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111 Who is that fellow running towards death

After fighting with Situ For a while, Wang realized it would be impossible to completely solve the guy unless he wanted to go all out, but that wad not what he wanted.

From his perception, he could still feel some sights set on him from afar and this made him apprehensive.

But that was not all, during his time in this place he had already realized this place was a huge opportunity so he was going to bring his family here. Before that, he had to improve his strength even further, and through the fight, he had already managed to get the right direction to go with the fusion intent.

Based on the name he gave it, the fusion was more important to reach great accomplishment. After that he would have to focus on something else, even though he couldn’t tell more about it, he had to wait for that time to arrive.

Now that he had his goals set, he would have to slowly focus on the important issues at hand.

Thinking of this he took his attention to the grass he had obtained and thus his urgency to go back was enhanced.

Dealing with the red-haired Situ was not beneficial as going back early to set a stronger foundation for his daughter.

And he had also made a promise to come back early so he had to honor it, otherwise, his wife might also enter this space without any measures and get herself in trouble.

Coming to this point of thought his attention was no longer on the fight but his family.


After all, in this situation, his primary objective was to get away. After realizing this. He thrust his spear once again and intentionally missed positioning himself on the opponent’s side letting him take the lead in pushing him back.

With hiw clever he was he could indeed manage to deceive most of the people with what he was doing. But that would not be the case with those that had a higher realm and insight.

Due to this, Situ become courageous and attacked even more vigorously.

He failed to grasp the actual situation as Wang took advantage of it in his favor.

Perhaps due to his low cultivation, even the others seemed to fall for it. The fight didn’t become one-sided though, it was still under Wang’s control and Situ assumed he had taken lead but that was wrong. In the distance, only the princess had good discernment and seemed to not be bothered by Wang’s tricks.

She had a high cultivation realm and even Wang felt apprehensive the first time he saw her, at that time he assumed she had yet to see him.

She just decided to overlook his actions, up to now he had yet to realize this.

He still thought he had hidden from her sight and perhaps that was why she thought he was somehow naive.

In the end, after she watched how the fight was progressing she was pleased by the way things were turning out, and thus she decided to also leave.

She approached one of her people after whispering something in her ears, the group seemed to retreat heading in another direction.

[Well that group of soldiers reminds me of back then when the empress was still alive, had it not been for that incident. That old man will indeed pay for his actions, even though a father can tolerate him, I won’t. When the time comes ill make him pay.]

There was some unusual coldness radiating from her body, and killing intent hidden within.

She was thinking of some matters and even her eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

But it was just like a fleeting feeling, after all, she had her priorities, that old man was not something she could shake, but with that opportunity in this place.

As her thoughts drifted, she regained some calm in her eyes and at the same time her eyes sobered up.

She had given them new orders to follow and just like soldiers they were disciplined.

[Old thing, just wait for this young lady to get what I came for in this space then I’ll deal with you.]

As she spoke she rubbed her hand against something resembling a realm order as the one Wang had just combined.

Surprisingly though, it seemed to have mystical symbols slightly different from the ones in Wang’s realm order.

While waiting for the group disappears and Wang that was acting crafty, looked at the empty void and spoke.

[Let’s go back I already have a candidate from this group. let’s make preparations for the next plans.]

After she spoke, an elderly woman with white hair but tender skin and a baby face appeared in the space behind her.

The scariest thing was that the woman stood there but one couldn’t distinguish her existence from a reflection.

It was as though she did not exist at all, yet the aura she had was restrained but it still gave people a feeling of being supreme.

But surprisingly the woman did seem like a flower of the woman.

Wang had just entered this place without considering numerous issues and if he were to discover that the situation in this place was like this I doubt he would be willing to have his family enter this place easily.

Indeed, he wanted to have them come in for experience and despite being reluctant he couldn’t help but get moved by even the energy in this place.

It was already superior to that on the planet he was located.

He had failed to realize where this space he was in was, but he could still see that the groups present in this place were mixed as though not from the same worlds.

In that case, he was certain this space was some unique place.

It is also this reason making a princess that seems to look down on everything on this level of the space to come in this place.

Others also seem to have come in with the same standing, not interested in outer regions but rather using their ships to go in towards the center of the space by following the white clouds.

Standing behind the princess, one could be shocked to see the woman’s long white hair.

Despite that it had a certain shine to it, making it attractive.

His eyes were like two dark pools that could draw one into them. Without much fluctuations in her body. But even with every movement, one could feel some supreme air from her.

[You eventually decided to pick that crafty brat. Indeed not bad, but he lacks in terms of the realm and his character is somehow problematic.]the elderly didn’t realize why the woman in front of her had chosen to do things the way she did. But she could only voice her doubts, in the end, the decision was not her’s to make. She followed the Princess as she walked in the air towards the white sky resulting in a huge ship appearing with ancient characters written on it. looking at the huge characters the princess smiled before saying, [ I’m indeed not sure about the extent of the other party’s strength but it is not bad. As for character, I think he passed. From the fights, he hurt his enemies even though not lightly but it seemed like the win was through having struggled hard. His opponents thus will not take this loss seriously. As for the red-haired youth since he saw him inciting others he targeted him but waited for an opportunity, it showed he was able to discern the situation and not rush. Finally, there was the retreat tactic he is using.]she looked in the direction Wang was going and shook her head, already aware she could locate him anytime In the end, she had other matters to do, so she couldn’t waste her time here.[In that place it is important to have some reliable people that also have quick wits, it could be useful for competing for my objective. I’ll just give him that opportunity anyway there are still nine more chances in the end.]Entering the ship, it bolted into the white clouds before moving in the opposite direction Wang had taken. unbeknownst to all this, Wang was busy escaping after reaching a certain distance when he saw some huge valley with thick trees. But surprisingly no one tried to stop him or follow him upon seeing where he had jolted off to including Situ. He even started to look in that direction with some fear. [Is he crazy, he doesn’t want his life anymore.]Provided one had some knowledge of this space there were regions they would avoid at all costs yet the young man was running into that place even though he had stopped following him. His mouth couldn’t help but twitch, he just wanted the treasure Wang had obtained, yet the guy was busy running towards death as though he was in a hurry. He even was wondering why the other party couldn’t have just given him the grass before going to seek death. Still standing there he saw others arrive bear the periphery observing the disappearing figure of Wang with some doubt.[who is that guy? Does he know where it is that he is headed?][Even if he is beaten crazy there is no need to seek death like that right?]After hearing this comment Situ almost fainted. ‘Best up?’, the other party had parried his attacks very cleanly and with that speed of he headed the other direction he could still escape right? That was what puzzled him the most and in the end, he could only retract his sight.

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