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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 91 - The Heavenly Sword Intent, the Profound Meaning Of Life!

Chapter 91: The Heavenly Sword Intent, the Profound Meaning Of Life!

“Could it be… that this is the wood-type remarkable ability that the first elder mentioned?”

She widened her eyes and looked at the shadow of a towering tree that appeared behind Victor.

It was more solid than any previous attempts. It seemed to be…the Divine Tree Wood?

He has remarkable fluency in wood-type abilities and sword intent!

How old was he?

This kid’s talent in sword dao was unprecedented!


The sword qi that was filled with natural energy collided with the Shadow Kill!

Victor’s spiritual power turned into vibrant a green color, as if it was going to break through the darkness.

The space seemed to have been torn apart. The intense black shock wave attacked violently, and the dark tides surged into the sky.

And in such a violent wave, there was a clearly visible green sword ray rushing out, piercing straight into Zhang Zetian’s chest.

Zhang Zetian’s expression instantly froze.


His chest seemed to have hit a huge mountain, and Zhang Zetian suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, flying backward like a kite with a broken string.


His back heavily crashed into the protective barrier.

Zhang Zetian’s aura boiled, and his qi and blood flowed in reverse.

How was this possible?

He had exhausted more than 50% of his spiritual power in one breath and unleashed the Crescent Sky Dash.

Under the impact of such a terrifying blade aura, the green sword ray, which was several times weaker than his own aura, was actually unshattered.

Instead, the ray’s aura became more and more powerful, like a small tree growing into a towering tree, breaking through layers of darkness and giving him a heavy blow!

What kind of sword ray was that?

It was as if it was indestructible.

It was too terrifying!

Raising his head to look at Victor, he saw that the other party was still standing on the stage, uninjured.

Zhang Zetian saw clearly that the instant the shadow attack hit Victor.

The green sword light tore a hole in the darkness and pierced through the attack.

Victor dodged most of the attacks, and the remaining force hit Victor’s body, but it wasn’t enough to break through his green protective spiritual power.

This kind of strange spiritual power was too terrifying!

It did not feel powerful, but it was actually indestructible!

At this moment, all the spectators were stunned.

They looked at the arena in a daze. Zhang Zetian’s last attack was so powerful that it felt unbelievable.

In the center of the arena, the hard tiles that had been reinforced by spells were crushed into dust, leaving only a huge pit that was a dozen of feet deep. The defense was also full of cracks, as if it would shatter with a light touch!

Was this… still a battle between the younger generation?

Was this… the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm?

Even a cultivator at the peak of the 13th level of the spirit gathering realm couldn’t cause such terrifying damage!

On the other side.

The elders of the referee team were so shocked that they couldn’t speak.

Because in this generation, the personal disciples representing the seven peaks of the Heavenly Sword Mountain had already reached the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm.

Therefore, this protective screen barrier was designed to withstand the full power attack of the peak of the 13th level of the spirit gathering realm.

That meant that the strength of the protective barrier was just slightly lower than that of the foundation establishment realm, so this protective screen definitely shouldn’t have the slightest reaction.

But now, the protective shield was broken.

Zhang Zetian’s strength was increased by eight folds, and the last attack was the Crescent Sky Dash.

This meant that his spiritual power had temporarily penetrated the protective shield, implying that his attack power had already reached the level of a foundation establishment stage cultivator’s ordinary attack!

What kind of concept was it for a cultivator at the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm to have the attack power of a foundation establishment stage cultivator?

It was hard to imagine!

Shadow Kill was too terrifying!

However, what was even more terrifying was that Victor had actually received such a powerful attack!

Not only did he receive it, but he had also broken through the Dark Blade Qi with a single strike, breaking through the surface.

Furthermore, he was unharmed, and at the same time, he had also delivered a heavy blow to Zhang Zetian!

That green-colored spiritual power, from a shimmering glimmer of light to the radiance of the stars, although it wasn’t very powerful, the growing power within it was enough to make one’s heart palpitate!

In the main hall of the square.

Zhao Chengtian looked at Ye Lingyun and muttered to himself. Ye Lingyun’s violent reaction just now was all in Zhao Chengtian’s eyes.

