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Chapter 1: Passed through and married a gang’s young miss

On a well-decorated carriage, a teenager with a handsome face was unconscious.

His traditional Chinese wedding attire was eye-catching, but upon opening his eyes, some dejection could be seen fading from his face.

Name: Wang Bo

Lifespan: 19 years

Attribute value: 12

Potential value: 2

It was not the first time he saw this information, Wang crossed over about half a year ago and during this time, he has been traveling to another region for some arranged marriage. But even he could still tell something was wrong from the occasional conversations being discussed by his escorts.

He at times had the heart to escape but in the end, he knew it was impossible. He knew no one in this world let alone the world was dangerous from what he heard them say, and he did not plan to find out this by himself.


In the carriage, he could barely maintain his consciousness due to his weak body, but that was far from the most important issue. Apparently, he tried to run from the moment this issue was mentioned to him but he ended up in bed for almost a week before he crossed over.

The things in this world had already made him apprehensive that he rarely cared about the fact that he could actually speak and read this world’s words.

In this aspect he thought it was very insignificant, after all, he had crossed over to another world, something almost deemed impossible by him. Especially seeing the panel made that he was aware of the fact that he even seemed to have a Goldfinger.

He did not put much attention to it as he has seen it many times and even thought of some t

As someone from Earth, with a minimum salary, that could barely allow him to survive crossing over to another world should be something to be happy about but his current situation told him to be very restrained. He didn’t even know how he crossed over, but he assumed it was overwork. His mind was not going to try figuring that out at all.

According to what the group in charge of sending him to the family his family ‘sold him to’ the world was not that peaceful.

The existing Dynasty which he never got to know the name of, has just reached its peak, and everyone is now focused on their interests thus bandits are becoming a common thing. Knowing the existence of bandits and groups of people in control over their own territories, Wang could already guess that his so-called family is among such with privileges. But as it turned out, for such a family perhaps it is never enough.

Wang was thinking about this issue and in the end, he came to the conclusion that his luck compared to most people in this world is not bad.

But such thoughts were only temporary as he was indeed intercepted by some bandits before he could arrive at the so-called destination.

In the end, things did not even end up like how he had expected, because for some reason he dare not speculate he was attacked by a gang that seemed to have specifically come for him. How could he not know that this might be due to someone’s backhand?

As for the fact that he was being made to marry the daughter of the head of the gang, Wudi, a well-known figure, perhaps someone was indeed using him as a chess piece and he could smell this conspiracy but he was indeed insignificant at this moment.

So what if he could guess this, after all the law of the dynasty seems to be even more strict about the gang, and from this moment on, he would never mention his family name due to fear of being discovered, after all, someone capable of doing some things is not what he can confront at all.

His hope was on the panel, from which he seemed to have some basic understanding and would require to completely try using it to know for sure.

Since his fate was not in his hands he just let things take the flow as he thought about his next move, after all, he heard something from the group that was ‘transporting’ him, and ‘keeping an eye out for his security’.

They said a famous saying seems to spread around the martial arts world, “In the martial arts world there are countless beings that can kill you instantly.”

Just hearing such propaganda he knows the martial arts world he is in is indeed scary, and at his level, it is indeed unrealistic to meet this kind of being, after all, one can only interact with those on their level.

But in the end, he still does not want to remain weak such that others can determine his fate.

The name of the bandit’s group also seemed to be very imposing, the Black Left Gang, the leader was a middle-aged man. His face however was not that handsome, but it was okay.

He thought that Wang could provide them with a handsome grandson.

Well, the force seemed to have absolute control in the areas around them and could take up some tasks from the wealthy families to even transport things for them.

There are more than four hundred people in the gang, and it was well-founded in the nearby regions with no one daring to cross them. In the same way, they are considered ruthless and the escorts that were paid to send Wang to that family in another region were all slaughtered.

The gang leader Wudi also seemed to be a well-known martial artist on the border between regions and some small clans had to even pay to move goods. With such a change in the settings, he had to think more since he had already entered a ditch.

At this time he was certain that if he got himself involved in the bandits perhaps he might not even manage to reach the point of living beyond the age of 19 as reflected in the system panel.

He couldn’t run but was sure that death was coming for him anyway.

His minimal lifespan made him very worried in the beginning but now it was the least of his worries.

He had just got a chance for a second life, but if he made wrong choices, death in this kind of society was not something that could be avoided just because one didn’t do something wrong.

