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117 Bone and meridians refinement

Sitting cross-legged in the bottom of the water, Wang retracted his domain and the water pressure was all put on his body.

[Indeed different, compared to the past, my body can withstand the pressure from the sea. Well it’s better to take the opportunity to continue with my refinement of bones and meridians.]

He had set his own goals when it came to body refinement, after all the techniques he used did not give a specific area priority.

Just like the star refinement art, his bones had been strengthened together with meridian but the impact was indeed minimal, and perhaps only after he reached a higher level could the impact be much.

This had more to do with the star energy, as it would be not easy to acquire the higher quality of it.

The fourth level onwards is however different, as the star energy is used to purify the entire body including even the internal organs.

But that couldn’t be accomplished with the current level.

Internal organs for him have been refined but not to a great extent by the utilization of the fist technique.

The current situation also made it hard for him to improve his first or even other techniques since the next stage required is a concept.


The idea of concept covers a wide area and thus the moment he grabs even a slight idea on the issue his strength would skyrocket onto the fifth floor without any obstructions.

He could remember the description of the concept but the actual understanding is very hard.

After having been trying to grasp it over the past few years he hasn’t even made any progress.

But it can’t be blamed on him, to grasp it he has to fuse the true meanings first.

That means he has to break through, but that would go against his intentions.

But still had his perception cover the area around him. He then decided to make use of his long-forgotten heaven and earth fire, to push his physique to the limit.

The heaven and earth flame was controlled to enter his meridians and the true meaning of fire was also utilized by it did not stop the pain from spreading all around his body.

The body retirement methods he had were also used to reduce the pain slightly but that was not enough.

Thanks to his state of mind has improved he could persevere.

His body impurities were being burned away through this method but at the same time, his bones strengthened.

It was as though metal had been thrown into a furnace and undergoing refinement. The process was indeed not something one could endure just like that.

[This is different from before, my body feels as though it can break down into pieces. The only thing that can be done is to hold on and overcome the pain. The benefits of this process might be very beneficial to my body.]

With bloodshot eyes, Wang was withstanding the pain all over his body.

He had no choice as the more he let the heaven and earth fire pass through his meridians and bones, the immense pain he felt.

At the same time, the vitality in his body was being used to repair the injuries occurring all over his body.

Standing by the edge of the ship was boring and thus Fengxi went back, but Ruruo was not like her, she could see through the water using her perception.

[What is he doing this time that is leading to his body releasing such intense heat? My perception has been burned away.]

She could indeed the area around Wang seemed to have become a hot zone.

This was all emanating from his body, compared to her this was too exaggerated.

She was right, it was indeed the heaven and earth fire that was releasing that effect.

It had formed some kind of domain around Wang making it difficult for anyone to see past.

She could only send her perception to the point of seeing the domain. It was not large, just several meters around.

Even Wang was not aware of it at the moment as the pain he was suffering from was so immense.

If he failed to get his attention to his body condition, he was afraid of turning himself into ashes.

It was as though some volcanic activity was happening below the sea surface and this continued for three days before he couldn’t keep up at all.

After observation,n she took back her perception of the sea, and she put her attention on improving her realm.

But at the same time, his body was indeed more refined, the bones that the meridians.

When he was about to stop, he reached something, when the fire and water interacted.

He could see it but failed to make understand what it was. Just as though it was near his grasp but at the same time far away.

The feeling was more or less there but it seemed to be covered in fog.

[It seems there is no other way to step into concept unless I manage to enter the world master realm. Let’s hope that the current improvement brought by the refinement of bones and meridians is capable of allowing me to step past the fourth floor.]

Despite his body feeling exhausted he could still feel the amount of power circulating in it being several times higher.

He had already come to some understanding that it would be almost impossible to use tricks to get himself onto a higher stage of comprehension.

The limitations of the realm could be seen in this case, as thus regardless ot how talented or many opportunities one held, they could only follow some standard route in the process of becoming stronger.

Taking back heaven and earth flame, he lept out of the sea. He was now lacking in blood and the only way to recover would be to search for some meat.

The sense of weakness however did not mean that he had become weak at all.

On the contrary, his body was indeed too strong and thus he had to find a way to adapt to his current strength.

Collecting something to eat in the ocean could just play that role.

Besides, it had been a long time before he cooked any food for himself.

He also had some beast meat he obtained from the hidden space at that period he was coming back.

He had even forgotten about it since he had been busy improving his strength.

Now he could take this opportunity to see if he could stabilize his foundation and at the same time challenge the fourth floor.

In the sea, there were numerous targets for him, from the auras being emitted he could determine that the amount of energy contained in them would be very useful to him and thus went for them without thinking further.

Without even being noticed he started to harvest some aquatic animals.

In the hidden space, competition resulted in the number of people in the cave reduced from time to time.

Since Luo Xin separated from the entire group, the other nine powerful individuals also took their direction.

For the rest, anything found on the way might be of value and thus killing each other of them wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration.

But the more the group killed each other, the bloomer d was absorbed through the surface of the cave.

It was as though it was about to awaken something.

The number of people entering the cave had also increased a lot from the previous ones that entered.

It would be okay to say that tens of thousands had entered the place and after some time some mechanisms seemed to have been triggered.

People could only enter but leaving was impossible, but this was not known by those on the outside.

The more they entered, the more treasures seemed to be appearing forcing them to fight each other.

The blood being collected was being devoured and congregated in a certain location.

It was where Luo Xin was heading to. She could feel an opportunity existing for her in that place.

In the blood-gathering area, one could see some blood-colored figure forming from the blood, and it seemed to be releasing some dense blood-colored light.

This was the thing that was attracting Luo Xin, and the closer she was the more she felt her blood boiling.

[This talent is not bad. Once I take her over her body, I can leave this place. Hahahaha!!. After being sealed in this place for several epochs I can finally regain my freedom.]

The blood-colored figure seemed to be celebrating its release as it looked at Luo Xin as though it was observing a treasure.

Leaving this place was more important to it, than caring about anything else, but having a talented person like Luo Xin did seem more like a bonus.

At the same time, Luo Xin had already arrived close to the region where the blood from all the individuals dying in the cave congregated.

[This is the place, it’s better to be careful just in case.]

As she thought of this she took out a bell-like treasure from her storage space that soon shrunk onto her forehead. It then turned into a huge bell covering her soul.

With this done, she stepped into the formations covering the area.

She soon arrived in a bloody area, and further in the distance, she could see golden-colored blood suspended in the air.

Seeing it, she had some greed reflecting in her eyes.

For blood to turn golden, it means the energy continued in it is immense and the owner tends to have been a powerful body cultivator.

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