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105 Nine colored Qi codex II

Several spear shadows manifested themselves in the sky each releasing some unique charm, the most important thing being no pressure could be felt.

It was as though the spears were harmless to man and animal.

But once one set their eyes on the spears, fear could be seen in the depths of the hidden existences. Even those watching for fun had retreated immediately.

The fear did not come from the aura of the spear, but the power used was already something on a different level.

But the figure of the man had disappeared, not even those hiding in the dark could locate him.

Forget saving the remaining primal lords, even their lives were now being threatened.

These scenes made Wang admire the decisiveness of the man.

Hiding in the dark some of those existences above the primal lord level seemed to be using all their means to locate the man.

In the distance, some ‘spectators’ seemed to have gathered.


[Hmm! Escaped?]

[Not right! Sword Master? Can you detect that brat?]

Discussions could be heard among the strong, while those involved did not feel very well.

Especially after having said all kinds of words.

A few minutes back:

[Does it matter? Everything is under our control. Can he run?]

[Doesn’t know how high the sky is, and yet trying to fly. Is that brat trying to defy the sky]

[Well it doesn’t matter, it’s just a matter of wondering who’s the group will deal the final blow.]

From such discussions, the groups somehow laughed at the man. It was because of the background. They assumed those others were much better due to their backgrounds.

The group did not put the man in their eyes at all. This changed when the spear appeared and erased all the Primal lords that had attacked him. It was not much of an issue at this point after all things didn’t go their way, but that was it. But after he disappeared only spears manifested, fear then appeared.

But for some reason, their discussions stopped immediately after discovering the spear manifestations.

The ones observing in the dark had a change in their expressions when they discovered that the spears that had manifested in the sky seemed to be targetted at them.

Not only was the feeling absurd, but the scariest thing was the fact that they couldn’t even move or evade.

It was as though they were shackled by some force.

The terror came from the spear not generating any aura or pressure.

Those in the dark had only one role in this plan, to observe and intervene if only the situation become difficult to control.

In the beginning, all the groups were eyeing the technique but since it was determined that the owner was someone new in the primal lord level, acting by themselves would make them lose face.

In that case, using their juniors in this expedition was not considered a bad thing as it could stop the higher levels from engaging in a serious fight.

No faction wants to exhaust their strength just to obtain some treasure they couldn’t manage to protect in the end.

However the case is different when the juniors were involved as, it would not only allow them to showcase their capabilities and at the same time, also obtain the most wanted technique.

But seeing how the groups were slaughtered so fast, even without confirming the existence of the treasures, the hidden existence was just about to make a move when they felt some kind of force locking onto them.

Soon however their faces turned from bewilderment to fear.

At this moment their movements seemed to have been sealed.

But the spears manifestations that had appeared before them seemed to make their hearts shudder.

Strangely though the tip of the spear had a nine-colored light that kept shrinking slowly and one could mistake it for a black hole.

It was revolving and after some time collapsed on itself.

After that, a new cycle also began but the shock of the existence in the dark did not seem to bother the man at all.

At this time he appeared some distance from the fleeting man, but behind him the other a had already died.

At the same time, the spear manifestations moved through space piercing the brows of several powerful existences.

At this moment they panicked because the attack started to act on their souls destroying and erasing their memories to their consciousness then their bodies started to fall apart.

This scene is too frightening to those on the same level and thus when Wang did see this even he had to admit the man was just too strong. It went to show just how frightening some people were.

All the others hiding in the dark were scared silly.

Some run away the instant this happened, thankfully the man seemed to not care about them at all.

Although it was just a matter of obtaining some technique from some primal lord, the losses were too much.

Especially seeing that indifferent look of them as though he had done nothing at all.

Even if the number of experts was added to this expedition it would not change the situation that much.

At the same time, Wang woke up from the illusion and found himself standing in front of some light blob.

I had nine unique colors, something that confused him. But he could see as far as his perception reached the light had formed some kind of domain.

