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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 99 - Fierce Battle! The Unexpected Victor!

Chapter 99: Fierce Battle! The Unexpected Victor!

Back when Qin Yu was fighting Nangong Mingliang, he only used a casual sword qi to break the Ash Black Flame released by the Molten Spirit Divine Art.

At that time, Qin Yu only used one sword attack.

But now, when the two swords combined, they were actually no match for Victor’s sword attack!


The spiritual energy shockwave exploded, and Qin Yu and his sword spirit incarnation instantly lost their figures.

Although their attack power was inferior, Qin Yu had the advantage of speed!


Two streaks of sword qi rushed towards Victor from two different directions. It was moving at a speed so fast that it was impossible for the eyes to see clearly!

Victor did not even look at it. He completely released his perception and relied on the information transmitted by his spiritual power to make judgments on Qin Yu’s attack.

The power of nature!

The greenwood element spiritual power that had already been condensed burst out, and Victor thrust his sword towards the sword qi.

Bang Bang!

The sword qi exploded, and at the same time, a golden flame power rushed out from the sword qi’s repercussion, shooting straight at Qin Yu like a flaming arrow.


The moment the flame attacked, Qin Yu’s body only left a blurry afterimage, not giving Victor any chance to attack at all.

What fast speed!

Victor was shocked. This was the first time he had met an opponent who was faster than him.

With his rich cultivation and sword movement technique, Qin Yu’s speed had already exceeded the limit of the spirit gathering realm.

As for Victor’s Wind movement technique, although it was already at the maximum level, it was still not a particularly profound movement technique.

It was only a basic movement technique, the Wind technique. In addition, Victor’s cultivation was only at the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm, while Qin Yu’s cultivation was at the 12th level. Naturally, it could not be compared to Qin Yu’s sword movement technique.

Victor was considering whether he should use the advantage of the Tree Building technique after the competition ended.

Where he would practice a wood-type movement technique and combining it with the Wood Spirit Embryo to sustain his spiritual power. 𝚒𝘯n𝒓𝐞𝓪𝗱. ᴄ𝘰𝐦

After all, no matter how profound the technique was, as long as it reached the maximum level, it wouldn’t be slow. It would just consume a lot of spiritual power. However, he had the Wood Spirit Embryo, which was a huge advantage.

Bang Bang Bang!

Another three sword lights were broken!

Deep ravines were plowed on the stage. Qin Yu’s sword lights were extremely terrifying, but Victor’s sword could break through several of them in a row. The power of nature produced by the greenwood element spiritual power was too strong.

Whoosh Whoosh!

The speed of the two people on the stage was too fast. The audience could barely see the blurred afterimages.

Other than that, there was the blue sword light and the green spiritual power. When the two intertwined, they formed a dreamy blue light.

Although Victor’s speed was not as fast as Qin Yu’s, but in the eyes of the audience, the speed was far from what they could detect.

On the stage.

The thickened protective light barrier shook violently. The entire stage was swept up by a whirlwind out of thin air. The shattered stones on the stage were swept up by the strong wind and flew in all directions like arrows!

The spectators were all dumbfounded. When had they ever seen a competition with such extreme speed?

Was this still a battle between spirit gathering cultivators?

Even a foundation establishment cultivator wouldn’t be so abnormal!

“It’s too fast, so fast that it’s inconceivable. Even Senior Sister You, who considered her speed to be above others can’t catch up to half of their speed.”

A young girl from Illusionary Sword Peak muttered to herself. You Huanyi was the best at speed, but she was so much more inferior to Qin Yu and Victor in her field of expertise. In other areas, she couldn’t even be compared to them.

In the past years, although the Illusionary Sword Peak’s personal disciples were mostly inferior to the disciples of the Sword Control Peak, but the difference definitely wouldn’t be so great.

It could only be said that Qin Yu was really too abnormal!

