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113 Might of the princess

What Wang didn’t know was that by the time he left the place rumors were spreading about some cave mansion of some existence that has surpassed the primal lord realm. Everyone was moving toward it, wishing to obtain some approval from the tests left behind and attain some benefits. But arriving at that region was not something that everyone could accomplish. In front of a huge gate, nine people were standing each with unique temperaments.

It didn’t take long for a woman to descend from the sky, and her demeanor was also unique, she looked at everyone before turning her attention to the gate.

[And here I thought I arrived late, looking at it everyone is still standing at the door. Why? Can’t open it?] She looked at the group and commented.

The crowd gathered in the distance was looking at the situation evolve without getting involved in the slightest.

[Who is that woman, how come everyone is being polite to her?]

[Right look at the nine individuals each has a respectful attitude, does that woman have any special identity?]

[Stop asking about that, I know a thing or two about this matter.]

The moment someone from the crowd said this, everyone turned their attention to him.

The man was very proud of this and coughed a few times before speaking.


[She holds some important position in the oceanic continent. Her family is the royal family, and her father is the emperor.]

Hearing this everyone almost scolded him, even though the emperor was some figure in the oceanic Continent, it was not that much of a deal.

[Ignore him, what he said is the truth but not complete. Have you heard of Tower rankings? She is someone whose reputation spreads from there. Based on the rumor going around a woman is taking the lead on the Tower rankings, her combat power is invincible below Primal lords. And she is also from the royal family. In other words, that woman probably is her, and thus from the top ten ranking of the Temple gathered at the center, she is at the top. She reached the thirteenth floor of the Temple. Even those in the same realm, standing there only have combat power of the twelfth floor, they can’t pass that floor at all, yet she can pass the thirteenth. Rumor also has it that she does not have any special constitution compared to other groups of people. She has come to that stage without depending on innate talent, that is what makes her terrifying. It is even said that she has a primal lord from the royal family acting as her protector.]

The more rumors being passed around in the groups allowed the individuals to slowly understand the gap between them.

In the royal family, the primal lord realm was indeed a big deal but not much of waves.

But the invincible primal lords were not present.

It is also the same reason why the royal family would still befriend those in the primal lord realm.

Invincible primal lord realm powerhouses could manage to take down those in the same realm without much of a qualm.

It is like how the princess has yet to reach the half-step primal lord realm yet her combat power is at the pinnacle of it.

Seeing her ask them this, the group was embarrassed they tried to open it but failed miserably.

As she walked past the group she arrived before the door, she placed her soft hands on it before withdrawing.

[Let me try it out]

When she said this, the group of top ten run off into the distance not willing to be involved in the attack.

But then she didn’t even bother with them, she just straightened her arm and a bow appeared seemingly reflecting golden color.

But she could feel the power on the bow, one could see that it was a good treasure.

In the distance, the nine individuals that had retreated were standing in the air, with solemn expressions.

Unlike the crowd, they could see the nature of the bow and understood it was very frightening, especially being used by that woman.

A man with the same hair as that of Situ Hong was among the crowd and he said, [Has this Luoxin obtained another opportunity again? How are we supposed to compete with her if this continues?]

Someone else in the group disagreed with what had been saying and snorted coldly, [Situ Yan, stop daydreaming. Since the beginning of the Temple challenge has there ever been anyone that can challenge her? Forget competing, even with each of us coming at her with our area of specialization we will still be suppressed badly. Luoxin is a monster. Competing with her is just unrealistic.]

Another man spoke from the side, his body was burly but his eyes seemed very bright. A body cultivator and him speaking like that were an indication of having experienced a beating from that woman.

Many people just don’t know about Luoxin but how could the top ten figures not understand each other?

Challenges would occur from time to time and based on the current situation of the temple tower, to get on a higher level, one must defeat the imprint left by the last person to defeat the floor.

Luo Xin’s imprint is still available on the thirteenth floor being a stumbling block for most ot them.

Some even can’t withstand a blow from it, and yet her realm might have probably improved slightly or comprehended another technique.

That is to say, fighting in person would just result in being suppressed by one hand.

. After the group stopped talking and focused on Luoxin they saw her pull the string on the bow.

As her hand moved backward pulling the string along with it, a condensed Qi could be seen forming an arrow.

Then she released the arrow toward the gate before repeating the action several times.

‘Bang! Bang!...’

The arrows kept clans in on the gate hitting the same place until the people in the crowd that were starting to feel their ears buzz.

Some even had their eardrums almost burst.

The gate that received this attack was deformed and after successive attacks, the gate cracked.

But for some reason, the attacks did not seem to be capable of destroying it.

After testing it she put away the arrow, but others thought she had decided to give up she started to move slowly towards the gate.

[What the heck? Her attacks made the gate crack. But why did she stop using the bow already? Did she give up in the end?]

As someone spoke from the crowd he had another one snorting at him.

[Goddess Luo Xin usually uses the sword, the fact that she could produce that much power from the now was impressive.]

As the man wanted to retort he suddenly saw a scene that left him feeling his legs go soft.

A sword was swung towards the metal gate, but no sword light could be seen, only that when the sword was waved lightly a huge thin line appeared on the gate and after six waves the gate was bisected several times collapsing on the ground.

Up in the air, the nine individuals seemed to have stiffened for some reason.

[She!] Pointing at Luo Xin, even Situ Yan was feeling very conflicted.

In the beginning, he felt bad when he was told that the two were on completely different worlds, but seeing that attack he laughed bitterly.

Not only her even the other nine closest to him were already seeing the difference in their strength.

Up in the sky, some huge boats were standing and on each, a protector could be seen, but after seeing that attack they become very solemn.

[What a royal family, that girl has already gone to the level of sword heart. Even those deemed geniuses find it hard to achieve this in the primal lord realm without some opportunities. What a terrible monster! No wonder young master is always apprehensive of her.]

One of the protectors was currently covered in sweat.

On the ground, the gate had completely been destroyed with six attacks, and the aura leaking from the place attracted everyone’s attention.

As she looked at the open gate, the princess looked at the nine in the air and asked,[Are you just going to stay there or..? ] as she spoke she moved towards the entrance.

Seeing this the nine descended and no one dared to get in their way.

A woman among the nine couldn’t help but speak up.

[I heard that in the oceanic continent only sister Luo Xin got an invitation to the Academy trials?]

But the others did not want to talk about It because it is a matter that made them lose face.

The Academy has access to the Temple and thus those from the younger generation below the primal lord level could be allowed a chance to enter the trials if they reached the fourteenth floor.

How many of them could accomplish this, without external help it is very difficult and the Temple does not allow the use of external help, mainly weapons or even defensive treasures.

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