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119 Bandits meeting doom

Wang had already managed to improve in all aspects but decided to relax slightly.

The only way to do that was to go out on a date with Ruruo.

With the boat, he could leave his naughty daughter to continue practicing, besides she had suffered several defeats from Ruruo and decided to practice the nine-colored Qi codex.

The couple both knew practicing this technique was not easy, especially for her.

In that way they didn’t bother to stop her, but left the boat, hand in hand heading out to spend some time together.

This time they did not use the carriage but just moved around in a normal manner.

It was also to relax their spirits, and in the process, went towards a certain direction they could hear a lively event seemed to be taking place.

[Wife, how long has it been since we spend some time alone like this?]

Wang has been obsessed with cultivation and he even forgets sometimes that he has a family.


Thankfully, to him, Ruruo seems very considerate, but now that he thinks about it he feels somewhat guilty.

She however just laughed at what he said while holding hands they headed towards the place with festivities.

[How about accompanying you out more often in the future? Did you just roll your eyes at me?]

As Wang was trying to come up with some nice words she saw Ruruo roll her eyes at his antics.

Having been married for a long time she clearly understood these tricks but she still was happy deep inside so she occasionally would make fun of him.

Seeing him like this she run off and he chased after her, only sounds of laughter continued for a while.

The couple had expired most of the region and thus other than staying on the boat, challenged the main activity.

But during the time they moved around the couple had come in contact with many towns and even villages in remote areas.

Soon the couple heard the sound of cries in the distance, this direction was where they were going due to the celebratory mood.

Ruruo rushed out and Wang followed behind her, with their speed it took only several flashes before ther appeared in a huge courtyard.

The decorations seemed to represent a wedding but now the screams seemed to fill the entire place.

Standing on the tree in the distance the couple could see a group of bandits surrounding the courtyard.

[Are you going to come with us or should thus entire family fall before you can relent? Well is not like you have a choice anyway. After all, we can let some of them go but if you try anything funny, they will accompany you on the way.]

A man with a sword scar was looking at the bridegroom with fiery eyes but also some restraint could be seen.

The couple standing in the tree also shifted their eyes only to see a girl their daughter’s age, standing behind her newlywed husband.

Even though the man did not have any martial arts, he was willing to stand up for his wife.

[Mo Jin, she is going to be the boss’s woman, control yourself otherwise us brothers might not be able to save you if the boss gets angry.]

One other man seemed to be stating this colony but his eyes still contained the same look as Mo Jim he was advising.

This scene seemed very funny, but the man continued to speak.

[After the boss is done with her, she can be at about disposal.]

Listening to the words of the bandits the man and woman seemed helpless.

[Junior sister, this Liu xian failed you.]

The man spoke in a self-blaming tone.

Seeing him as such a dejected man the woman said, [Elder brother Liu treated me well. How about we go together.]

Being ignored even after having issued threats made the bandits feel bad.

They were lying and the family already knew of this. Seeing the bride and the groom wanting to end her life together with her husband they were indeed relieved as it could help maintain the reputation of their clan even after death.

[You dare? ]

The man with the sword scar was incensed especially seeing that the woman has ready taken out her hairpin ready to kill herself.

Suddenly everyone heard a cough that interrupted their activities only to see a man sitting on a tree in the distance with a woman standing on a branch looking at them coldly.

The moment the bandits saw them thet were attracted by the woman ignoring Wang’s existence.

But unfortunately, Ruruo was very angry seeing the action of the bandits.

Suddenly, she waved her palm gently and snowflakes started falling from the sky.

Everyone was attracted by the snowflakes but they soon realized that the moment the flakes fell, they headed straight for the bandits.

Even the couple that wanted to commit suicide saw this and were astonished to discover that once a snowflake touched the body of a bandit, they started freezing.

It become impossible for them to move and then ice they were tuned into an ice sculpture.

Wang just sat at the back and with a wave of his hand, a man was staged towards him.

Holding this man by the neck, he looked at him with a smile that seemed not like one.

[Tell me, where is your base? Since your group of bandits is so bold to look at my wife like this your boss should be very bold too. Perhaps next time he might target my daughter too?]

The words were being spoken calmly as though he was laughing but everyone could feel the coldness of this tone.

Wang is not someone that cares about saving anything, but this group of people he was worth rooting out.

Seeing this young man smiling at him and at the same time exuding some coldness from his words the man didn’t even dare pretend to not understand what was happening.

He relayed all the information they wanted and started to beg for forgiveness.

The man was indeed a martial artist at least at the stage of refining blood.

Restoring the man’s martial arts, he threw him on the grounds, before looking at Ruruo.

[Wife let’s go and visit this bandit and ask for an explanation for disturbing our date. Besides, who still does things like being a bandit in this day and age?] As he spoke he held her hand and stepped into the sky disappearing completely.

But the man whose cultivation had been wasted looked around vigilantly only to see the ice sculptures breaking down and shattering like glass.

Not even blood remained, it was as though glass had been shattered into countless pieces.

But that was not his concern, the anger from the family as they had slaughtered five members of their family.

The other members had no feelings about letting the man go, they walked toward him, and fate was sealed.

The couple was the only ones that had reacted when everything was over.

Despite shouting,

[Wait a minute!]

There was no response Wang and Ruruo had already left.

Since they couldn’t see the faces of the two the couple just kowtowed in their direction.

[I Liu xian I’m grateful for saving my wife and clan, in the future as long as the immortals are willing I will exchange my life to repay this debt.]

As he made this vow, Ruruo and Wang were already standing before a huge gate.

[Wife, don’t you have to think that bandits are very rich. Look at this gate a lot of money was used to set it up. If we destroyed it do you think they will feel some pain.] As he was taking a palm made of spiritual energy had already shattered the gate completely.

[How about I try that theory out for you?]

Wang’s face twitched as he watched this.

He wanted to do this to relax his muscles but she was a step ahead of him.

[Husband why is your face red? Did someone slap it? How about you identify something else of value around here?]

Looking at Ruruo taking away his only joy in life, Wang was bleeding deep down.

[Where did this demoness come from? I never married a person from the demon sect?]

This was what he was thinking deep down but didn’t dare say it unless he wanted to sleep on the sofa in the future.

Walking through the gate, their perception allowed them to see more than five people sitting in a certain room, facing a sturdy as though they were subordinates.

After the collapse of the gate, those around the gate did not manage to survive.

But it did not stop others from discovering this and moving toward them armed.

[Wife, I think that the house in the distance is also very expensive. Don’t you think so?]

Hearing this Ruruo did not stand on ceremony and a palm condensed of ice energy fell from the sky towards the building with the bandit leaders.

The couple completely ignored the group coming towards them with weapons.

When the palm descended the building and the people inside were erased from this world.

Looking at the group that had already gathered to intercept them, he just turned around but several heads kept rolling seemingly severed by some invisible energy.


[Boring, let’s go.]

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