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Chapter 22: Hidden danger

The two have stayed together for more than a year and now they have decided to do something that was missed in the previous wedding.

Since he had passed out, she might have also not had the face to ask about it.

But Wang is not a fool either, thus he took the initiative to bring up that issue.

He also doesn’t mind having her as a wife, for his days staying together was indeed very good.

After this ceremony, something that couldn’t be done can be done ir said without much of an issue.

As he was about to retreat he saw someone seated on the side of the bed, dressed in red and covering her face.

He then was somehow not sure how to proceed.


It sounded cool when he told her to do this but now he has no idea about most customs.

He sighed in his heart and moved towards Ruruo.

The two of them performed the usual bows without including the parent’s part, perhaps due to his previous owner’s misfortune.

But he did not have any interest in settling the accounts for his premature death.

Furthermore, that incident when he ended up almost destroying his spiritual consciousness was not forgotten.

In such a way, he did not care much about it and would deal with the issue once he broke through in the body realm to a higher level.

At that time, his consciousness might be very big and capable of accommodating some changes.

Since he never obtained any memories he had already some suspicions about things.

The most important thing is that currently when they were undergoing the bows to each other he felt it.

Something was trying to make it impossible but unfortunately his spirit is very strong thus the feeling was not much difficult to suppress

But at the same time, he was sure, something was indeed hidden in this body trying to meddle with his life.

He was not angered by this he had some guesses.

Being forced to marry and even dying of course that remnant soul had some grudge against Ruruo.

In truth, she did not do anything wrong but she was the reason he was, forced, and when he resisted he ended up ng put in place and died.

But the rational thought is that he can only blame his father, but for a twisted soul rationale does not exist.

Its biggest mistake was to show off itself and help Wang conclude.

In fact, as early as he was distracted in his attempts to improve his consciousness, he knew something was wrong.

But when he thought he only realized that he was also part of the ones who hated.

It however is a shame he does not care about the feelings of his twisted former body owner.

After everything happened the usual events on a wedding night took place and the two were very ‘busy’, especially with the new body refinement art, his was not bad.

The good thing was that their house was somehow separated from others by a distance and thus their fight at night did not end up being heard by many.

But the noise from the house was indeed not difficult to hide as it went on all night, especially from Ruruo.

When she was relaxing in the morning, remembering the embarrassing things she did last night she seemed to not want to get out of bed.

But that was not the most surprising, actually,, Wang saw it first and was impressed.

She was already at the peak of level six, he even failed to see anything at all last night.

But now he could see that her circulation of the Yin Qi in her body was faster and at the same time it had some Yang aspects to it.

In a way, it almost attained some balance and he understood immediately.

But he did not say anything, even though he was somehow embarrassed for not letting others sleep by taking them on a marathon all night long.

Then again, he was somehow also feeling refreshed just laying on the bed feeling the fragrance from Ruruo’s hair.

All over his shoulder, one could see bite marks, s and when Ruruo saw them her face flushed red as she hid them under the pillow.

Wang just laughed at her behavior as he thought of something.

The remnant soul seemed to have suffered some real damage as it kept trying to make waves but nothing could happen.

But that was not his gain, after he activated his thunder body art last night for just a split second, it was screaming.

Since he couldn’t deal with it ht then he was sure once he broke through in the body refinement art, the thing will be a goner.

In the same aspect, he had already started to think about some things.

This world indeed was not simple as it looked on the surface, but he did not care much.

His concern was on the knowledge he had obtained yesterday from the library.

Only now did he remember something that reminded him of formations in his previous life’s novels.

It’s just that the application in the ancient texts had been too complex and he did not put much attention to it.

He was more into body refinement art but now he realized the formations in the novels might have some similarities.

Thus he was going to keep on collecting ancient texts from the library and adding them to the panel.

He had to improve the thunder body art by combining it with other body refinement arts.

The martial arts he practiced have already been incorporated but only resulted in some little change.

He could even see that the name of the art did not change at all.

This is already an indication, and he saw the panel had the world incomplete on the technique.

Thus he was going to focus on studying most of the ancient texts to see if some important things can be extracted from them.

In just a short period, the way forward had been opened up for him.

He needed more of the ancient texts as he might end up finishing reading all those in the library by some time in a year or so.

Since he was not fixed on trying to create any technique then it would be a lot faster.

He turned to his right and said softly, “Ruruo! do you know where some of those ancient texts can be obtained?”

Being called this was indeed sweat and her heartbeat accelerated with her flushed face.

She then just replied with an “em”, before she came back to her senses.

After relaxing a little she said, “I can ask someone to bring them over.”

Hearing this Wang was very happy so he said, “Ask someone? Well thanks then, the more the better.” After realizing that he could harvest attribute points from anything that can be deemed ancient, he become very active.

As he walked outside he turned only to see Ruruo already dressed up.

“How did you do that, don’t woman take longer to dress?” he asked somehow remembering the situation in his previous life.

“What kind of nonsense is that?. How can women take more time to dress.” she was already straightening his clothes as they walked out.

Indeed as he thought about it women in his previous life had numerous makeup that required them to waste more time.

Not that dressing takes a long time, it’s just a bias he had developed.

He even laughed at himself in his heart.

It’s just that when Ruruo walked outside even Luoli had an illusion she had become more pretty or something about her had changed but did not dwell on it.

They sat on the stone chairs in the garden and several meals were presented for breakfast.

Even Ruruo’s appetite was stimulated considering she did not have dinner last night.

Wang ate much too but always felt the meals lacked something but did not care much.

At the same time, nanny Hei also looked at Ruruo and felt she had changed.

She seemed to be in a better state than before moreover she saw that her strength is almost equal to her.

“Ruruo your martial arts?” she stopped halfway.

He could see that her realm had improved and she had yet to stabilize it so some pressure was being released on ths outside.

Since the early stages are focused on improving the state of the body and blood energy he could tell she had advanced again.

Her talent was already scary enough. If he didn’t see the potential value perhaps he might become discouraged.

But she eventually ended up getting to know that she was like that when she woke up.

Wang did not intend to offer his opinion on this issue as he was already thinking of something else.


He wanted to find someplace among these numerous mountains for body refinement.

The thing at the library underground is also something he can think about when his strength has risen high enough.

Sitting there for breakfast he felt at home and also his strangeness to this world was slowly disappearing.

At the same time, the remnant soul in his body also seemed to be destroyed a little.

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