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104 Nine colored Qi codex I

Standing in the vast darkness, Wang could see a location in the distance that was very eye-catching.

The light in the place was very bright when he couldn’t even see the sky, but he had already entered this region despite his fear of it.

This black region could be accessed through some barrier, but once one reaches it the fear deep in their hearts becomes maximized.

Thanks to the special feeling that has been guiding him, he managed to endure it and move past the barrier.

Currently, though, he was not scared of the place in the slightest. After crossing the barrier, the only thing was pure darkness that could even devour one’s heart.

In the distance however where his eyesight was focused, a small light group could be seen.

Though it did not illuminate the dark, it managed to retain its existence despite how minute it seemed.

Slowly he started to move towards the light in the distance. But how could things be that easy?

The moment he took his first step, he felt as though his body was being frozen.


But he persisted until he reached the tenth step when he seemed to have been dragged into some kind of illusion from the darkness.

Looking around the was a huge roar from the far distance he couldn’t even distinguish what was happening.

Suddenly he felt as though heaven and earth had reached their end, everything was collapsing but that was not something that caught his attention.

Bang!..Bang!.. Bang..!

Rumbling could be heard all over, the sky turned gloomy the oceans were roaring, it was an extremely scary scene, especially seeing the way the works had just turned into huge desolate ruins.

At the moment with the collapse of mountains, the tsunamis forming all around, several terrible auras could be felt coming from the distance.

From these breaths, even Wang couldn’t help but feel his scalp go numb. In this place, he was not even qualified to be an ant. The moment space becomes unstable. A huge void crack appeared and someone stepped out it was an old man with white hair.

His eyes were deep, and even without looking at Wangz, he felt his face go pale instantly.

This however did not stop him from looking in another direction where a huge void corridor was opened and four figures stepped out their aura was very cold that it could even freeze one to death.

The most distinguishing feature among them was that all of them had their faces covered by some dark hoods.

They walked in a straight line, with the front having only one person and the te rest following from behind.

Upon seeing the old man had arrived earlier the others did not even show any reaction at all.

The moment the groups were still looking in the farther distance, a pitch black vortex appeared that seemed to allow the passage of another three guys, but their auras were savage.

Furthermore on their heads, one could some horns despite having their human forms.

In this case, one could see that the group was not human.

After this, the group seemed to have some tactic agreement and rushed forward.

In the center of a huge lava put, a man was sitting there cross-legged.

The moment the auras arrived above him, he opened his eyes and this action caused even the space in front of him to crack.

Even Wang was shocked by this, but he still paid a price for seeing this too.

His face had become even paler now.

The man stood up not even looking at the group that had gathered high above him.

He seemed to have been expecting this, the terrifying pressure was rushing from the group of powerhouses towards him, but he seemed indifferent to all this, even his aura was not released in the slightest.

[Indeed from the word go, that old man had already turned me into his scapegoat. Even if I manage to escape from here, I can feel those stronger existences that have yet to take action. Hmm! To think someone would frame me for an escape route. Considering the kindness the old man showed me, this can be deemed as repaying karma. To think even me would end up in such a situation, well whatever let’s see what this little brat has?]

Standing there he could indeed perceive that other stronger presences has yet to come up. They were just restraining each other but I wouldn’t be for long though.

[The reason that old man saved me from the get-go was probably to have someone take a fall for him. My experience has indeed limited my vision, but this setback can be said to have indeed been useful in the end. I can understand that at least not everyone is like that one. Well, in the end, these guys seem to have been sent as sacrifices to test out my methods. Haha! Scheming old fellows, you are not bad. Even those at the peak of the primal realm you are willing to sacrifice. This I will fulfill you then, after all, I don’t go down easy.]

The man was murmuring to himself but strangely enough, only Wang could hear what he was saying.

He had indeed been calculating but he did not feel bad about it.

He was originally in a bad condition before this, and now since he had improved slightly due to the old man, he was not going to look into the matter anymore.

[This is the first time, I have been made a scapegoat. It feels suffocating indeed.]

In the world of cultivation, Karma was not necessarily something everyone cared about, but it was important.

For some people, it would become a stumbling block in their paths.

For the man, some slight thing such as being calculated was indeed going too far but in terms of karma, it worked quite well to cancel off the ones he owned the old man.

Seeing the group of eight already looking at him with some greed he almost wanted to cry out loud.

[This bunch of fools was easily decided and still have the guts to treat me as prey. Overestimating oneself.]

He snorted, very dissatisfied with this behavior.

The situation he was in might not be the best, but he was not someone that everyone could come and take a bite at. Since they were acting like a bunch of uncivilized dogs he also would not be nice.

His concern was that bunch of stronger opponents silently observing from behind the scene.

