he thought of many instances but all of them proved to be useless.

But he still remembered a place, it’s just that the needle was already before him.

He felt something passing through his body, at the same time a weird sensation started to spread throughout his blood.

The star power in his body also activates automatically and started to go against the foreign substance that just entered his blood.

But that was not something that could stop it he could still feel the situation in his body changing slightly.

Some vitality from his body was being drained slowly and it happened throughout the body.

Soon, however, his expression become very dignified, he could see black energy moving around his body.

In the beginning, he did not seem to take the situation as much but now things have changed.

“What the hell is this black substance spreading in my body. It seems to be seeping into every part of my body. Damn, I was careless and this is going to cost me now. He could see that the star power he had obtained together with the star refinement art was what was stopping the black matter from completely taking over his body.


The situation was becoming more worrisome and he needed time to think about a way to solve this.

Coming to such a conclusion, he collected the man’s remaining storage device before leaving and had no time or interest to check through it until he arrived home.

In the bamboo forest, Wang’s figure could be seen sitting cross-legged and the storage device from the man was emptied yet he found nothing that resembled the antidote.

But he was startled by some of the things he saw in it.

Putting them back he added the storage device to his collection after destroying some things in it.

He could already guess they were not good things from the aura of blood around them.

Ignoring all this he focused on his body at the moment.

Something strange was indeed happening in his body.

When one steps into the grandmaster realm they can see the situation inside their body.

In Wang’s case, his soul and spirit have already started to manifest thus such things are even easier.

Ruruo has an advantage in this case compared to most martial artists and even Wang due to stepping into the World realm.

When she completes all the stages in the world realm, she could even manage to rival those called lords, since the world realm encompasses more than just the celestial realm it goes beyond.

Or it is perhaps perfect to say, the world realm already is on a different level, just as one is required to take the true meanings further and even combine them along the process of s perfecting the inner world.

Even though it can’t be attained at the world realm even the lord level can’t manage to accomplish it.

It is in this aspect that the two levelaren’tnt even worth comparing.

Wang broke into cold sweat seeing the actual situation in his body.

Tentacles like black substances were moving fast and attacking his cells destroying and devouring vitality in them.

The star energy on the other hand could barely manage to hold on against them by covering the rest of the important organs in the body.

Seeing this situation, he was indeed not in good mood and couldn’t help but break into foul language.

The situation had completely evolved into a fight between the two sides but the star energy in his body was an ownerless power so the help it could give him was also not that much compared to the foreign enemy in his body.

The black tentacles seemed to increase with every time they consumed some vitality off his body.

The rate was also alarming, this already had h develop thoughts of his next move.

After struggling to calm down he only had one option left, and he took a short immediately.

Improving the star refinement art would be the best option but he thought of starting with the lightening based methods first.

Especially in this rainy weather, he wondered if thunder could prove as the best solution.

In that instance, he added all the points he needed to improve the thunder body art.

He improved it by two levels, consuming a considerable amount of attribute points but he did not care, he could easily recover them in the Origin temple as that place seemed very old.

The number of attributes he could collect in there might be exaggerated.

The moment he did this, his body had already started to suffer from the effects of the black substance so he three cautions to the don’t and improved the thunder method to the limit it could reach.

At this moment though his body was feeling the impact.

At this level thunder started to manifest on the body surface and inside his body too, traveling along meridians.

The destructive force was so immense that he was vomiting blood, some black substance could be seen in it.

At the same time, his flesh body was strengthening slightly, but with time, he become a good conductor of electricity attacking the thunder from in the clouds.

The strikes from the lightning landed around him and soon there would be some occasionally striking him.

Even with the vast vitality that had been stored up in his body, at this moment he was enduring a torrent of torture.

In the beginning, it was all about enduring but with time, he could feel even his spirit was becoming tired.

But he knew falling asleep at this moment was akin to getting himself into huge trouble.

The lightning in the sky was also alarming considering it was being aimed at him and with time it become stronger.

This was useful for the cultivation of thunder body art, but at the same time, he felt like he could pass out anytime.