But strangely enough, he identified the light immediately.

During that illusion, he remembered the man wielding a spear casually, and even without utilizing his cultivation, several experts were easily solved.

Moreover, even those that were way stronger fell under the nine-colored light at the spear tip. He could see it seemed peaceful but carried a heavy destructive power.

He couldn’t understand the realm called primal lords were standing but he knew it was not a joke. But in the end, even without utilizing his strength, he erased their existence.

Thus seeing that light group he was even more ecstatic.

Though he did not know what happened later, he could see that the man with the spear in that illusion he experienced was not to be trifled with.

Even with injuries, he couldn’t utilize his strength completely but still managed to overwhelm those enemies.

Despite not knowing the realm of the man or the other group that was hiding in the void, he was more inclined to believe the man’s level of strength probably was several levels higher than the world realm.

For Ruruo, being called a world master was indeed not something acceptable. As a world master is a title that only comes about when the world has completely taken form.

That is to say, only when one reached the peak in all aspects of the world realm.

But at that plain,t he was not even sure he would be worth the attention of the primal lords.

The attack methods used, allowed him to confirm this and he was sure, he would be killed with a thought from those guys.

But getting a technique or even inheritance from such a figure is something already capable of getting Wang very excited.

Observing the light blob in front of him, Wang did not hesitate at all and put his hand forward to grab it.

Upon making contact with the light blob, it didn’t react at first so he tried to inject his world energy.

The result was the same until he added the new force he had just absorbed when entering this place.

That seemed to have made the trick, and an immense light burst out from the blob, covering him from all directions.

He seemed to have been cocooned, but the light cocoon seemed to be scanning him rather than anything else.

After who knows how long the scan stopped and a second eruption was initiated from the light covering his body.

He could feel pressure being put on his body increasing with time.

After the commotion died down slowly a group of complicated symbols seemed to have come alive slowly revolving around Wang.

The more letters appeared, the more complex they become and even started to fuse like some puzzles.

From this change the aura being generated also changes considerably.

Huge amounts of information then began to be transmitted into his consciousness.

A huge shadow then condensed out firming water bubbles that seemed to contain the nine-colored light.

They began as some gas flow and then evolved into a liquid that started to take different forms until eventually, it resembled water droplets.

Huge and small runes seemed to be forming this process, but Wang couldn’t see it At this time the information flow had already made him incapable of focusing on anything else.

After the runes evolved into a complete process of cultivating the first chapter, it flowed steadily into his consciousness.

Just like that, the runes continued to become more complex as the chapter’s runes increased until some couldn’t even be distinguished anymore.

To practice, such a technique would be very hard without the attribute panel.

Judging from the aura produced by the new chapters being generated and floating in front of Wang, the level of this technique could be seen as very high level.

Seeing the immense information entering his mind, Wang still took the liberty to cancel that thought. He was going to decide after he finished with the inheritance, as he still had enough attribute points for the first chapter.

But in the end, he decided to wait, currently, his consciousness was indeed very strikes and he could only make do with it.

But the symbols did not stop being generated from the light blob and combined until another chapter was formed.


Before taking the inheritance, Wang had observed the man utilize the nine-colored Qi codex and couldn’t help but be amused.

But now obtaining it he came to understand the nine-colored Qi codex was not something to be trifled with.

For the three months, he has been sitting in the same position, accepting the inheritance, and yet even at this time, he has yet to get all of it.

Occasionally some phenomenon could occur in the process of the chapter being formed from numerous runes combined.

A huge nine-colored world formed suddenly and it started to disintegrate but the moment it did that the power multiplied several times.

In the process it happened nine times, corresponding to the nine lights.

At this moment even the ability to judge could be said to be useless.

Though the manifestation did not have any lethality, just some process like this would not result in even half of the actual damage.

It was after all just a manifestation of the technique.

But this was enough to crush space around him, fortunately, it was able to recover faster, due to the stability of the space.

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