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107 Hit and run mentality

Hiding behind some huge tree roots, Wang was observing a group in the distance. But even more, he couldn’t stop sweeping his gaze past a purple flower grass being guarded heavily. he didn’t even know what it was, but seeing how much protection was being offered to it, he was even more moved.

But looking at the arrogant-looking armored lady in the distance, being respectfully tested by the group, he becomes vigilant.

[it’s time to test out my current ability.]

While slowly approaching the treasure, Wang spread his domain around him.

Without even taking out any treasure weapon on him, Wang could only move forward bare-handed, hoping not to be discovered before taking away the purple flower grass in the distance.

But still even with the assistance of the domain he had to be careful as the number of guards was not small.

He had no idea what kind of skills or even inborn abilities the other parties might own.

He could only move at a slow pace and from time to time can’t glance towards the one in charge, sitting in the middle on a huge rock chair.

She seemed to be overlooking the situation, and from her demeanor, he could tell she probably has been involved in many wars.


She seems to enjoy such a status often and thus comfortable in it.

Passing by some shallow stream, he took some time to completely cross it. At the same time, he could occasionally hide behind some stones and trees.

Though the place was not well endowed with nature, there were some red-colored trees with sizes of about six meters, but the thickness was enough.

Even two adults could not be capable of completely locking their hands around it after cooperating.

As he walked silently using his perception to avoid even stepping on anything that could attract the group’s attention, he saw that the grass he was after was releasing some unique colors on each leaf.

From a distance though his perception was not thst accurate, especially with his fear of being discovered.

As he moved forward, suddenly a unique fragrance was released by the grass, this seemed to have caught the attention of the woman.

She turned her eyes towards the flower and then motioned to the group with her hands, he just saw them retreat.

That was not all some even carried the chair and moved away, but to Wang’s astonishment, that group turned out to be women.

All of them, he was initially not bothered to check it out, but after some observation when they retreated, they were all women.

[What the hell? What force is this? And why are they retreating so fast? Does it have anything to do with that fragrance being released.]

As he continued to stand there and contemplate, a unique force was approaching his body.

Coming back to his senses he saw some most like substance near his legs.

Despite retreating more than forty meters away, he was still touched by it.

Surprisingly the blood flow around his legs seemed to have started slowing down considerably at the same time he felt like his legs were heavy.

[Damn, curiosity is indeed a bad thing.] As he was contemplating the move by the group, he ended up being affected.

Though he was lucky to escape faster due to his domain, his legs seemed to be becoming heavier.

Looking around, he saw some cave-like structure in the distance fleeing towards it.

At this time the mist seemed to have turned into a pink fog-like substance.

Its spreading didn’t stop in the slightest but continued to expand.

Back in the distance, the woman was standing on top of a huge raised cliff, and the area below them was clouded by pink fog, she couldn’t even see below.

[Princess, why didn’t you allow us to deal with that person when we discovered him?] One of the women with a silver lining armor asked in a confused manner.

With her realm alone she could have been capable of squeezing the man to death. The most important thing was she and many other subordinates had already discovered him sneaking around.

But the princess ordered then to let the man be, this also seems to have made Wang operates under the assumption that his domain was something.

He even dared to be brazen and move close, had he not realized the mist early, he might have been incapable of leaving in the end.

[Does it matter? Those that think themselves more smart end up dying because of it. Since we ignored his presence he probably assumed he could hide from us. Not only that but the fact that now probably he is trapped in the fog. Why waste time on such a fool? Besides isn’t it fun to watch an ant sneaking around trying to steal food from a lion? Can it even manage to move it?]

In the end, the woman had no choice but to utter some rhetorical questions.

Indeed as she just said, Wang didn’t even know the grass that was about to mature or its characteristics otherwise he wouldn’t come close to it at that time.

Worse still, he was sneaking around assuming they had yet to find him, in that case, he was already being viewed as a fool. Let alone steal from them, such a person would end up dying of their foolishness.

It was also in this way that the woman seemed to ignore his existence and had the silver armored woman not brought it up, she wouldn’t even remember him.

[Let’s wait for another four hours and when the fog recedes we can immediately do ahead and deal with the important matters at hand.]

The woman ordered indifferently as she sat down on the stone chair.

It had been moved in this place, and on the chair, she rested her head on her hand with eyes closed.

The silver armored woman retreated carefully before walking back to her duties.

But it was not before she crushed some kind of jade talisman that had some unique runes floating on it.

In the distant cave, Wang could also see the off still spreading but thankfully it was still some distance away from him.

At the same time, be could also not help but be puzzled by what kind of grass it was.

Unfortunately, when with the knowledge he had gathered over the years he couldn’t recognize it.

But the scariest thing was that he had been discovered the moment he approached the grass. Thanks to the judgment that his cultivation was weak, the woman in charge deemed him insignificant.

Had he known about being discovered he might probably get scared out of his wits.

The most important thing was that the other party let him believe he was hidden from them, making him into a clown.

[what is this fog and that plant got to do with each other?]

AOone countless Wang, at this time even didn’t have any idea about what was going on. He had been busy trying to find a way to steal something from the other party without knowledge but now his legs were incapable of moving.

He was trying to expel the unique force out of his legs but it turned out to be tougher than he anticipated.

[How do I deal with this?] He indeed was having a headache.

The force was not that dangerous as he could feel it diminish but the speed was too slow in the end.

He had yet to touch the treasure and after suffering from it like this he had no plans to let it go.

From the numerous techniques he had, the body cultivation techniques could indeed help him solve this if he could breakthrough.

But that was out of the question, but thinking of something, his expression couldn’t help but change slightly.

[If I use the unique compressed world energy perhaps the issue might not be much of a problem, but the requirement to accumulate another drop is not easy to meet. After all, I can’t acquire endless energy sources.]

He was indeed not willing to use the compressed world energy from the nine-colored Qi codex.

That was something that could assist him when in dire situations.

Utilizing it now would be a waste and at the same time, he had some medical skills which would mean all his accumulated medical skills were useless.

[With all the time spent on medical knowledge, I forgot about it due to panic.] He couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

The medical skills were not something to be looked down on. Once it reached a proper level, then even the strongest poison or scariest diseases could be subdued.

Coming to this point, he pulled out a wooden box, it contained many racks each pulled with needles of different sizes.

This was something he did in his spare time and thus has accumulated a lot of medical needles.

It took another two hours to finish expelling the unique force from his body.

At the same time, he started to think about hiw to handle the treasure he didn’t understand.

The only thing that he could come up with was rushing towards it and after pocketing it he could run away.

The group of women also made him uneasy, he couldn’t imagine himself struggling to fight with them over the grass.

In that way, a fight that occurred during the process would be more advantageous to him than fighting on the same spot.

He didn’t like making an enemy of that woman the way she seemed to control the situation around rhe grass scared him a bit.

So after thinking about it he eventually settled on a solution.

[Hit and Run is the way]He murmured this and his expression suddenly resembled that of a civilian.

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