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102 Where is this?

Two figures standing on the cliff facing the vast deep blue sea, but surprisingly no sight of anyone could be seen.

[All that group of people rushing towards this direction disappeared without even leaving any sign behind. That is impossible, unless..]

As the figure stopped talking he looked into the distance exactly the location where the meteor collapsed before.

He had a vague guess but decided to confirm it first.

It is as though they had disappeared, but that was not possible. The only thing that puzzled him was why even the other group had also vanished.

Putting such thoughts aside, he still decided to tread in this place carefully.

The person was none other than Wang, and Ruruo at his side.

She was also standing there looking into the distance before the couple directly nodded their heads.

It was as though they were communicating.


Looking into the distance, the two no longer hesitated and flew into the sky, spreading out their domains as they moved.

It was also to avoid unknown situations from happening within their range.

Huge corpses of dome aquatic life could be seen occasionally. Compared to the ones pushed on the land by the tsunami before, it was nothing.

Despite the areas above the cliff, the couple was standing in being wet, and the water from the tsunami-like event during the day was returned to the lake.

The domain he felt before had also shrunk and become more difficult to see through.

This situation made the couple somewhat restless but did not stop their advancement.

After moving further into the lake, they were capable of seeing something that stunned them.

Sitting in the middle of the domain was white dense fog, and it kept moving back and forth giving off a feeling as though a huge tsunami was rushing towards them.

Thankfully they could see that feeling was just like an illusion.

Coming to this place, Wang had one main goal set for himself that involved studying the domain of the object that had collapsed in the sea. He thought perhaps it could help him in improving his stagnated domain but what he was seeing was beyond his comprehension.

[What an amazing method. Without using seeing it, it’s like the fog doesn’t exist. Even consciousness perception is useless in front of it.]

Wang tried his perception, but couldn’t manage to see through even discover the existence of the white fog in front of him.

This was something that interested him, and then he shifted his attention towards the domain that covered the area but seemed very difficult to see through it.

But the couple wasn’t idle, so Wang took to put some objects from his storage device and threw them into the white fog.

Surprisingly, it passed through the domain and straight into the white fog, but he lost sight of it after that.

Somehow despite the strong desire of the two to instigate the place, they were still apprehensive in the end.

Especially seeing that the place was very different from the beginning, initially, the couple thought it was some object that collapsed from the sky that formed this place.

Seeing the white fog that couldn’t be detected by other means but eyes, however, the couple become slightly hesitant about stepping into the fog.

But they already had some idea about what had happened with the other groups of people.

[Husband, are we also going to enter this strange domain.] Ruruo decided to also see Wang’s opinion.

But she found he was circling the area from time to time.

[Let’s wait for a while first, and take some measures first.] this place was unknown to him and he wouldn’t just barge in without improving some of his confidence slightly.

From his existing attribute panel, he had no other way to gain benefits other than improving the star refinement art.

Taking it to the third level would indeed increase some of his confidence but the accumulated attribute points couldn’t be capable of accomplishing that.

[Wife, should we inform the others that we are going to be in seclusion for a while? Anything could happen while we are inside this domain. I can see that you too feel it, that attraction to enter this place. It’s almost instinctual to want to approach. Without keeping some distance we might not have been able to resist the urge to enter the place.]

Wang was slightly worried about leaving their daughter alone without having any appropriate time limit.

Seeing his concerns Ruruo still managed to make another suggestion.

[Okay, don’t worry too much, I’ll go and take care of her, you have to come out in a year or I will also have to come in.] Ruruo was curious but she believed the place was not going anywhere.

For Wang, he was slightly relieved about this, but he also worried about her too.

He was not sure about the region so he couldn’t just move in with her knowing it was dangerous.

But now he was going in alone, he could have fewer concerns.

Still, he did not rush to enter the place, after some thought he decided to slowly approach the domain.

[Wife, see you later then. After finding out about the situation inside this domain, I’ll inform you too.] As he spoke he walked towards the domain barrier, which he passed through without much effort.

The barrier did not hinder him at all, and he passed through very fast. But looking back, the domain barrier couldn’t be seen at all.

Looking up into the sky, he could see a white thick fog-like substance covering the entire area in the sky.

Unlike the clouds, the white fog kept swaying as though it was colliding with something from time to time.

On the outside, Ruruo watched as Wang entered the barrier and soon he disappeared before she couldn’t even perceive him anymore.

Wang had been relieved with Ruruo staying back for some reasons with the most important being the both of them disappearing without a word would make Fengxi anxious.

But since his wife was still there, she could still hold the sky and cover the rain for their daughter.

She stayed only for a while before she retreated, as she could indeed feel that temptation to enter the place.

After rushing off into the distance free from the influence of that strange force, she still stopped and looked back hesitantly then finally continued on her way.

She had made a promise so she had to keep it, and she also shared Wang’s concerns in the end.

Having grown up alone, she didn’t like the feeling of being abandoned by a family very much.

Wang at this moment didn’t know what Ruruo’s mind was thinking, as he was fascinated by the fog clouds.

[This place seems very different from the world temple, looking into the distance it almost seems endless. But the breadth here is filled with different energies, even world energy seems inferior to them. The most important thing is the place gives off some ancient vibe. But that is not important, my priority is to figure out more about this place first before making plans.]

After recovering his calm demeanor, he looked up ahead only to be astonished.

The previous stone-like object was silently lying somewhere in the distance, even the domain it released had not changed at all.

But now it is inside this place means that the object was not the source of this space.

The most important thing was he was in an unfamiliar environment and couldn’t help but tense up slightly, but he discovered that his star refinement art was running as streams of pure energy slowly drilled into his body.

The amount was staggering, but that was not his concern. He had just run the star refinement art as an attempt, who would have known this situation presented itself?

He discovered that the energy was very pure compared to the star energy he absorbed when cultivating the star refinement art, it was on totally different grades.

Most importantly, the energy did not improve his star refinement art level, but rather his body strength was slowly rising.

More importantly, the previous star energy in her body was slowly being overwhelmed and expelled.

The energy was superior, and more compressed compared to the star energy he had absorbed before. It infiltrated every corner of his body, and he could feel the changes.

The improvement of his strength was not what amazed him but rather, he could see some light spots appearing inside his body, and with each immense amount of energy absorbed a light spot lit up.


The process was like a chain reaction, looking at the lit-up spots all over his body, he couldn’t help but think about stars.

But his star refinement art was not like this, but that was not the thing he was supposed to be concerned about.

This place was not someplace he could mess around, his instincts told him that in this place he was not the only creature.

And that was not just a baseless assumption, he could feel as though something had just peeped at him and ignored him.

That was the behavior of something superior, seeing an inferior object. It coukwven be bothered with it.

In that case, if the place allowed for other creatures to exit here, his strength was not something in this entire space.

He was indeed anxious but at the same time glad he didn’t hastily bring his wife here.

He however couldn’t stop the process of absorbing energy but his mind was full of question marks.

[Where’s this place?]

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