With his eyes sight, these primal lords were indeed not worth much of his attention.

But he didn’t plan to let any of them go, as per his karma severing depended on it.

After finding through this situation, his connection to the old man would be cut off cleanly.

Of course, he still did not like the idea of others using him in this way. But he was not even afraid of those behind the scenes with his current state.

Standing there he sneered especially hearing the words spoken by the groups of primal lords.

Even though he was helping the old man now, he had determined he wouldn’t be capable of dying over the next disaster.

[Hehe, in the end, I will help you out here, but if the things these fellows are saying are the truth, then old man you are doomed. Want to play around with that thing, even those from my home cosmos don’t dare mess with it. Well perhaps that is your fate, if you were a decent person helping you might have been possible.]

The man had seen a lot and before coming to a foregoing place to improve his practice, he still could understand some truths.

Facing the aggressive group of primal lords, he was indeed not flustered.

He even sneered at them, thinking they were naive to stand in front of him with such an attitude as though looking at a beggar.

He could still clearly tell that he was pulled into some kind of illusion, but at the same time not.

It was as though he was observing someone’s memories from a third parties experience, but discovered he could get hurt if he did not tread carefully.

As he observed for a while seeing no one else was bringing themselves to death, said,[Since everyone is here let’s start. Eat my spear!]

The man’s figure shot into the sky faster than a meteor descending in the mortal plane.

Wang could feel a different use of domain around the man, and it was not something initiated but rather it seemed to have always existed there.

The feeling it gave him was ancient and overbearing. The scary thing was he felt as though in the area the man was standing the power of heaven and earth had retreated.

[This! How is this possible?]

He felt his body shake and even he had some fear at this moment. The man was capable of making heaven and earth power around him retreat. Yet the group of individuals standing in the air had yet to even realize such a situation in the first place.

But to Wang what he was seeing was making his cognition be refreshed.

From what he knew the power of heaven and earth decided a lot of ot things even cultivating lifespan. But one with the ability to make it retreat from him was very scary


With a whistle, the spear traversed space and appeared before the man in the black good standing in the forefront.

He was struck by the spear’s momentum and while he was being stunned, the spear passed through his body and headed for the other three behind him.

[impossible, he is only using spear momentum to deal with them.] Of course, the group was aware that the guys with hoods on were not that weak from the cold auras on their bodies.

[What? How are we supposed to win?]

[Damn we are being planned here]

[We are not opponents, this person was hiding his strength.]

[Hateful! Give up the creation time or you won’t be getting out of here with a full corpse.]

Indeed the turn of events was not in their plan at all, as one attack had destroyed four people on the same level as them.

He could hear them shouting threats at him but the man simply looked at them like they were clowns.

The scariest thing was that they could still see the man standing in his original position as though he has not moved but half their group had died.

Although they belonged to different factions the situation was in front of them. made them look ok ugly.

They had not forced him to reveal any trump cards at all, but he has already lost half the people they brought.

Seeing this they were very angry and in instant, all of them attacked at the same time.

They had no choice since those behind them had instructed them to do it.


Some of them even had become mad, their bodies were bulging utilizing some forbidden techniques to gain strength temporarily.

Especially the old man with white hair had lost all the demeanor that he had in the beginning.

His body has swelled clothes torn apart and his eyes are very bright red.

The man seemed to have been invited to participate due to benefits and now realizing that things were not easy he had to become serious about it.

Moreover, he could still feel a threat of death from the development of events.

He had to take advantage of the situation to accomplish this task fast enough.

The momentum coming from all ot them was so great that the turbulent state of the plantlet continued to worsen.

Boom! !! The volcano under the place the man was sitting erupted.

[Yeah let’s together and competes this faster I doubt that he could make that attack again.]

The old man roared with some confidence as he went for the man holding a spear.

Taking down this was originally something that could have them rewarded and thus the group did not want to lose out to their counterparts.

When they made their move, a huge space rift was cacked by the attacks, heading straight for the man with a spear.

It’s just that the man did not seem to have any fear on his face at all.

The man even under the attack of the four Primal lords just stood in place and his spear was facing his feet he stabbed directly into the void, making the area around him unstable before another void left spread out from his feet as the center towards the one coming for him.

The two collided before canceling out and did not proceed any further.

This action alone was enough to scare the other remaining three. Their attacks were canceled out by his single attack.

[How did he do that, no something is wrong.]

[Damn! We were received, he is not a primal lord run!]

[Hateful, I shouldn’t have agreed to this had I known about it.]

As thd groups shouted the old man still in his savage mode jad already turned around running into the distance.

The space had become very unstable in the region and impossible to flee through the void.

A terrifying scene, that followed however seemed to make the world even more silent.

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