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Xianxia: Why am I here?
Chapter 283 - 283 Wider world perception

Chapter 283  Wider world perception

Since the Neutron star clone, came out of the Underground space, in the hidden cave space, he has been thinking about their daughter. To allow her to gain some opportunity, one would have to develop some perfect technique on their current level.

However, this would also mean that she has to give up almost all her hard work, as Ruruo and he seemed to have become creative when they got in contact with the techniques they obtained in their respective unground space, but Wang already had some suspicions of the space being in the void.

That was not important though, the most important issue was to enhance their daughter's potential and let her gain something that has the best potential for her.

It was probably the same reason that the two were selected, but Wang probably thought it was because of his focus on that specific place by hitting, but that was ridiculous.

Unless the underground space wanted him to enter, he could have remained outside and ignorant about the opportunities.

In the end, even Ruruo entered in a different way than him, he indeed went ahead with the manly approach, using his fists. Ruruo was attracted to the place, using her emotions to eventually attain her current chance.

In fact, the couple were talking about creating a technique for their daughter to cultivate, but wished she could start comprehending the laws first.

It was all to allow her to understand some things in more detail, even though the couple could already tell the laws in the primitive world, seemed to have an issue, or the cultivation system was probably the issue.

Even with their level of comprehension of law, it turned out very insightful in their new path, but very useless in understanding the dimension. Even though they would help her, I doubt any of this clones really is interested in pampering their daughter, they were more interested in exchanging insights indirectly and this was an opportunity.

Probably in this way, even Wang would have the time required to study the unique symbols he had seen in the inheritance space reduced.

But he did not have that much hope, that did not stop him from wanting to try and the same can be said for Ruruo, she seemed to have the need for insight.

Her calm demeanor also seemed to say a lot, and What Wang did not know was that this woman had three clones and one had gone out, for some personal grievances.

It was targeting members of the Ice Sect in the Primitive world, and most of their bases, had been decimated, even masters vitality cut off.

That was not all, even treasures stored in their hideouts were taken away, and that was just a start. She seemed to have greater plans for her clone and that was not something she was telling her family.

Seeing her aura being different from the past, he did not dwell on it, and the family spend time together but the two spend most of their time under the bodhi tree.

Some runes could be seen circulating around them and Fengxi could not even understand a single one of them.

The step required for her transition would not be easy, and the kind of effort to be put in will also be a lot, but she had nothing of significance to do.

In the next part of Fengxi's cultivation, it seemed like she had better think of ways to adapt, and the hidden cave space, was just the right space for her at the moment.

In their current stage, the couple could indeed whip out some technique, but they wanted the best and at the same time not in the mood to set a path for their daughter, this technique could almost allow her to make improvement slightly but foundation would become more stable.

In the Primitive world, how many are stuck at their current realms incapable of seeing the way forward. From the level of law realm, things are no longer like before and external help ca only help one so much.

With superior systems, the law seems to be slightly tasteless and this is for numerous reasons, there simply was no comparison between the systems. Inheritance obtained by the two seemed to have allowed them to see further than in the past, and even their understanding of the world seemed to have changed.

In the same way, resources needed to cultivate is a big issue, and at the moment, they were under the comfort of the inheritance grounds, and the environment was the most suited for it.

Once their actual bodies leave that place, then it becomes a different issue all together, not only will they have to put in more effort to gather resources, the other issue is environment and the Primitive world was indeed the worst place to be.

It probably was only now that the couple seemed to have some understanding of the situation, they were in.

When Wang looked beyond space, he was able to realize this and he also guessed that Ruruo being intelligent as she was had also realized it.

The nature of this world was not anything that superior, other than the fact, that some dimensions seemed to have been stacked upon this one. But that was not the thing their attention was on.

At the intersection between this world and cosmic barrier, he could feel some unique power in existence, but it was absent here.

Such power seemed to have a lot of use for them, but that would all have to wait until they finished they can even shift universes without being affected.

On the very extreme even on the outside of the cosmos some systems could support one, as long as talking the inheritance before they could consider other issues.

Back then their region in space where the planet they lived in existed, it was too baren to realize the actual situation, and when he realized it, he decided to also make up for their daughter's cultivation, by taking into account the fact that the system of law comprehension requires one to adjust to laws of every strange space they are located.

Yes, things like laws do not change in essence in the same dimension, but rather some aspects of it, shift based on the region one is and require adjustment.

It is the case with some other systems but they are very hard to practice, and when one succeed, they can even shift universes without being affected.

On the very extreme even on the outside of the cosmos some systems could support one, as long as they could survive there.

Foreigners can enter another cosmos, but they are not able to survive on the outside of the cosmos, unless their own realm can allow it. It is the case with the Neutron Star system too, it can not allow one to withstand the situation outside the cosmos without enough realm.

Putting such issues aside, as even Wang did not have the capability to comment about it, as he could not perceive the outside of the cosmos with his little ability.

Not him, even the strongest person on this cosmos, seemed to have taken some existence as a disciple, only accomplished it through some external help.

That is also the same means used by those that seemed to have gathered on the outer dimensions of the Primitive world or those sealed on the other side of the world.

With their strong aura's although it seemed scary, Wand did not bother with them.

Even though he had become slightly stronger and used a unique system, he had no reason to seek trouble from others.

That is why he also decided to let the neutron star clone stay at home while the main body and the mind world clone continued to move inside the hidden cave space.

In this moment, at the fourth dimensional barrier, Wang was laying on his back facing the sky, that seemed to not exist in this place.

He had discovered that the comprehension of the symbols almost impossible and thus he was closing his and resting.

All his martial arts journey something he has been proud of seemed to be incapable of handling the symbols and yet at this time he had a mind world too.

To deal with this issue seemed like it required him more than just comprehension, but he had failed to see the uniqueness of the symbols so as to come up with other means.

For other things comprehension was simple, and here, he had to use visualization, but even the symbols seemed to disappear after his eyes stayed off them for an instant.

With the fact that he could not remember them, it was wastage of time just stay in this place, but he could not leave also.

Since he failed with his eyes, he thought of what would happen if he used other means, but it become the same.

At a time like this, he seemed to feel the frustration of others, when they practiced martial ats, and reach a bottleneck. After several hours of resting, he started to practice with his spear, and with all the symbols around him, his spear was moving in trajectories to draw them in empty air.



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Xianxia: Why am I here? Chapter 283 - 283 Wider world perception