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Xianxia: Why am I here?
Chapter 286 - 286 Power of Symbols

286 Power of Symbols

Looking at the technique slip in her hand Fengxi’s heart was pounding but the moment she sent her spirit into the jade, she seemed to be in a daze.

“What is this?” This was her first thought and it took a while to calm down seeing how her father was looking at her jokingly. Obviously, the old man knew the technique was not easy to grasp. In the end, she could only put the slips aside and start to condition her mental state.

“Not bad.” The neutron star clone commented lightly before closing its eyes.

It had become apparent that to cultivate to a certain level, one had to be willing to make some compromises and their daughter seemed like had grown up.

She did not complain about the difficulty this time but calmed down before starting to condition herself obviously planning to dedicate her time to the technique.

Not everyone can be like that, and Wang even did not notice that he had used some rune-like structures to construct the technique, even additions from Ruruo were like that.

Obviously, it was a high-tier language and the good thing was that as long as Fengxi had enough tolerance and spirit, she could understand the meaning behind the runes.

Some races such as the dragon clan have such languages, even rumors about ancient gods, born at the beginning of some universes, having some unique languages that mortals cannot utter.

Such languages are usually only a few characters, but very unique and difficult to read unless one has enough strength.


In the case of the rune-like structure appearing with the technique, one could say it was some language and the funny thing was that Wang had just given his daughter a huge problem, almost forgetting his situation in the fourth Dimensional barrier.

Looking at the seriousness she had adapted, he did not even see a problem, but the main body in the dimension had a connection and could feel everything.

In the instant he figured it out, it was as though some flame had been ignited, and his look toward the character floating before him become fiery.

Instead of focusing on comprehending the characters, his body seemed to instantly turn into a neutron star, but it was nothing compared to the huge neutron star in the distance.

With this, the golden symbols in the air seemed to start changing, “So that is how it is!” He was very excited looking at the change happening after a long time.

He had been frustrated due to it, but he did not seem to lose his calm due to his state of mind, and at this moment when he seemed to realize something simple, he put it into action and realized that the symbols that seemed mysterious were moving around the neutron star he had incarnated in some way.

He put his attention into following through to see what was happening and find ways to handle the situation more clearly.

Or to be more specific, see the development, but all that was unnecessary as his entire being had become the neutron star, and the actions of the symbols reflected in his perception.

He could see the hope in his understanding of the neutron star as the insights seemed to have started flowing in his head.

But to his surprise, he still did not seem to have any idea of the symbols, but in the end, decided to push it out of this mind as it was not his biggest objective at all.

With the small insights he gained, his neutron star seemed to be improving slightly.

“It seems that the most important aspect in this stage is to improve the foundation of the neutron star, compared to the symbols that I understand nothing of, it is much better. But before leaving this dimension, I should also try to understand the neutron star.”

With this thought, he continued to comprehend the changes but soon discovered that his mind world was also becoming stronger, obviously these symbols were also useful for strengthening his mind world.

This discovery made him very happy, as he had not thought of this happening at all, but on second thought, the neutron star, was something that was already standing on a higher level to the world, and since the symbols could give him that chance it was possible to strengthen his mind power source too.

He had strengthened his desire to capture the symbols at all costs, thinking of this, he wanted to take advantage of his two clones.

One was outside, but when he checked on his mind world clone, he was shocked to find that it was standing in a place with a red sky, no it was a blood moon.

“What is this space in the hidden cave space? Or is it not some space rather the cave space passage is just a door to another dimension?” He was lost in thought as he observed the red blood world from the perspective of the mind clone.

At this moment, he was indeed doubtful but since he could not understand it and thus put the matter aside. Unlike on the outside, in this place, he still suffered the suppression of all perception, even in the red moon region.

The only advantage was that the mind clone still had the ability to utilize some mind power, and he even started to think of some new tricks such as forming a domain. He however found out that he could indeed attempt the domain thing, but the utilization was still sloppy.

Putting that aside, he looked towards the red moon in the distance that seemed to be giving him some creepy feeling. The coldness in this place seemed to however have little impact on him, so he kept moving forward instead of retreating.

His confidence came from the fact that he was inside the fourth-dimensional barrier and attacks could not travel through the clones to reach him.

It was the reason he allowed his clone to continue moving forward.

He was very curious about the place and thus kept moving to look for even signs of life but nothing seemed to exist in this place, only some gloomy atmosphere could be felt.

With the red sky, the place seemed to give off an uncomfortable vibe, and anyone that entered this place might end up finding it hard to stay long and rush to leave if they were not affected by the atmosphere in this place.

From what Wang was feeling this place seemed to have the ability to corrode the mind and spirit and his unstable domain, seemed to reduce the impact of the gloomy atmosphere on him.

He found this use impressive and thus kept trying to improve it from time to time. With the main body getting involved it would not be a problem to complete it in a few days, and this was because Wang seemed to be letting the unstable mind domain receive oppression from all around as a method of tempering it.

Anything that had something to do with the world was a hard dimension, but Wang already figured he would have to stop treating it as such in the end.

The power of a world was indeed not a simple matter to handle even for Wang at the moment, but once he took another step to about 20% in comprehension and visualization of the neutron star, then he would already have gone way further and the power he could unleash would be on par with something higher than a world.

That however referred to worlds almost similar to this one, but low-level ones would not be capable of withstanding even his current power.

At such a point, it is not advisable to release an all-out attack inside a world as it could be forced into crumbling this is not something new but rather common, but most of the time it is not caused by fights but by the world reaching its deadline.

In such cases, it is usually something that happens as a consequence of the resources in a world exploited in a savage manner without consideration for other issues that may arise from it.

It is mostly done by aliens, as inhabitants of a world would not be that unscrupulous in their search for opportunities but foreigners would not care much about it.

With this issue, out of his mind, he had covered hundreds of kilometers before reaching a location that made him stop.

His stopping was because he seemed to have realized that something was moving in the distance and it seemed to be approaching him.

No! Rather it is better to say, it was escaping toward him.

Before long he could see it was a person, and behind her was a group of four.

He did not move but just stood there observing them, and to his surprise, he could see that they could fly.

He had almost forgotten about the restrictions in this place, but the mind clone did not face full suppression and his eyes looked toward them with some curiosity.

Since it was his mind clone, the only thing present was mind power, but the skills he had trained in his body could be used by it, from Boxing techniques to spear techniques.

His interest in this place was piqued by the fact that living creatures existed there.

Looking at the woman at the front with snake-like eyes, he was puzzled about what kind of race she was, and that was weird considering the situation he was in.

He seemed like some mortal standing in the middle of nowhere since his body did not have a single energy from this world.

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Xianxia: Why am I here? Chapter 286 - 286 Power of Symbols