Perhaps even if the situation might have not happened and he got to the place his family sent him, he might still have some situations arise that threaten his life then.

In Black Left Gang, Wang who didn’t even understand the actual situation that was going on had become a son-law, and everyone in the gang was invited to see the wedding that took place a week after being captured.

During this week though he found that life in the Gang was not that bad as even the food and clothing were the best compared to what he was experiencing on the road.

As a weak individual, he however didn’t have the right to make opinions until he heard that the Black Left Gang leader Wudi can fight hundreds of men alone because of having practiced martial arts.

This made him calm down and start thinking quickly, the only way to solve most of his problems is to get himself involved with martial arts.

Wang was a mediocre person in his previous life and had no desire to continue the same especially when he crossed over and has a system.

He would not spend his time as a mediocre person on his second chance at life and die unremarkable death somewhere where nobody remembered his name.

Since he crossed over then he believed there were infinite possibilities and he wanted to go around and see the wider world.

He wanted to practice martial arts as it was the only way for him to accomplish it, a single man could move singlehandedly horizontally and no one dared to tell him to go vertical which explains a fundamental issue, his fist is strong enough.

Like most traversers, Wang had already got himself a Goldfinger and at the same time, a strong father-in-law was in the making. In that way, he could just observe his progress if he got involved with martial arts.

The most important issue is that he could see his lifespan, and he had only about six years to live.

“I have only 19 years of lifespan, if nothing is done about it perhaps I can only carry on for 6 years!”

He was very unwilling and decided to try martial arts to see if it could affect his lifespan.

His body seems to have a deficiency and now his own family had already sold him off to another clan, what could be worse than this?

What made Wang apprehensive was whether he could actually master any martial art before his lifespan reached the limit. In the end, he was not sure whether he could change his fate but one thing was certain, he must do everything to try so that he had no regrets in the end.

And as his thoughts were drifting, he heard a sound that seemed to be metals colliding only to realize he had dressed in red Chinese wedding attire.

Yes, the day of the wedding was already there but that was far from enough, he was suspicious why someone would marry their own daughter to a stranger.

And this ringing of some bell obviously was to announce this wedding and yet he had never even met the bride all this time being in this residence.

Wang didn’t even have much consideration he was already being led to the main entrance where he saw some wedding decorations hanging, but he didn’t have any happiness in his heart, just apprehensive. In this world, there was no love for no reason and thus he had to be very careful.

At this moment, different groups of people seemed to have mixed in the gang members, and each seemed to be in some celebratory mood.

Everyone in the place had their own thought but since they didn’t dare piss off Wudi they could only continue to act amicable.

Some important figures from all around were being called out one after another as they came to attend the party and others even looked at them with respectful expressions on their faces, mostly for the gifts being presented.

Over the place upon seeing a group of two people coming the murmurs even increased. It was a young man followed by a white-haired old man. At the same moment, even Wang could at least guess what was going on here.

Wudi also arrived with his wife and glanced at everyone who had arrived, his face was smiling all the time as he invited everyone to experience the event.

“Everyone is here, let me thank you for coming to experience the big day of Wudi’s daughter!” Even the young man and old man could only force themselves to speak some nice words.

Hearing the words, those that didn’t know Wudi couldn’t hide their respect. In the entire area, those that can control and manage the businesses around the area for this long without even worrying about anything are not easy people.

Some people don’t know but think that Wudi is just some brute but only those that know some inside information like the old man can be said to know more.

Wudi is a saber practitioner, and there are even rumors he has touched the threshold of a higher level in his saber arts so he wanted to conduct a wedding for his daughter before going on retreat.

In a way, the methods of practicing that can kill enemies are a lot but those that specialize in weapons are not many.

Based on the situation in this place Wang could see some eyes were cast at him from the corner of people’s eyes but afraid of causing themselves trouble they averted their eyes faster.

Soon some movement could be heard and a woman with an enchanting figure walked in also dressed in wedding attire, but her face was covered to see what she looked like.

When she arrived close to him, he had enough space to whisper something.

Wang just asked, “you are?”

“Tang Ruruo” She also answered directly through his ears.

After merely talking a few sentences Wang heard a sound saying something about bowing to heaven. At this time he knew that some kind of attachment had already been added to him, but on the other side, Ruruo seemed to see him as a burden.

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