He had indeed found a method of restraining the black substance since the flesh in his body was slightly being infused with thunder.

Seeing how the situation was not going well he decisively upgraded the star refinement art.

In the beginning, the situation was not something he could be bothered with, but how his body might not be capable of holding on, the lightning power was just too immense and the destruction exceeded his limit of tolerance.

When the star refinement art was upgraded, all the star energy in the body was stirred and started to fuse with the body.

The black substance could now be put under control, but something weird happened, as the star energy and the black substance were interacting the thunder was also rummaging through his body.

Soon he could feel some vitality being generated from the thunder and fed to his body but the repair of his body did not end up driving the black substance away at all.

He remembered his destruction’s true meaning and it appeared the black substance had some aspect of destruction.

In that aspect, he started to think about copying the characteristics of the black substance when it came to the utilization of destruction.

In the carriage, Ruruo was meditating while Fengxi was laying her head on Luoli’s lap.

She was indeed bored since she couldn’t do anything in the rain.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked in a certain direction, this startled both Luoli and Fengxi.

She then stood up, picking up an umbrella from the corner of the carriage.

She could see that Fengxi was very much motivated to also follow behind but Ruruo turned her head facing her and said in a ain’t but stern voice, ” Sit down. Don’t get off the carriage, I’ll be back shortly.”

When she stepped out of the carriage, rainwater was seen being pulled by some unseen force and slowly condensing at her feet into a star that allowed her to descend from the carriage smoothly.

This set of actions could make one describe her as a fairy, especially while holding the umbrella with her hair flattering to the wind.

With every step, the staircase she used was being formed.

When she finally touched the ground, her feet made the rain water seem to be frozen yet it did not turn to the ice like the staircase.

She extended her flawless tender arms out and the rainwater seemed to have turned into beautiful swords.

“Interesting, this is what husband called sword force, it can affect nature and with my cultivation level, it becomes even stronger. With the addition of the power of a domain, it can pack up a stronger attack power. I wonder what sword intent he mentions will look like?” she thought in her heart as she flicked her fingers in a certain direction.

Ruruo was indeed more creative than even Wang expected, she thought of fusing domain in a sword attack, something that even Wang had never attempted.

Fengxi was stopped from getting down the carriage but still managed to see what was unfolding near the carriage. But not farther, she couldn’t grasp the situation far off but could see figures of people.

She was shocked and so was Luoli as they looked through the window.

Luoli was a story lover and could remember Wang once talked about this kind of thing, but she was wondering how her young miss could accomplish it.

The group that had been tailing them was startled upon witnessing this scene.

Such means were not normal at all, and they were busy planning to take away the woman and their property as their own.

Isn’t that just courting death?

They thought it would be an easy grasp, especially considering it was just a group of women and a nice carriage.

The group had some background and could not be threatened by some grandmaster-level figures.

But seeing the scene unfold, they were alarmed.

“Boss didn’t you say we could obtain easy women and also property, why do things seem not that easy?” one of the men asked as his voice was shaking.

“Shut up!” the middle-aged man addressed as the boss with a huge sword scar on the face was also infuriated that he scolded his subordinates.

He was at the moment contemplating a way to make sure he could escape with his life intact.

But from the beginning, Ruruo had fixed his eyes on him looking at the man with an expressionless face.


From their distance, it was clear that the swords made of rainwater were aimed at them.

How could the man not know that they met some strong expert?

He immediately did the smart thing.

“Fairy, please forgive this slave’s mistake, we hope you do not stain your hands with the pair’s dirty blood.” the man decided to go all out.

Making themselves look as if they were not even worthy of her making a move was his strategy now.

He also assumed that it could be the only way, but he is calculated since she had heard him and the rest.

She could never forgive them since her daughter was also among the people they tried to include in their lust.

This was the only chance for him to live, and when one meets hard they go soft.

The boss of the gang seemed like someone that enjoyed bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

It’s a shame that Ruruo has a strong perception and could hear what the group was talking about.

The three of them had already been divided up among the bandits.

She waved her hands making the carriage windows shut and the two inside couldn’t even hear the sound from outside.

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