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114 Is she always this domineering?

After taking a step past the gate, the temperature suddenly increased.

It was as though one was standing in an oven. At this moment it did not matter whether the others wanted to take the lead or not, in this place one had to have the ability to survive first.

For Luo Xin, it seemed more like a walk in the park and when she stepped into the place, she kept moving without even looking back.

While others were using their energy cultivation to resolve the heat at the entrance she just moved solely based on her physical body.

Seeing this, how could others not be discouraged at the entrance and retreat already?

Despite the outside being filled with white skies, this cave was different.

It had its sky, that was filled with a bloody color, as for the chill emanating from all around, it seemed to contain some trace of killing intent.

The further one progressed into the cave, the concentrated the killing intent.

This was the reason most of those that had just entered after the top ten in the Temple rankings found it unbearable and could only utilize their energy cultivation methods to resist.


Those with weaker spirits even ended up feeling drowsy after just taking a few steps.

In this place all kinds of people were available and most of them even didn’t happen to have used their capacities to reach this region.

In that way, it is very difficult to survive in an environment that requires them to fend for themselves.

At the forefront, a figure could be seen moving at a stable pace but no one seemed to manage to keep up with her.

Those with weak wills could also feel difficulty continuing forth on the path.

The bloody mist that seemed to shroud the place seemed capable of draining energy, especially Qi.

There also existed an ominous feeling that seemed to be directed directly into people’s minds. The further one progressed the more serious it become.

It didn’t take long before a large group decided to forego the opportunities in this place.

But no one cared about them at this moment as each was busy utilizing their methods to move forward.

The means in this hell of a place were targeted towards many aspects of all those involved in the exploration of the place.

Some guys were not so lucky though, as they ended up being either drained of blood or frozen before they could escape in the end.

Luo Xin on the other hand was not reducing her pace at all, with every move she made it seemed as though the ground was sinking under her feet.

One could assume she was walking on hand yet her military attire remained unstained by the bloody atmosphere.

[Damn, it seems that our strength is indeed far apart from Luo Xin. What happened though? Back then even though she was perverted, at least we had hope of catching up.]

[indeed now seeing her, it seems like she obtained other opportunities over the years.]

[Zu Wen, are you able to compete against her in soul power?] A man from the group looked toward the individual covered in a black hole and asked.

But the man just shook his head, this made all those around astonished.

[When she arrived I already tried it, but it did not even shake her at all. She either has a soul defense technique or treasure, I am helpless in a confrontation with her.]

Zu Wen is said to come from a clan that is born with the Innate ability of the soul.

Yet can’t manage to shake the soul of the other party at all. In this way, everyone can see that there is difficulty in dealing with Luo Xin. This could be said to be very serious.

At least Luo Xin’s improvement in physique could be understood but her soul also seemed very exaggerated too.

Even with the current Wang, only his consciousness has been cultivated.

He has yet to set foot on the soul level, even Ruruo can be said to have yet to achieve it.

The soul comes into play when a certain realm is reached.

This is true, especially with the cultivation system they use.

But this was to be expected as a stronger soul allows for better comprehension and when a person has a soul reaching infinitely close to the next realm, comprehension and combat power can increase faster.

But the soul is difficult to discuss, and even techniques for cultivating it are hard to obtain.

Luo Xin that was in the front was not as relaxed as others thought though.

At her pace, the impact in all aspects from soul to physique oppression was very high.

If one were to see her appearance at the moment, they would realize that she was indeed very dignified as she gazed at the front.

[Something seems to be staring at me from time to time and It gives me a sense of oppression, luckily I sense no killing will from it] She still kept her steady pace since the other and did not seem to be trying to kill him.

But it didn’t take long for Luo Xin to see a sight that left her awed.

Further, into the distance, a huge creature with a head the size of a lofty mountain, body size going close to several 10000 meters, was breathing in and out, the blood mist seemed to be absorbed and released through its huge mouth.

Surprisingly enough, the head had been penetrated by a huge sword towering towards the heavens.

Seeing it, even Luo Xin seemed to lose his cool for some time before choosing down.

[Invincible Primal lord weapon used to imprison this beast in this cave by penetrating its head. It seemed to have indeed accessed in forcing it into a deep sleep.]

She was a nobody, and thus had obtained some information about the hidden space.

She had some predecessors visit this space and thus data had been collected which could be useful to the younger generations.

It was not just her, but even the others, but at this moment her breadth was becoming rushed, obviously also simulated by the weapon.

Seeing the runes inscribed on the sword, she couldn’t even understand them.

Surprisingly, the wound on the beast was still open and blood was flowing.

But this did not seem enough to wake it up, so she observed closely only to see that the blood covering this area might be coming from the body of the behemoth.

She however realized when she kept moving close that the weapon had the effect of isolating space and that was why the beast did not even react after a group entered this cave.

The more he examined the sword the more player he become he could feel dangerous oppression from the weapon and beast sealed.

[This! I was wrong, this sword surpasses an Invincible Primal lord realm weapon. No! I can’t get it, it’s better to go for other opportunities.]

Thinking up to that point she moved in another direction by avoiding the huge beast.

She was taking some detour to avoid the two since in her realm it was only a disaster.

But feeling the intent radiating from the season, even for a swordsman like her, it was indeed shocking.

She indeed expected to get several opportunities in this place but one of them was abandoned without thinking much since she could not take it.

Just the momentum when the sowed seemed to be in sleep, could still scare him from such a distance.

Perhaps she might have tried to move towards the weapon and behemoth if she was sure it was dead.

From the moment she entered a certain range it was as though she had been already been locked on by Qi and blood pressure from the behemoth.

And he was not foolish enough to assume the behemoth was just 10000 meters, he was aware that due to space being manipulated, made it seem like a certain size.

And the ability to do this can only be something from a weapon reaching a certain realm, so she knew this place was not simple.

In that case, she decisively gave up wasting time on something that couldn’t help her despite the value it held.

With such a thought, she moved further and further without even using Qi methods to withstand her journey.

[It seems this place is not easy, then I’ll have to be careful. In case of some unexpected development to escape this place. But for now, let’s keep going further and see if another better chance can present itself.]

The more distance Luo Xin covered the higher the pressure applied to her. After reaching her limit, she tried to utilize energy but the result did bit change much.

In the end, she could only resort to using external objects.

[After leaving this place this time perhaps my confidence in dealing with those from other continents could be raised. In the end, our continent is too weak, and even though it has been floating in space for longer than the others the resources on it have become fewer and fewer. Perhaps this is the reason the oceanic continent has fewer and fewer geniuses.]

She did not act too arrogant in front of the group before the gate since she knew some truths.

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