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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 97 - Final Battle! The Battle for the Number One Genius in Hundreds of Years!

Chapter 97: Final Battle! The Battle for the Number One Genius in Hundreds of Years!

During these three days, Victor did not go out. He had been meditating and cultivating in his room.

Under the blessing of the Wood Spirit Embryo, even the heaven and earth spiritual energy in the spirit food was completely absorbed by him. His cultivation of the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm.

A few days passed quietly.

After meditating for an entire night, Victor slowly opened his eyes. At that moment, a fire flickered in his eyes.

Today would be the day of the final battle.

Victor only had one match in his schedule, and that was to fight against Qin Yu.

However, before that, Qin Yu still had to fight against Nangong Mingliang.

Victor was naturally happy to be able to observe his opponent’s battle beforehand. When the time comes, he would be able to win the match even more easily.

Early in the morning, Victor arrived at the grand competition square.

After all, the closer it was to the end, the more enthusiastic everyone became. If he did not go early or was late, the road would be filled with spectators.

The sky was slightly lit, and the bell for the competition sounded once again.

The first to enter the stage was Shangshan Cherong against You Huanyi.

He was still controlling the three-headed six-armed puppet.

His strength was also shockingly powerful. Shangshan Cherong easily won against You Huanyi because You Huanyi’s unique skill, the Exquisite Illusionary Sound, could not break through his spirit energy shield.

It was obvious that You Huanyi was restrained.

After that, Nangong Mingliang fought against Guo Feibai. Guo Feibai’s attacks were extremely fierce, but he still could not defeat Nangong Mingliang and was defeated.

After that, Nangong Mingliang fought against Qin Yu.

This battle attracted a lot of attention. Initially, people thought that this would be the finals of this year’s grand competition. Who would have thought that there would be a dark horse, Victor?

In the arena.

Qin Yu drew his sword for the first time.

It was a green longsword, thin and long. The surface of the sword was covered with green scales. The cold gleam was harsh and extremely strange.

This sword immediately attracted the great interest of the audience. Victor was also extremely concerned about this. He had a faint feeling that this sword was not as simple as it seemed.

As a swordsman, this was the first time he had drawn his sword. This was enough to prove how terrifying Qin Yu’s strength was.

“Could it be that Qin Yu’s sword is an Earth-grade spirit weapon?”

“It’s possible. Our Heavenly Sword Mountain has a large family, and Qin Yu is a personal disciple of the Sword Control Peak. Isn’t it normal for him to have an Earth-grade spirit weapon?”

“Could it be that he didn’t draw his sword before because he was worried that the power of his sword would be too great?”

“Hmm, that makes sense!”


The competition began. Qin Yu casually waved his Green Scale Sword, and sharp sword lights poured down like arrows from the sky.

The black flames released by Nangong Mingliang were all cut into pieces.

With the sword in his hand, Qin Yu’s aura had completely changed.

This battle was practically one-sided.

In less than ten breaths, the battle ended. Nangong Mingliang admitted defeat.

Qin Yu put his green sword back into its sheath.

On the other side, Victor’s eyes lit up slightly when he saw Qin Yu’s action.

Then, the referee announced that Qin Yu was going to fight against Shangshan Cherong.

But surprisingly, Qin Yu refused to fight.

“Qin Yu, why don’t you fight?”

Shangshan Cherong’s face, which looked like a dead man’s, was completely twisted. It was as ugly as it could be.

“You can’t beat me. If I’m not wrong, you only have that puppet. Other than that, you’ve used all the puppet parts to modify yourself, right?

“Nevertheless, you are still a defective product!”

Qin Yu hugged the sword case and said calmly.

Shangshan Cherong gritted his teeth and said, “You actually saw through it. Are you pitying me?”

Although he hated Qin Yu to the extreme, he had to admit that in his current state, he was no match for Qin Yu.

