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103 Sense of familiarity

Looking at the vast sky, without delay, Wang started to rush off into the distance.

He was not able to see that far, compared to when he was outside this place.

Since he could not perceive very far, due to oppressive forces present in the place, or perhaps it was a restriction that affected everyone stepping foot in this place.

He had felt his consciousness expand to some extent when he absorbed the energy, expelling the star energy from the body.

His physical strength was currently several times that of when he entered the domain.

But without having a place to try it he could only keep moving. But the truth was, part of him did not want to test his strength at all, since that would imply he had met an enemy in this ghost place.

As he moved he could see the land seemed to be covered by an expanse of whiteness.

It did not conform to the ghostly vibes it was giving him.

As he was traveling at a fast speed always keeping a look out for anguish, he heard huge ‘boom’ sounds, that attracted his attention.


Without the ability to perceive the situation a few kilometers away due to consciousness suppression, he could only endure and physically move towards the region.

Approaching the place, he managed to see something crashing into the ground in the distance.

This made him slow down and disguise his presence slightly.

He was sure the impact was caused by some conflict, and thus he only approached stealthily.

From what he could see, the group floating in the air had some features comparable to the angel depicted in legends.

Moreover, the group they were besieging didn’t look human at all. But they still had human-like built and their huge bodies could resemble huge titans.

Seeing them that was his first thought, but obviously, the three were being suppressed heavily.

He was already baffled by the turn of events, thankfully that group was involved in whatever ir was that they were doing, not bothered to be entangled with him. They had not discovered him, so he kept his presence hidden and even stopped moving.

From the confrontation, the two groups were competing for something. But it was not his time to rush over, he might turn onto their target.

Besides, he had no actual need to get involved unless it was for the thing that the groups were fighting for.

It could be said that Wang was not the kind to treat any alien lifeforms well. From his understanding, in his previous life literature, aliens were to be guarded against.

But at the same time, in his previous life, he never met any and couldn’t be sure about their character. But that didn’t change his wariness of them, but at this time, his being here was the alien.

As for the angel-like existence in the distance, he only had some slight interest. He was sure they were not going to play nice if he popped up disrupting their ‘business’.

Some records were mentioning the race back in his previous life, the titans were also mentioned slightly.

The religious records for instance went ahead to talk about such a race as servants of some supreme being that created life.

He was thus interested in them to some extent due to it, and even the huge titians were once mentioned in an instance, but in the end, he was not sure why those religious books seemed to have some bias.

They stated that everything was created by a supreme being according to their will.

In essence, even the giants too, as such their behavior of being war orientated or causing conflict was the supreme beings’ design.

But in the end, they were being used as villains, that being the case of David and Goliath in some religious books.

Ignoring this thought he focused on the group in the distance, but could not judge their actual combat prowess.

But he was sure they were not weak and thus in the end a very bad choice to let them discover him.

If he becomes surrounded by them, then this would end up badly for him.

He could say with certainty that the group in the distance was not to be trifled with.

Not forgetting the Titans, they seem to be more of a body cultivation ethnic group.

Not knowing anything about either of them, he abolished that thought of carelessly approaching to check out what was making them have such a conflict.

From their attacks, he could see the attack methods used by the group of bird men seemed to affect the titians to a big extent.

That made it such that they couldn’t be capable of attacking their opponents.

It was as though they were in a sluggish state and this made Wang very alert.

The only thing that surprised him was despite this, the group of Titians was not defeated.

In other words, their bodies were very strong enough to be capable of withstanding those attacks continuously.

[This group is crazy, there is no grace talked about in my previous life about them. Perhaps they are indeed a different species from them. After all, I saw them in my previous life. Forget it I should probably look for another place to obtain benefits, getting entangled with them is by no means useful to me.]

That was the conclusion that Wang had reached at the end of the day.

He was not going to engage any enemies unless he understood something about them. But he was thinking too much, after all this was not up to him.

Just as he was turning around to leave he saw another group coming toward him.

But they had not seen him since he was still, but his movement attracted their attention.

In that case, hiw could they let him escape as he wished?

The group spread out and covered his retreat path.

Looking at this, he was shaking his head slightly at the development.

Currently, regardless of the choice he made, he had to fight his way out.

But seeing the situation in the distance, he be fine very decisive.

He had to take a direction and those standing in his way could only end up encountering his full attacks.

He had no intention of winning this fight, just getting away before another group arrives and gets involved in this mess.

As soon as he had this thought, he changed his direction and headed in another direction.

In that direction, he could see some burd man standing in the air with his wings on the back flapping slightly.

Looking at the other party’s appearance, he could tell the bird man was very angry.

He had been targeted by Wang indicating that he was being viewed as the weak link among them.

Not Wang was not even looking at the bird man, as his speed increased with him headed towards that direction.

He felt some familiarity with him before making the decision, it was not as impulsive as it looked to others.

A stone pillar appeared in his hands and his speed did not slow down at all.

Intent and the new energy that was absorbed today were also added to the pillar making it life-like.

But the group did not make any waves upon seeing it, in fact, the bird man, just wielded a sword.

Surprisingly, the sword also had some weird inscriptions on the sword.

He was attracted to them, but soon retained Kia’s calm as his situation was very urgent.

The pillar in his hand was revolving along his palm as he thrust it forward.

It had elongated to three meters and even pressure it from the stone pillar this time however did not make any waves, unlike last time.

This had already alarmed him since this meant that this space was even more stable compared to the planet he had just left.

But that also brought about a lot of questions with it, that he couldn’t answer yet.

Seeing the incoming rod, the male bird man, attacked directly with the swird to meet the attack head-on.

Seeing this Wang sneered at the corner of his mouth one could see it was raised.

[Who said this was a gang fight and I was an idiot. Run!] He thought inside, as he withdrew his rod that shrunk faster and he moved past the bird man very fast.

Before he could react Wang was fleeing, and his speed was fast.

After bypassing the bird man, he did not even look back but accelerated.

These actions immediately stunned all at the scene. The guy was cornered and seemed resolute to fight it out, but suddenly he used some tricks to escape.

Even the bird man with a sword still unleashed had his mouth twitching.

Without warning the guy had escaped and the speed was very fast. When the others reacted he had already left the enforcement of the group. Seeing the stream of light disappearing into the distance, some wanted to chase but their leader stopped them.

Fleeing into the distance, wang was currently laughing out loudly.

That feeling of fleeing, it has been a long time since he felt it. It was rather exciting, and also he was lucky he had left the encirclement of the group.

To be honest when he met the group he understood the predicament of the titans slightly.

Thankfully due to his weak-looking physique nobody treated him seriously and that technique was not used on him.

But just standing before that group he felt some holiness or should be said sacred air around them.

That feeling was making him uncomfortable to the bones. Escaping can be considered an achievement, and without enough trump cards, it would be a losing fight, to begin with.

Seeing that the person had already fled the leader seemed to have said something and the group turned their gaze towards the Titians being suppressed but not defeated at all.


It didn’t take long for Wang to feel some call he was feeling becoming even more and more pronounced.

[This sense of familiarity..]

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