From the start of the grand competition until now, Ye Lingyun had been composed.

Whether it was Sword Hut disciple Guo Feibai’s talent in the way of the sword, or Shangshan Cherong’s strange puppet technique’s spirit channeling realm.

Ye Lingyun only nodded her head at most and didn’t have much of a reaction.

But just now, Ye Lingyun’s calm and indifferent face suddenly changed.

This made Zhao Chengtian very surprised. The competitors of the Heavenly Sword Mountain competition could make the envoy of Green Dragon Mountain so surprised. It was originally something to be proud of.

But now, Zhao Chengtian couldn’t be proud.

It was very obvious that Ye Lingyun had just discovered something that surprised her, but Zhao Chengtian knew nothing about it.

He suspected that there was some secret to that green spiritual power that Ye Lingyun knew of which he did not.

However, after searching through his memories, there was no information about this.

Green spiritual power. Wasn’t this an ordinary wood-type spiritual power?

What was so surprising about this?

Or was it the wood-type spiritual power profound meaning, the power of nature?

Thinking of this, Zhao Chengtian’s heart trembled. If it really was the power of nature, then it would be incredible.

There were very few people who could comprehend the power of nature.

The most powerful power of nature was the power of thunder, which was also the power of destruction.

For example, the wood-type nature power was precisely a profound meaning like Victor’s. It was very similar to the legendary profoundness of life. The spiritual power was endless and immortal.

However, was it really possible?

To comprehend the ultimate profoundness in wood at the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm?

Moreover, it was the legendary profound meaning of life!

Ye Lingyun noticed Zhao Chengtian’s observation and knew that she had lost her composure. She smiled and said, “Sect leader Zhao seems to have something to say?”

Zhao Chengtian was slightly startled and smiled, “Nothing, I’m just mocking myself that I, Zhao Chengtian, am blind. Your wisdom is like a torch. No wonder the Green Dragon Mountain has been thriving for a thousand years!”

Zhao Chengtian’s words carried a hint of dissatisfaction. It was obvious that he was dissatisfied that the Green Dragon Mountain had extended over the limits.

As for the green-colored spiritual energy, as the sect leader, he wouldn’t ask about it.

“All the talented people in the world have beautiful jade, and those who are fated will obtain it. Sect Master Zhao, do you agree with that?”

Zhao Chengtian’s expression instantly became somewhat unsightly. “Fellow Taoist Ye’s words are somewhat biased!

“However, this is my Heavenly Sword Mountain. Those who are fated should also consider my Heavenly Sword Mountain.”

“Sect Master Zhao, Victor is still not a disciple of your Heavenly Sword Mountain Sect, right?”

“This is only a competition. Whether or not he is willing, you still have to ask him!” Ye Lingyun said softly.

Zhao Chengtian’s voice froze when he heard this. He was indeed a little anxious.

Victor was still not part of his Heavenly Illusion Mystic Realm yet, yet he treated him as his own disciple.

It was normal for him to think this way. Victor’s talent was so shocking that he would even be a top genius in the Green Dragon Mountain.

However, if the Green Dragon Mountain really wanted to recruit him, there was nothing he could do. After all, the guest was strong and the host was weak.

He couldn’t afford to offend the Green Dragon Mountain either.

Zhao Chengtian said, “Fellow Taoist Ye, I’m really sorry. It’s just that to a small third-grade secret realm sect like mine, a peerless genius is really valuable.

“This might even be the chance for my Heavenly Sword Mountain to enter a fourth-grade sect in a few hundred years!

“That’s why I’m a little excited.”

Raising a third-grade cultivation sect to a fourth-grade cultivation sect by himself sounded a little exaggerated.

But it was actually possible. As long as Victor could reach the spiritual pedestal realm and recruit some foundation establishment disciples, that would be enough.

The spiritual pedestal realm sounded extremely far away.

But thinking about Victor’s current cultivation base of only the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm, he could already peek into the profound meaning of life.

In the future, when he reached the peak of the foundation establishment realm, then he had a high chance of breaking through to the spiritual pedestal realm!

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 91 - The Heavenly Sword Intent, the Profound Meaning Of Life!