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Xianxia: Why am I here?
Chapter 285 - 285 Passing on the Mixed Codex

285 Passing on the Mixed Codex

“Are you sure that it is okay to let our daughter stay with that soul body on her, at all times?” It was Wang that was asking and it was not like he cared, he had already taken some measures against it when he discovered it.

He had seen that his wife was not as concerned as he was. And he could indeed see that the soul body did seem to treat Fengxi well, but he just felt uneasy.

In the end, he wanted to hear his wife’s opinion.

But she seemed nonchalant about it. Looking at her smile he just sighed.

“No issue. Don’t bother, it is a good thing for Fenger’, besides, we can leave some measure on her for protection.” Ruruo replied in an indifferent manner as she looked through the latest content of the technique they had just sorted out.

It seemed that she can smile one second and become indifferent the next second, something he could only attribute to the technique she was practicing.

Thankfully the two spend more time together and if she was not lying on his shoulders, or resting her head on his thighs as she seemed deep in her cultivation, she might treat him indifferently.

Her technique seemed to have reached a part of contradictions such as the black and white in her right and left eyes.

Yet she still opened her mouth and the first thing she said after having been in deep sleep for some time shocked him.


“Your cultivation system seems crazy, from how you seemed to have added to this technique, I can get the feeling that it is almost impossible to grasp it. Well, it does not matter, you cannot comprehend my path easily either.” As much as his wife was complaining she did not forget to show how great she also was.

The Change in habits and thoughts seemed also important as she was still probably only touching on the aspects of the technique.

He did not believe this to be the most difficult hurdle, he suspected just like himself, she had hardly reached it.

With his early ten percent comprehension of the neutron star, he had reached some bottleneck and at this time, his main body in the fourth-dimensional barrier was not yet capable of dealing with the issues and had focused on training the spear skills.

Looking at her like this, Wang did not seem to mind, even had the urge to laugh, as Ruruo seemed to have this habit whenever they were alone.

For the past two years, for instance, when they were crafting the technique for Fengxi she would occasionally act out in a different manner, but in the end, he was she seemed more unwilling to leave this place.

And even when she has her extreme moments, she would still rests her head on Wang’s lap.

It had indeed been long since the two relaxed like this, with Wang not worrying about some trouble coming for him so it could be understood to see them like this.

Even their daughter seemed to feel somehow left out of the picture.

But since she realized that her parents were crafting some new technique for her she become very excited.

But the passage of time seemed to be slowly allowing her to calm down.

She even realized they might spend decades on it, but unfortunately, she was wrong.

The two are considered monsters based on their current potential.

Creating some technique for someone to cultivate and improve their realm is not big deal to a certain level, in fact, each of them can craft one, but Fengxi was their daughter hence them being too careful.

Wang and Ruruo were just climes and thus did not regret their actions, anyway, so it was not affecting their cultivation time.

On some occasions, one would even see a rare smile on both their faces, while Fengxi discussing something with the soul body.


Today it was a very sunny day, Fengxi and the soul body seemed to be involved in some discussion.

“What! Are you sure?” She asked when she heard what the soul body had just told her.

“Right! Your parents seemed to have noticed my existence some time back, but especially your father. He even gave you that bracelet to make sure that nothing can occupy your body. Very clever. ” the soul body praised.

It had become more solid compared to before.

Looking at the couple that was sitting facing each other with their eyes closed, she suddenly felt lonely.

“Your parents’ path seemed to have changed suddenly and even I can not grasp what they are cultivating. It seems the hidden cave space is not simple.” Ev she could not help hit feel some jealousy. When she was growing and just starting her path, she did not obtain such sort of luck.

The most depressing thing was that her soul was suppressed or to be more specifically sealed inside the hidden cave space.

“They obtained opportunities in the hidden ground cave you entered before and I can feel that they see me. Ooh, not just that, from their actions it seems like they have been trying to accomplish something for the past two years. Obviously, the only thing that can worry them is your cultivation.” When the woman said this, she found that Fengxi was in a daze.

She had done everything to compete with Ruruo and the latter suppressed her without even dropping a sweat.

In the passage of time, she even followed her parents’ suggestion to not hastily break through, so if there was some better technique to allow her to improve her strength for one thing, she would be willing to study it.

For another, she was curious about how strong it could be while at the same time looking forward to the promise from her parents to travel around the world on her own if she could manage to practice the technique to some stage.

This was the condition put forward by Wang, and he did not really plan on letting her wander off on her own unless her strength reached a certain stage.

In the same way, he had been working hard to create some protection methods for her, such as attacks from the mind world.

With enough time, he could come up with something and thus he was not that worried, as even one of his clones could follow her along.

But if he could break through again in this period, perhaps he could manage to gain another neutron star and by some means fuse it inside some token.

With this, it could be some trump card, as well as the protection measure when his daughter faced the threat of death.

Thinking up to this point, his heart relaxed and he felt his state become even better than before.

In truth, he only worried about his daughter and wife, but with Ruruo’s good luck, it seemed he did not have to worry too much and he could spend some energy protecting their daughter, besides, she had not even left their side yet and he was already worried about this things.

With the technique the couple created, called the Mixed Matrix, Ruruo could cultivate to her limit of comprehension, since the two did not plan on creating a complete technique.

The foundation stage could be built up from her inner world all the way, but the more she cultivated, she would realize that the path ahead was on her own shoulders.

Thinking about the advice that Ruruo had given him, Wang was eager to try it out but in the end, seemed to be spending time checking out the technique.

When he was certain it was not an issue he called their daughter over.

Fengxi could see that Ruruo was sleeping on Wang’s lap and her bare feet were in the grass, but her body had two conflicting energies seemingly in sync before one took over completely while the other was suppressed and the reverse.

This was a new experience and when she was about to sink in, Wang released his neutron star dimension domain, separating him and Ruruo from their daughter close to three dimensions apart.

“Fenger’ you actually almost got lost in your mother’s practice.” Wang sighed and the moment the domains were released, she could not be affected but she seemed to have some cold sweat on her forehead.

She was being dragged into some gloomy place before her old man saved her and looking at it, he seemed to be okay and unaffected by the changes in Ruruo.

A piece of token floated in front of Fengxi and Wang’s voice floated in her ears.

“You can practice near this bodhi tree and ask for advice only thrice for every chapter.” Another token floated over, “Study the technique before checking through this token. Some insights are inside.”

The reason he told her to ask for advice thrice for every chapter was very simple, wanting her to come to understand the technique and come up with her own issues to solve.

In this way, the three issues could allow her to form her own foundation, and the same time he wanted to see how far she could reach herself.

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Xianxia: Why am I here? Chapter 285 - 285 Passing on the Mixed Codex