Qin Yu said, “It’s useless to say more. The current you probably don’t even have the right to force me to wield the Green Scale Sword.

“When you think you’ve completed your modifications, you can come to Sword Control Peak to look for me!”

Thus, the battle between Qin Yu and Shangshan Cherong ended.

With that, Nangong Mingliang’s fourth place was essentially confirmed.

The last battle was left, the battle for the championship.

Victor versus Qin Yu!

The referee elder intentionally placed Victor and Qin Yu’s battle at the end.

He wanted both of them to adjust to their peak condition so that the match would be more exciting.

Before the final battle began, the competition temporarily paused.

They rested for six hours until lunchtime ended.

In reality, many people no longer had the mood to eat lunch. They simply sat in the audience seats and waited, excitedly discussing the upcoming duel.

Most of the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain had limited vision, but their ability to make up their own thoughts and bullshit was extremely outstanding.

Victor and Qin Yu had not even fought yet, but they had already deduced countless versions of battles.

This included whether Qin Yu’s Green Scale Sword would be the same as Zhang Zetian’s black blade, which had some secret skill.

This was especially true for the Sword Forging Peak disciples. Normally, they weren’t capable of fighting, but now was a great opportunity to display their professional expertise.

They analyzed the attributes of the Green Scale Sword in Qin Yu’s hand from various professional perspectives.

If one did not know, one would think that this sword was forged by them.

Although the afternoon sun was somewhat warm, it was far from the fervor in the hearts of the many disciples on the field.

Two camps appeared on the field, fiercely arguing.

Whether it was the disciples of the outside sects or the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, all of them were looking forward to it.

Half an hour later, it was time for the final match of the grand competition.

The final match had begun!

At the same time, it could also be considered a top-notch duel between the top geniuses of the Tianhuan region in a hundred years!

When this moment arrived, the entire venue erupted in thunderous cheers.

At this moment, no one was looking down on Victor because he was an outer sect disciple.

After all, this was the championship battle.

If they were to belittle Victor now, it would instead appear that their Heavenly Sword Mountain couldn’t afford to lose. It would also appear that their genius disciples were inferior to an outer sect disciple.

ouldn’t they then be trash among the trash?

Therefore, at this time, no one would mention Victor’s identity as an outer sect disciple.

They were looking forward to this battle between geniuses at the peak.

To be able to witness such a battle, one could only come across it by chance!

In the arena.

Victor and Guo Feibai stood 50 meters apart. Qin Yu lightly tapped the scabbard of his sword and pulled out the green longsword.

With the sword in hand, Qin Yu’s originally reserved aura suddenly changed. His gaze became like a materialized sword light, piercing straight into people’s hearts.

If Qin Yu had always been like a gentle youth, then now, he had the quality of a sword.

Sharp and cold!

Qin Yu pointed his sword at Victor.

His gaze was calm as he said, “Before the grand competition, the sect master once told me that I lost to Nangong Mingliang in the last grand competition. Hence, this time, he is my greatest opponent.

“After three years, Nangong Mingliang is no longer my opponent.

“He is no longer able to improve me. I originally thought that this grand competition would be very boring.

“I was even a little lost because of this until you appeared!

“You are also a sword dao genius.

“I have to admit that your talent has surpassed mine. When I was your age, I did not have your strength.

“I am really lucky to have met an opponent like you. As long as I defeat you, I will be able to go further on the path of pursuing the peak of sword dao!

“Victor, don’t let me down!”

Hearing Qin Yu’s words, Victor was a little surprised.

He did not expect Qin Yu to have such a pursuit.

It was no wonder that although Qin Yu lost to Nangong Mingliang in the last tournament, his strength now far exceeded Nangong Mingliang’s.

At this time, Victor also understood why Qin Yu had invited him to join Sword Control Peak.

He was eager to challenge.

This was the heart that a swordsman should have!

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 97 - Final Battle! The Battle for the Number One Genius in Hundreds of Years!