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110 Princess’s scheme

Seeing the stone pillar magnify in his eyes, the red-haired had no time to think anymore thus forced to fight back.

He took out a pair of short daggers and used them to divert the stone pillar`s direction.

Yet the pillar that had just moved past him seemed to be whipping towards him from the sides.

Despite how he moved the rod-like weapon seemed to be always near him, waiting to strike.

Moreover, the force that the rod carried could only be felt by him. And Wang did not use all via strength so the inscriptions on the stone pillar were barely active, and the speed he was attacking made it impossible for others to notice.

Being attacked continuously without pause made it such that the rhythm of the opponent was determined by Wang.

This disrupted his plan to go for the counterattack. Forcing him into a constant retreat and defense.

At the same time, he was improving his application of the intent he had grasped.

The attacks seemed to change by the moves he was executing, and at times the rod fell from the sky towards the red-haired man, it carried the sharpness ot a saber.


When stunning forward, it gave off an impression of a spear even for those that we were watching from the distance.

The myriads of changes kept happening with each application of the attacks he sent forth.

Other than the fear of the battle between the two most of the individuals on the sidelines become attracted to the attacks instead.

But in the end, since Wang did not manifest intent openly but used it on the weapon in a concealed manner, the others just assumed his utilization of the stone pillar was impressive.

But the one under attack was indeed suffering from constant battering by Wang.

But he was not satisfied,

[Not enough, my control has to be perfected and at that time my intent could improve another level.]

This fight he was involved in was to push his intent into taking the next step. At that time he could have some breakthrough in battle strength.

Since he had no time to attempt breakthroughs in other areas, then battles were the only way out. But he was not going to put his life on the line.

That was why he kept pushing the opponent to retreat creating some distance from the others, but at the same time not too far, in that way, he would not be suspected.

All that time that Wang spent on the original temple trials he had indeed tampered with his combat adaptability and the tricks used by the man turned into more of a joke.

After retreating constantly the red-haired man become furious.

His body suddenly began emitting some heat until, in the end, one could see some flames erupting out of his body in a form of a fire qilin.

Upon seeing the man’s combat power suddenly skyrocket even Wang become slightly solemn. But the others on the scene did not even want to participate at all.

This person was indeed stronger than them, and in the end, he was hiding using some tricks to deceive them into fighting as he watched from the side.

The injured group was especially not very comfortable with the situation.

[Who is that?]

[Yeah, and how come he has become so strong suddenly?]

[Damn, he was previously baiting us to fight so that when we were already exhausted he could take advantage of us.]

As the numerous discussion erupted, the fight between Wang and the red-haired man continued but something that had him angry was that he failed to utilize his strength.

Wang would make some moves that occasionally limit him or disrupt his love forcing him to either defend or avoid.

[Damn since when did I Situ Hong suffer such humiliation.] The man was roaring deep inside, as the opponent he was facing was not strong but managed to suppress him even stopping his moves in advance.

The red hair Situ Hong posses seemed to be a product of the fire element he cultivated.

What he failed to know wad that Wang had taken his true meaning of fire to perfection.

It is also the same reason despite Situ’s high realm he was not getting any upper hand.

In the distance, the princess seemed to have her eyes fixed on the battle and couldn’t help but smile.

[What a nice strategy, from the moment he attacked that group injuring them, he was only making a distraction, his real goal was always the one that was instigating the group. Even I couldn’t think like that. What an interesting young man. That red-haired guy seems like someone from the Situ clan. Hahaha!!. Just like their character indeed, sitting behind the scenes hiding their tails and causing trouble. It seems like he is done for.]

She analyzed the battle in the distance for her people and at the same time, admired how Wang was playing the game set up by the opponent.

On the battlefield, Wang was also not going all ou since he knew he had to plan on hiw to escape from here once he dealt with the guy

As their fight continued he pushed the opponent back from time to time creating a perfect opportunity in the process.

Some distance far off into the sky, another group was standing on the deck of a flying artifact.

[Youngmaster, should I go and collect that grass from that guy immediately?]

Another man seemed to be standing beside a handsome man.

Both were observing the situation on the ground, but the young man with the handsome appearance was not moved at all.

[Why take something that has no use to us? Let’s not be bothered with that. That group probably has also arrived. It would be time to go and try if we could open that region. That is our main target, everything else in this place is indeed useless to us. Or so you think there is something here that lacks back in the Oceanic Continent.]

The young man said with a slight frown. He could see that his servant was trying to get his approval but he disliked such behavior of sucking up.

He didn’t need anything in this place unless it was his main goal of coming here.

Plus he had to watch out for his competition In the end, and staying here was a waste of time.

[That kid is not bad, he can take advantage of the red-haired man’s flaws to suppress him without corresponding strength, it’s a pity in the end without sufficient strength everything else is futile. Let’s go there is nothing here for us.] The handsome young man said indifferently.

To him, the group down there had nothing to do with him and thus in the end, regardless of the outcome, he wouldn’t be interested.

A huge ship moved through the white clouds fading away like it never existed and this scene happened in many areas as all the ships were of different makes but individuals standing in them seemed to have a similar goal.

In end though, people like Wang were even unaware of such a thing still struggling in the outer areas of this space.

[Princess, how come the number of people coming for this grass is not as many as we thought? Didn’t you release the news so that numerous people could be attracted here? ]

The moment a silver armored female solder couldn’t help but ask, only to see the princess smiling mysteriously.

[Of course not, how could something that has no benefits to me affect my plans? From the word go, I wanted to find out something, and seeing how my brother only managed to send out the weakest of his men, I can be sure of it. Sure enough, even Emperor’s father knows hiw to do the scheme, but unfortunately, I had my preparations too.]

Her grandfather was mostly not involved in politics but seemed to favor her brother over her.

In this sense, she was her father’s favorite though, and thus she had to also come up with some plans for her own.

From the get-go, she even only reveals information she wants to her subordinates and sometimes it is even misleading.

Just like the group that was flying above them in the white clouds, she had felt it, and she seemed to have her plans.

From. the get-go, she was planning on also entering the interior of the space they were in.

Opportunities in that region could be deemed very attractive to even her, and all the important figures that had entered the space had already left for the depths.

More so they did it with the help of some massive ships, and their defense should be strong enough.

For someone like Wang of the others, it would be impossible to even get close to the mid-levels of the space, without help from others.

The princess had her plans from the word go, and thus she just relaxed watching things play out.

At the end of the day, she was not in a hurry, regardless of those that reached the depths first she could still go there.

[Without a complete set of tokens it is impossible to open that region in this space, it has always been like this. So I’m just going to take my time moving around the space periphery first.] She had a wicked smile on her face as she thought about it.

The Princess was indeed not a good person at all, and this explained why the female soldiers still had some fear when they talked to her.

[This place apart from that guy, I’m not seeing anyone worth fishing for my plans.]

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