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Xianxia: Why am I here?
Chapter 284 - 284 Mixed Codex

284 Mixed Codex

Under the bodhi tree, a couple could be seen with closed eyes, and from time to time transferring information to each other from some token.

The information had been imprinted using Spiritual power and when they shared it, edited and even added, the level of technique they were setting up kept being advanced.

Right. The couple was Ruruo and Wang, and they were creating a technique for their daughter Fengxi.

After being able to gain some inheritance from the underground space, each had reached some understanding of how low tier the system they were using really was.

Even though it did not seem to have any problems, in the long run it would become more of an issue to advance, just like the way most of the powerhouses from the cosmos come to the primitive world and use some external help to advance their realm.

This is also the case with the star Pavilion Lord, even the Axe gang leader.

Not only them, but many other came to this place with the same objective, and such a system of Practice is very flawed.

Perhaps they could not be capable of seeing it in the past, but after reaching their current level in the other systems they inherited, it has become easy to see through it.

“You seem to have more knowledge in the aspect it Yin and Yang, but what is with that unique power, it even makes me somehow fearful.” at this moment the couple was busy making adjustments to the technique.


But Wang couldn’t help but ask, he felt Ruruo exude two opposing powers and they were life and death.

Each Forming some contrast, but the yin and Yang principle presented by it seemed to be easy for him to figure out.

From time to time, he could see that her eyes would change from black to white each of them seemed to show a different color.

At the moment the left eye was black and the right White.

He was certain she was doing it intentionally to test him, but other than the feeling of death approaching and rebirth awaiting him, nothing happened.

A domain seemed to exist between them that separated them through dimensions.

At the very center, Wang was sitting and this was one of the applications of the neutron star principles.

This made it hard for Ruruo to shake him and thus she was pouting secretly.

She had touched on an even advanced principle of reincarnation, but could not use or freely.

Since they were not fighting, the scope of their activities was just about hundred meters around the bodhi tree, that seemed to remain unshaken by their actions.

“You like my reincarnation principle? It is a shame I have been finding it hard to proceed with comprehension. Have any advice?” Hearing her question, he seemed to have realized that even he had reached some bottleneck in understanding.

“Why not try experiencing reincarnation yourself, the more times the better and compare all the experiences.” as he spoke to her, he also seemed to have some doubts about his next stage.

“I have something I cannot memorize at all, after setting my eyes on it and looking aside, it disappears from my mind completely.” he informed her of his current predicament of which she seemed to find amusing.

He thought she was laughing at him but she said,” You also have such a problem. I passed though that one some time back, and what I did was not trying to remember them but just look at them. You should try, some things are not interesting if you want to have control over them.” he did not understand what she meant by her mysterious talk, but was willing to check out the approach.

Anyway, he had nothing to do and having something to try would not hurt as such he focused on completing their daughter’s practice.

” Our daughter has not left us all these years but she seems to have her own chance.” Suddenly Ruruo changed the subject as she could see some illusionary figure sitting beside their daughter seemingly teaching her.

“Ooh. You also realized. Well, it seems we should also allow her to your around the primitive World, while we are still here. With the clones we can let one accompany her, she or should both of us go and accompany her in secret. It can count as an opportunity to check out this world too.”

Wang suggested but Ruruo had a weird look on her face,” You just want to make sure that no one gets close to our daughter, right?”

“Well if any useless guy dares to come around shouldn’t someone teach them a good lesson.” he said as he observed the direction of their daughter.

Truth be told he was also concerned as they have pampered their daughter too much, I though she did not turn out to be a spoilt brat, he did not want some idiot to deceive her.

But he was also aware that nothing could be done about that, some lessons could only be leaned by people themselves and others had no business trying to shield them from it.

This is also probably the thing that Ruruo was saying, but she was very much for following their daughter around to the world.

All they had to do was leave some mark on her and when her life was endangered, they could shoot, but the rest of the time they would let her have her privacy.

Or to be more specific spend the time together, they had always been busy with cultivation no time for rest.

“Okay. I’ll listen to you.” As he spoke, he passed the jade token to her and after she checked through it, she said, “Do you think the technique we created is too difficult.”

Wang did not refute, combining two paths into one was not easy and Fengxi would have to work even harder.

“We will put some insights into another token for her, this way she should be capable of starting but the rest of the journey depends on herself.”

He had thought about it and the couple seemed to agree that the technique was too tough to get started so they could provide insights and their daughter would have to walk the rest of the road on her own.

Even though it seemed as though they had created some technique, the truth was the technique was vague just like the inheritances they had studied.

In that way, Fengxi had to use her foundation to the moment to fuse with the path she could gain insights on.

In the same way, it would ensure that she did not have to depend on some external objects to breakthrough in the future.

Putting that aside, the combat power would also increase greatly, and at the moment her parents were even considering letting her go out to explore but before that a change in cultivation technique was necessary.

Then the underground space opportunity is something she can attempt if she had that luck, but if impossible then nothing can be done.

It’s not like the underground space is under their control anyway, so despite being inside they did not know where it was located.

Since they had taken from their inheritances, they had to make some alterations to avoid getting in trouble as they could not willingly pass on the inheritances they obtained.

But using the knowledge to create some technique and pass it on was not forbidden as such for the two it was not that strenuous especially considering they had taken close to two years on it.

During this time, Wang had taken advantage of the fact that his main body was still without anything much to do and had it contribute to the process rather than just lying down in the underground space.

He did not forget to major mainly in gravity and space, as it was much easier to leverage it and create some direction that their daughter could understand easily.

For Ruruo, on other hand, she also took the simplest form she could manage which was Yin and Yang, instead of her life and death, that was just a side branch to samsara.

Samsara is a very complex aspect and she did not want to confuse Fengxi, and even at her level she had yet to step on that direction. In that case, she only threw in some insights about it, and let her daughter find out herself. This approach would let their daughter eventually take a route that best fits her, rather than being restricted by the two.

Having already reached the stage she is at, the system of cultivation indeed would not matter, and that is unless she gains a chance to enter the underground cave space.

But the chances were very low, as she could not compare with Ruruo’s devilish talent as well as Wang’s potential value system panel.

But that did not stop Wang from making a difficult path for her, in that she can benefit more regardless of the final outcome.

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Xianxia: Why am I here? Chapter 284 - 284 Mixed Codex