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115 Ruruo’s intuition

Two years have passed just like that since Wang left the hidden space. Currently, he was standing outside the Origin temple with Ruruo at his side.[How is it?]

Hearing her question, he was not sure how to respond.

He attempted to enter the fourth level and got destroyed so fast, that he didn’t even have time to realize what had happened.

As her husband, it would be a loss of face to just admit he couldn’t get past the fourth floor directly but in this case, nothing could be done.

But seeing his backward state she giggled, [You care about face too?]

This episode was somewhat common, especially between the couple over the period they have been traveling together.

He however determined to spend some more time on the third floor until he become invincible there.

Over the year Ruruo has also managed to take a step into the invincibility of the second floor.

She could try the third level, but she seemed to be waiting for something, he didn’t understand what she meant by that though.


Time flew, another seven months, passed in a blink of an eye, but Wang did not have any urgency, as, from the information he had obtained when he left the hidden space, it would be around for a long time.

He was also afraid of the stronger individuals coming in, causing him to be in trouble.

Even the idea of allowing Ruruo to enter with him was being slowly suppressed for the moment.

For Luoli, she had entered grandmaster and at the same time opened up two restaurants.

During these seven months, Wang had been staying at the third level challenging different opponents.

At the same time, he focused on the Jie Nine colored Qi codex, practicing up to seven droplets of golden Qi.

At this time his combat is invincible on the third level and at the fourth level withstood one attack before being chased out.

He then took his attention to the star refinement art, raising it to the third level.

As much it raised his defense, he also felt his body improve considerably, he could take his chance to improve the realm but he hesitated.

His goal was to take total dominion of the fourth floor before breaking through to the word master realm.

This was not far through as he could feel that his combat power could be improved more especially with his intent having been improved greatly.

He also passed the nine-colored Qi codex yo Ruruo, she managed to also refine two drops of golden Qi.

To take it to the nine-colored Qi would also be a hassle. The reason for her failure to create more was a lack of enough energy.

Even with the consumption of world energy, she could only convert it slowly. The same can be said for Wang, as compared to the demiic Qi he utilized before, world energy in their world couldn’t compare.

Fengxi on the other hand was still refining the grass he brought from the hidden space. He did not know how long she would take but he gave her some other body cultivation techniques he had obtained in the past two years from the challenges.

When she came out this time probably she could be very strong and even have reached the pinnacle of great Grandmaster in all aspects.

He did not care about this as his breakthrough was just a thought away.

Furthermore, with his understanding of more than seven true meanings, he could indeed even become stronger.

Ruruo had just attained her fifth true meaning after studying the nine-colored Qi codex.

He also assumed it was the reason she was not in a hurry to enter the third floor.

He was already sure if, she fused the four true meanings she had perfected she would improve her level n the world master realm.

As much as his family was improving, others were also improving and were it not for the danger in the hidden space, he could have brought his family too.

But even he couldn’t have a certainty to protect himself let alone others in this situation.

So he decided to reach the fourth level of combat strength before breaking through and making further plans.

But if he knew that the group in the hidden space had people with combat strength ranging from the tenth-floor combat strength to the fourteenth, for the case of Luo Xin, especially with the opportunity she was after.

As for the others yet to enter, he might not even take the risk of going in again, but that was the benefit of not knowing, he could be ignorant for some time.

That difference in combat floors is not due to many factors, especially for the numerous geniuses gathered in the hidden space other than the realm.

Yes, there is huge realm deference going up to four greater realms. This is also why Luo Xin gave him a chance because she could easily identify that he was too young.

Sitting in a garden, on some huge boats crafted by Wang using some of the best materials he could get, Wang was currently drinking some tea with Ruruo opposite him.

[How long will Fengeer’ take in her closed-door cultivation?]

Indeed it had been a while now and Ruruo was still worried about their daughter.

After all, she had an active nature, and seeing her being locked up for a long time was indeed surprising, but Wang had no waves in his heart.

He knew the grass she had consumed was a good thing and to improve foundation was something focused on the body.

The energy in the grass would be very difficult to absorb in a short period but once she ate the grass he remembered that after only a month she was covered by a cocoon. Every time he went to see her he could feel her aura was not only becoming stronger, but at the same time, her vitality seemed to be increasing. Since it was a rare opportunity he decided to not bother her.

Seeing how anxious his wife as he could only smile at her.

Their daughter was indeed not someone that could sit still and so she was very worried about her being incapable of holding on.

They both could see the cocoon and the way it was benefiting her to stay longer.

[Wife, our daughter is not very reckless as you think, let her take her time. She will not waste such an opportunity.]

He was not sure about it either though but wished she could hold on until the medical ability of the grass was fully into effect.

It was something he risked his life for, and thus he didn’t want it to be wasted.

On the other hand, if his daughter had a good foundation this would be a good thing for her.

For himself, all the knowledge had been accumulated over the years other than going to the Origin temple to challenge the fourth floor and get defeated, he would spend his time with his wife.

He also took some time to speak some made-up theories about food and chefs to Luoli to deceive her into cultivating.

Of course, she was not as intelligent as his wife who could easily catch on.

But she was grateful to him, as she knew why he did that.

Luoli had accompanied her all that time when she was at her lowest, and Ruruo probably viewed her more than a sister.

Since granny Hei left, she is probably the only one left by her side.

Even though she has him and Fengxi, Luoli still is important to her.

At this Wang was trying to cultivate the nine-colored Qi codex, but it seemed very difficult to accomplish results without a good source of energy.

[It will probably take another year to completely add another drop of golden Qi. At that time the total would be eight. Once it reaches ten, perhaps even increasing them would be impossible In my current realm. So it is important to hurry and improve other aspects to break through the fourth floor of the Temple.]

As he thought of this, he kept accumulating his knowledge and adding attribute points to his other skills such as medicine and formations. This was useful in stabilizing his mood, otherwise, it might become easier to become irritable with many losses.

Ruruo on the other side seemed to be lost deep in thought.

[Since that incident had been avoided, and I was not kidnapped to enter that place, why do I always feel uneasy this day? No, I have to improve my realm quickly otherwise something might indeed happen to my family and I would not have the ability to help at all.]

For some time now she has been hesitating about doing it, but since she has grasped the fifth true meaning of perfection she thought it was time to strengthen herself further.

If she did that, she would have taken a step into the world master realm.

She however seemed to be uneasy all the same and didn’t inform Wang about her concerns. She didn’t know how to explain it anyway.

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