But it was fine if Qin Yu was abnormal, but how could Victor, who came from an external sect, be so monstrous?

With a cultivation of the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm, he was tied with Qin Yu, who was at the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm!

At this moment, Qin Yu, who was in the arena, was also shocked. Victor’s movement speed and sword attack speed were not as fast as his, but the greenwood element spiritual power attached to the Qingfeng Sword was too strong, it was endless.

Victor’s speed was not as good, but he wasn’t at a disadvantage at all!

With his powerful attack and layers of greenwood element spiritual defense power spread around Victor, Qin Yu’s sword aura pierced into his spiritual power and was quickly consumed by it. In the end, it could not cause any damage to Victor, and the greenwood element spiritual power would immediately be replenished.

“Victor is really an all-rounded battle genius. Just based on my speed advantage, I can’t beat him at all!”

His qi and blood power were strong. Moreover, his endurance and spiritual power recovery ability were also strong.

Qin Yu looked at Victor and took a deep breath. “I understand now. As expected, you can’t be dealt with just by using sword skills.”

As he said that, his left hand slashed the edge of the sword, and fresh blood flowed on the Green Scale sword.

In the next moment, sword light spread in all directions, and the scale patterns on the sword seemed to come alive as they squirmed slowly.

“It’s finally out! I wonder what kind of ultimate sword move this was?”

The audience on the stage looked excitedly at the sword in Qin Yu’s hand.

The body of the Green Scale Sword did not reflect any light. The material did not look like metal, nor did it look like jade. Regardless, they did not know what material it was made of.

Qin Yu stood behind the Green Scale Sword and casually tossed the Qingfeng Sword. The sword spirit that had been scattered by Victor’s punch earlier turned into a green sword qi that flowed around the Qingfeng Sword.

A moment later, a new sword spirit incarnation was formed, and the original Qingfeng sword was gone.

The sword spirit incarnation reappeared, but this time, its body was more natural, and the sword qi that was released from its body was more powerful. It was shocking.

“The sword and the sword spirit’s incarnation have become one! Qin Yu’s understanding of the sword dao is too shocking!”

“Finally using your ultimate move? I thought you would have used it long ago.” Victor was also a little afraid of the Green Scale Sword.

Qin Yu let out a light breath and said with a smile, “It’s not that I don’t want to use it, but I can’t control this sword right now. Moreover, the strongest of the Green Scale Sword is its spiritual attack. Unfortunately, the spiritual attack doesn’t seem to have much effect on you.”

“Hmm, spiritual attack?”

Victor was slightly startled. The sword contained a spiritual attack, and Qin Yu could actually perform it?

After Victor exchanged moves with Ji Mengyun and other cultivators who were good at spiritual attacks, his understanding of the Eight Desolates Sword Intent had indeed deepened. However, he still couldn’t reach the level where the sword could contain the spiritual attack.

Perhaps, if he wanted to reach this level, he would have to wait until his sword intent was fully mastered.

However, Qin Yu was actually able to rely on the Green Scale Sword to create a spiritual attack within his sword moves. Could this be considered a different path?

However, only a sword dao genius with a natural sword bone could do it.


The Green Scale Sword let out a long and soft hum. The sound carried an abnormal penetrating force, as if it was ringing in everyone’s ears.

The scorching sun shone down on the Green Scale Sword, but it did not have any effect on the Green Scale Sword. Instead, it made the sword aura seem cold and deep.

It was as if an invisible force field had formed around the Green Scale Sword, swallowing all the light rays.

“Victor, once the Green Scale Sword unleashed, even I can’t control its power. In the following battle, there might be serious injuries or even death. Of course, the one who would be seriously injured might be you, but it might also be me.”

Qin Yu had already viewed Victor as his worthy opponent long before he even revealed his Wood Spirit Embryo.

Even though the strength that Victor displayed at that time was far inferior to Qin Yu.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 99 - Fierce Battle! The Unexpected Victor!