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109 After all, you are the strongest in this place

A young man was standing in the mountains but his body was stained with blood. A the moment the aura he was emitting was not to be truffled with. Even the enemies were more or less afraid of him. The moment he stood there he looked like a giant to them. A stone pillar could be seen in his hands and it was dripping with blood. If Ruruo were here, she could be astonished to find that her husband was currently releasing unrelenting killing intent. it had already started to manifest itself. And how things got to this stage, was all due to the tribulation undergone by the grass from before. Despite having some desire for it, he didn’t know the true benefit but after being surrounded did he know that the herb was an invaluable treasure and everyone around him didn’t need it. Since it had no use to them even him included but it could allow his daughter to even have an exaggerated foundation. This alone made it his priority to keep it, and he did not plan to give away what was already in his possession. Thus standing there he was already the enemy of everyone. But he still didn’t care much as he had managed to grasp a lot of things even through the fights.

[Leave throw treasure behind, we can leave you a whole corpse.]

[Yes, that is not something an ant like you should be holding.]

Listening to their yelling even Wang was losing his patience. The group of individuals yelling was very weak for him to concern himself with them.

In the end, the strong would make a move themselves and also had to be wary of each other.

He could also see this but did not care, without having any choice he had to fight on.

In the end, he was not foolish to believe that this person had not left some countermeasures to deal with him.

And the way he was seeing it, some openings were left open intentionally to let him escape.

[I’m afraid my rod won’t agree.]


The moment he said this he did not concern himself with the thoughts of others at all. His main concern was finding a way out of this place before he was completely cornered.

The response he has however had some people’s mouths twitching.

‘Brother I’m afraid it is your mouth not agreeing right’ was their thoughts.

After all the fellow was in a tight spot yet still using his intention to spread such a weird message.

Putting such matters aside, he started to think more about his escape until some red-haired man spoke up.

[Fellows, how about we all attack this person quickly and end it before other groups of stronger people are attracted by this commotion? Besides the fellow is just one person and regardless of how good his capacities maybe he couldn’t withstand the attacks from everyone right.]

The red-haired man offered his opinion that made everyone booking read to get it on with Wang.

Wang did not panic he was elated to see his golden ticket arrive.

As much as that fellow helped him come up with an escape plan, he was not interested in letting him continue to live.

[Indeed what a good tool person. But your scheming nature is too bad, I have to deal with you first, otherwise, you might end up causing much more trouble later. After all, I hate people that act like fishermen in my time of difficulty.]

As his thoughts moved he set his perception on the guy and didn’t even bother to pay him. any heed.

This action also bolstered the man’s courage as he thought out of anger Wang would immediately attack him. But the other party disregarded him competently.

To Wang, the other guy was under his perception and when he decided to act he could crush him.

Back into the distance, just as Wang had predicted, the groups seemed prepared as each set up some ambush points in case he escaped.

And on one of them a few meters away, the princess was stand-by with numerous female soldiers.

[Intersting, what an interesting fellow. we thought we had the situation under control but the other party still managed to get the grass and when to retreat without any slight injuries.] The princess spoke as if reminiscing that fight.

[Princess it’s our fault for not dealing with the enemy well enough. Please punish us for our negligence.] The women around her knelt immediately and admitted their mistakes.

But she seemed unmoved at all just waving her hands, [ No matter, I also underestimated him. That fellow was nice enough not to hurt you guys seriously when you attacked him am guessing it was because of the fact we found the flower first. Since he didn’t have any killing intent towards you just let it be. As much as that grass is useful to others it has no actual use to me. Besides, it is already good enough to see such a show today, isn’t it?]

The woman kept watching as though it was fun and the others around her were even more puzzled.

[Princess what show are you talking about? Isn’t he going to be defeated by that group? Even possible losing his life over that grass. Why would it be a show? Besides if you shot yourself he couldn’t escape your hands right?]

One of the women was even in a dilemma compared to everyone else.

[Shoot. Hahaha..! This princess indeed had some sight on that grass but at the end of the day, it has no fate with me. Besides, whoever said I was going to take it. From the word go, I never had any use for it. What I’m waiting for is for that young man to reveal his actual strength. I just wonder how many of these geniuses might end up falling at that time. Even if he took the grass away at that time, it would indeed not be much of an issue.]

To her, killing those geniuses would indeed be a good thing for her. But the most is her brother’s men.

; Hearing this, the woman around her couldn’t help but feel a chill down their spine.

Indeed descendants of the royal family were not good things at all. She had previously just said she wanted to get the grass for her father’s emperor, but that was just a lie.

Given the situation, one could see that the person with the most to lose in this confrontation is her brother.

Even a fool could see that as a princess she had no interactions with the other geniuses gathered to surround Wang, except for her brother’s subordinates.

On the battlefield, after seeing his situation, Wang did not panic in the slightest but held the stone pillar tightly, without any distractions he attuned to those closest to him.

The stone pillar was rotating on his palm and through it, he could easily change trajectory to whack anyone.

In the beginning, he attacked without any format and that made it impossible for the group around him to grasp any hints.

But that was not over, after being bombarded n the stone pillar seemed to weigh more after being infused with star energy and his true meaning on gravity emanating from the tip, even the strongest in the group couldn’t help but twitch seeing the situation.

After suffering some beatings the group finally couldn’t help but spew out mouthfuls of blood.

But that was not all, some even collapsed immediately, and at this moment those that were still holding heard him say.

[And yet you don’t believe my rod. In the end, you should have listened.]

Hearing such provocative words the individuals whose ability to withstand some beatings seemed to have their mental states collapse.

[You!..] Pouch!

Some collapsed directly after being unable to hold their anger anymore, and even those that were still standing but seriously injured had anger welling up in their hearts.

Before even fighting him they were the ones wailing about letting him keep his life or leave him a body.

But looking at the situation now, they were even unable to lift their heads now.

But suddenly as everyone was still shocked by the turn of events, Wang had already moved.

His stone pillar was emanating a strong spear intent and his demeanor also changed too.

With a thrust of the rod, one could feel a strong spear intent on making their hairs stand on end.

Before everyone could recover the stone pillar had already arrived before the red-haired man.

This time his expression become very grim, even with his cultivation realm, he could hardly defend against that attack.

Caught off guard he could only move his hands to block the attack out of instinct.

But that was not going to make it, as the sound of bones creaking could be heard all around.

Soon a person was thrown from the sky to the ground at the same time his hands were trembling.


Looking at Wang the man was very furious at this moment.

He thought he had managed to take precautions and would make others fight against each other before reaping benefits.

But looking at it, that brat had played him from the beginning by pretending to be ignoring his existence all along.

[Well you can’t blame me after all you are the strongest in this place. Yet you are using discord tactics, of course, I’ll target you first. Pity it missed in the end.]

After saying this he attacked again and this time even his speed soured as he moved toward the red-haired man.

But those around were astonished by what he had said.’ You are the strongest in this place.

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