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118 Schemed against

Moving slowly towards the golden drop of blood, her mind however was on alert.

It would be a lie to say that she was not suspicious about the situation in this place but her goal was to attain fifteen-floor combat power before she broke through and the golden drop of blood might just be the first step to accomplishing that.

In the past several hundred years she has gone through so much to have attained her current combat power, and it could be a lie to say that she has yet to encounter some setups along the way.

This change however is not something that she can ignore, she put all her efforts into guarding her soul and kept moving forward.

The bell-like treasures might seem not to like much but it’s something she also got on one of her adventures.

[What a daring little doll. The talent is okay and the physique is not bad. Hahaha..! I will be leaving this place today.]

Hiding in the golden drop a figure was easterly observing Luo Xin withstand the pressure being released by the drop of blood.

[With this drop, it is possible to take the White mist body codex to the seventh level. If I succeed, that would mean that my combat power would be capable of stepping into the fifteen floors without even the use of external objects. In a way, my body could have already achieved the level of weaker primal lords. If I take another step and enter the half-step primal lord level, then my combat power could also be similar to normal primal lords. That would have to wait though, reaching the seventh level in that white mist body codex is the main goal. After that getting a good ranking in the academic entry would be guaranteed. From then perhaps I can focus on taking advantage of the resources available in the academy to push myself further.]

She indeed had her own goals, and thus ignored everything else. The inheritance that brought many people into this hidden space might be useful but she did not know whether she could get it.


Even if she got it, it could only be useful for entry into another realm, thus she put her attention on the issues that were right in front of her.

The ranking of the academy on entry would give her a few decades of preferential treatment when resources are distributed or utilization of available cultivation paradise.

In a way, those with the fourteen-level combat would at most become ordinary and that was not the goal, looking at the opportunity standing right in front of her, she couldn’t miss it.

Blood was gathering in this room from the death of those that have entered and purified as well as compressed into origin blood.

The potent golden drop was the outcome of the compressed blood and the removal of impurities.

The figure hiding in the blood might have been the one that set up this or just chanced upon it, but that does not matter to Luo Xin.

Whether she was being schemed against or not did matter.

[I’m almost there. I just have to hold on a bit longer and I’ll be able to reach it.]

The pressure from that drop of blood was very high, and it kept increasing.

If Wang saw it, he might also have the same expression as Luo Xin and risk it to get the drop.

As much as she was motivating herself to reach the drop of golden blood, another blood-colored figure was watching her too with an eager expression.

Despite being embarrassed Luo Xin still stood, proudly as she looked calmly at the sea of blood she was standing in.

She had already guessed this place was indeed not easy, but finding out that she was standing inside some sea of blood currently reaching her waist made her solemn.

She already guessed that she had been schemed against but still held herself back.

She kept moving since she realized that her body did not sink any further.

At the same time, she was on alert, despite keeping a calm face.

Her imposing manner was ready to erupt anytime if she discovered something odd.

Seeing the golden drop of blood suspend five meters away from her, slowly draining some kind of unique force from the sea of blood while nurturing itself.

He could feel, it was something like vitality, being devoured by the golden drop making it even more vibrant.

She has been in the martial arts world for a while and seen many things such that she did not even flinch at this.

The blood was obtained from those like her, who came to this place with a desire for gaining opportunities and no one forced them, so she couldn’t feel bad for them.

Standing there she was indeed showing a peerless posture, regardless of the difficulties ahead, she seemed willing to take the risk anyway.

Luckily no one was around or they might understand why the woman before them could dominate the Temple rankings in the Oceanic continent.

The determination of her’s is not something others could have, especially for someone without any special physique or innate talent.

[Not bad! Not bad!.. Once I take over this one, I can indeed reach greater heights. There is no longer any need to destroy her soul immediately just fuse with it and overwhelm it completely. This can also save me a lot of trouble when I exit this place.]

The more the figure watched Luo Xin there more e impressed it become.

With its current eyesight, it could see that she figured out this place was problematic but chose to ignore it and move toward for her thirst to become strong.

In the cultivation world, unless one was already on their last straw due to lifespan being depleted, they would never act like this.

Especially when it involved a young genius like Luo Xin.

As much as it didn’t expect this to happen, the blood figure was excited since it couldn’t do anything to her unless she arrived near the drop of blood.

[Indeed the geniuses can not be treated by common sense at all. She even goes to a place of danger without any regard for her life just for a chance to improve. It seems that back then I was wrong. Geniuses were not lucky as I had thought, no wonder they gave that look in the past, it turns out to be a genius in nine deaths one life.]

The blood-colored figure was not reminiscing the past at all but taking in a mocking tone itself.

[Well it doesn’t matter though, I can also get this opportunity to appear as a genuine genius. I wonder what a genius thinks in their head though?]

The figure was excited to see Luo Xin arrive a few meters before the drop of blood.

[Almost there, Just a little bit more, and that body would become mine.]

The figure hidden in the golden blood did not put Luo Xin in his eyes at all. Without even reaching halfstep primal lord, she was not worth spending much effort on.

As much as the figure was cheering Luo Xin on, it did not dare be careless to be discovered.

Luo Xin was also cheering for herself too.

[Once I get myself the drop of blood, regardless of what happens, I should immediately start the cloud most body codex. Regardless of the machinations present, it won’t matter, this technique in itself is said to be something made by a peerless shura demoness. How could such a technique be easy to mess with?]

Indeed, Luo Xin has seen a lot in her years of becoming stronger, how could she not be able to see that the drop of golden blood had a problem from the beginning especially after seeing how it drew vitality from the blood sea on the ground.

But she also has some. confidence or wouldn’t just throw away her life for nothing. So as she withstood the pressure she also had her schemes on the side.

Gaining opportunities was not just something that could be done by relying on one’s will, but also on the brain.

Strength was key but not the main determinant and thus if one failed to understand this, they might end up getting themselves in a mess at the end of the day.

Most cases could be seen, of people taking advantage of others to obtain what they need by putting them against others.

In the most understood case, comes from someone taking advantage of those with more muscle and less brain.

The most common being men taken advantage of by some women due to their foolishness.

Just like the entry of the cave, some men died faster due to trying to show off to ladies yet they lacked the actual capability.

This can’t be blamed on the women but it can be seen that the intelligence of the men seemed to be somewhat problematic.

In a place you can’t even protect yourself, acting out in front of others is paramount to suicide.

Luo Xin seemed like the kind of person that has created an independent personality, thus even when exploring this place she didn’t form any group.

In a sense, it is undeniable as no one could keep up with her strength among the group, and in the end, only becomes a burden.

Reaching out her hand towards the drop of the golden blood, Luo Xin was already thinking about implementing her plans, while the other figure hidden in the drop also had his plans.

All in all, both were scheming against each other, it was only a matter of who could come out victorious.

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