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120 power of White mist body codex

After leveling the bandit’s den the couple moved towards another town.

The couple did not encounter any drama along the way, but this also allowed them to relax.

[My mood indeed has improved greatly.] Wang thought of this as he moved around with Ruruo.

[Why are you looking at me like that?] Seeing that she was being observed from time to time, she couldn’t help but ask.

[I just thought you have become very attractive.] What he said was indeed true but that was not what he was thinking.

[Really?] As she blushed Ruruo run ahead of him to avoid being discovered.

But she was wrong, he already saw it and just avoided saying anything but still laughed at her from behind her back.

As though thinking about something she said, [Husband, why did that group of bandits still disturb newlyweds, I thought bandits were more interested in stealing gold and silver?]

She was asking for his opinion but in the end, she just wanted to know more about the motivation for their kidnapping of so many women.


When the bandit den was leveled, Wang didn’t just leave like that, he still formed someone to go and handle the women being imprisoned in that place, and with the wealth, the group had saved, it would be enough to compensate them and allow them to live a good life.

But the ones truly involved in this were more than just bandits, and he also knew it.

He had already found something in the room the bandit leader was talking to his subordinates.

He decided to not rush into action, he had to conform to his theory.

Due to being hot-blooded for a moment, she ended up destroying all the evidence and he just watched her actions without saying anything since he did not need it to act.

But that would depend on the findings this he wouldn’t be telling her until he confirmed his guess.

[Well who knows, perhaps we can find that out in the future]

As he said this he had a smile on his face, this was just to see what reaction she would have.

Hidden space

In the bloody sea, Luo Xin was currently running the white mist body codex which seemed to be very effective in refining blood.



The blood sea was stirred and started moving to be attracted towards Luo Xin.

The golden drip of blood was suspended above her hand and huge amounts of the blood essence were being devoured into her pores.

The turn of events did not go by the figure hidden in the golden drop.

In the beginning, they thought she would push the golden drop into her body but things did not go that way.

The technique she used was very restraining towards blood and thus impossible for the entity to be hidden in the golden drop to make a move.

Moreover, as time went by the devouring force intensified, even the blood pool below Luo Xin was not spared thus formations the entity had set up started to crumble on their own.

Despite all this, Luo Xin was ignoring her outside and focusing on the situation inside her body.

[Damn! Damn! .. This is mine!] Suddenly roars could be heard from the golden drop of blood.

The golden blood was snatched from its control so were the formations set up in the blood sea, as they were crumbling apart.

The most devastating thing was that the plans it had set up were enough to deal with Luo Xin but seeing how low her realm was it become arrogant. Who knew the next second things would turn out this way?

The entity tried to calm down but in the end, it couldn’t hold on anymore, it had taken a lot of effort to gather this blood essence but now the person she was scheming against was eating its hard work like candies.

Moreover, she was so ruthless that it seemed she didn’t plan to leave it even bread crumbs.

How could this be tolerable to this, especially seeing both the sea of blood as well as the golden drop losing their essence so fast?

That was not even the only thing, it felt the devouring force also touching it.

[Everything I have worked hard fir has been taken away by this brat. I and she are irreconcilable but staying here might also mean my doom.] The blood-colored figure was already bloodshot, but that did not mean much considering its figure was also bloody.

Especially after seeing the collapse of formation it immediately activated some mechanism allowing it to escape from the golden drop of blood.

It was in a hurry and thus couldn’t do anything at all.

Fear of death and unwillingness was the only thing in its head at the moment.

[Little brat, this old man shall not let you go just wait?] Just like that the blood-colored figure escaped from the place as though it had teleported.

All this time, Luo Xin was guarding against anything, trying to possess her, and didn’t know about the situation outside.

The location the blood-colored figure was transferred was close to the area the size sword had been inserted into the head of a monster.

Looking at the monster in the distance it was full of unwillingness but did not dare approach that place.

[Damn, after going through all that effort to obtain the golden drop of blood and even setting up some formations that little devil stole my hard work. I can’t continue to exist in this state for long should find another r body to take over.]

This behavior from the blood-colored figure could be seen as normal because from the beginning it wanted to take over the body of Luo Xin until it got played.

It had to use some means to escape when it felt the devouring force also touching it, and the power that transferred it had consumed more of the blood essence it had.

Currently, it had become smaller, and that is why it could be understood if the blood-colored figure was angry and wanted to devour Luo Xin.

It deemed her as something within its grasp but now it has not only lost everything it had worked for but even forced them to flee losing immense essence.

Remembering how he almost died to extract just one drop of blood from the beast that has a huge sword inserted into its body, the entity in the blood figure state was fuming.

The most annoying thing was the fact that it had missed out on such a good body, even though Lio Xin did not have any unique constitution, she was still someone with a terrifying foundation.

To top powerhouses that know some truths, it is indeed better to have that, since their achievements can be endless.

The blood-figured entity’s complexion turned extremely ugly, the more it thought about the losses it had suffered in the hands of a weak child.

[Damn, that bastard took everything from me, the two of us, only one can walk out of this cave alive.] The murmur from that figure seemed to be uttered with some difficulty.

After having a thoughtful expression the figure seemed to have a savage expression on its face.

[Humph, do you think you can just get away after taking away what is rightfully mine? Hahaha?! how could I just let you go? Even though between us you are the biggest winner, I will help you spread the word about the blood sea and even add some butter on the information.] The sinister expression seemed to fit the entity properly.

On the other side, Lio Xin was covered by the sea of blood one could assume she was under the sea of ??blood.

With her body sitting cross-legged a powerful aura kept leaking from time to time, and yet the realm remained the same.

It can be easily determined from the aura being released by her body that she had started to improve her physique. The body exercises could indeed help one reach beyond their realm, and in the case of Luo Xin having enough energy, especially in the form of vitality could speed up this process, when the technique used is top notch.

Her aura kept climbing fast, and the bloody smell from the blood sea seemed to be purified by her cloud mist body codex.

It only targeted the vitality from the blood ignoring everything else, thus the blood did not decrease at all, but it was becoming weaker as the bloody smell contained to increase.

Since she was extracting vitality from the blood it meant that the blood was becoming only remnants.

Staring in the direction the blood sea was located, a figure turned resolutely and headed towards the other regions of the cave.

[Humph! Let me give you some more time to live, after getting somebody, I’ll come and clean you properly, it doesn’t matter even if I have to use the power of others to accomplish it.] The figure said coldly.

Before the figure could even reach far, the entire cave started to shake.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Seeing this situation not only the figure even others in different parts of the cave were shocked.

[This... what’s going on in this place?]

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