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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 90 - Eight-Fold Increase of the First Shadow Kill Movement, the Crescent Sky

Chapter 90: Eight-Fold Increase of the First Shadow Kill Movement, the Crescent Sky Dash!

Zhang Zetian gritted his teeth and flew back. His right hand shook violently as if he had injured his meridians!

“What? He countered Zhang Zetian’s Heaven-shaking Wave Kill with just one strike and managed to injure Zhang Zetian?”

“This is too ridiculous. Why do I feel like Victor didn’t use any martial arts in that strike just now?

“Even without using any martial arts, he still had such strength? How amazing would it be if he used any martial arts techniques!”

To the majority of the audience, be it Victor or Zhang Zetian, they both gave out an unfathomable feeling.

Zhang Zetian was ranked 19th in the grand tournament last year. In this year’s tournament, he had defeated Yi Shi, who was ranked the same as him, with one strike.

Even if Yi Shi’s strength wasn’t in the top 10, he could still be ranked in the top 15. He was definitely not a weakling.

Not to mention Victor, even dealing with Huang Qi was like playing with a toy!

However, just this alone did not indicate the level of strength between the two. Anyone with discerning eyes would know.

It was very obvious that they had not used their full strength in the previous matches. This was the true battle between the strong!

Initially, they thought that Victor and Zhang Zetian had similar strengths. They did not expect that Zhang Zetian would be injured the moment they started the battle.

“Second uncle, Zetian seems to be in danger. That Victor seems to have casually thrust out his sword and did not use any martial arts techniques.

“He actually broke through Zetian’s Heaven-shaking Wave Kill!”

When Zhang Zetian entered the ring, the people of the Zhang family would naturally come over. The leader was the second uncle of Zhang Zetian.

“Didn’t use any martial arts techniques?

“You are wrong. Victor’s swordsmanship has many things integrated into it. At his level, every move is a martial arts technique!”

The second uncle of the Zhang family looked at the two people on the stage, his deep eyes shining.

“Don’t worry. Victor’s sword isn’t as casual as it looks. Although he may have other trump cards, it won’t be too outrageous.

“And Zetian’s move just now was only the weakest move. The power of the second move is twice that of the first move.

“And the power of the third move will quadruple that of the second move. Breaking the first move doesn’t mean anything!”

In the arena.

Zhang Zetian’s gaze was fervent.

“Victor, you are indeed strong enough to surprise me! But you are wrong to think that you can defeat me just like that!”

As he spoke, a blade light flashed, and Zhang Zetian charged straight towards Victor. The rocks under his feet were shattered by the shockwave.

“The second move of Shadow Kill — Dark Moon Slash!”


The dark qi seemed to condense, and a black arc light appeared up from Zhang Zetian’s blade.

It instantly absorbed all the dark energy in the sky!

For a moment, the blade energy seemed to have formed a substance, like a ray of black moonlight.

It was several times more powerful than the first attack!

Victor must be shocked, huh?

The power of the first attack had been merged into the second attack, and the power had increased by so much!

It was about twice the increase!

Victor frowned slightly. It was not that he could not block this attack.

However, the power of the second attack had suddenly increased by so much. How would the third attack be like?


The Dark Moon Slash that carried the power of erosion charged straight at Victor.

The vigorous blade energy was like a flood that had been released from a dam.

Facing this powerful blade energy, Victor used the wind movement technique and rapidly retreated.

At the same time, he twisted his wrist and used the second move of the Eight Desolation Sword technique.

Six Directional Sweep!


In an instant, Victor slashed out a sharp sword energy.

This sword attack contained the power of fire and the vibration of spiritual power.

The change in form was so fast that the audience did not have time to react.

Victor had just broken Zhang Zetian’s first move with one sword attack and injured Zhang Zetian.

In the blink of an eye, Victor was forced to retreat by Zhang Zetian’s second move.

This could only mean that Zhang Zetian’s shadow killing technique was indeed worthy of its reputation.

If this was only the second move, then how strong would the third move be? 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

How would Victor deal with it?

The disciples of the outside sects couldn’t help but sweat for Victor.


An elder of the Zhang family shouted with a smile on his face.

Up until now, no one had been able to force Victor back.

But now, he had been forced to retreat by Zhang Zetian’s blade. Although it was only five meters, it still managed to pose a threat to Victor.

Moreover, this was only the second move of the shadow killing skill. If the third move was four times more powerful, how could Victor block it?

“Zetian has already won half of it. Even if Victor has a trump card, he might not be able to take on the third move!”

“Mmm, if Zetian can win against Victor, it will be beneficial to the Zhang family’s reputation.

“This battle is very important!”

The second uncle of the Zhang family said confidently while stroking his beard.

Under the protection of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, the Zhang family had been hiding their strength for hundreds of years. Now, they finally had a chance to revive.

There was no point in hiding. Now that the world had changed, even the Heavenly Sword Mountain had started to contact the external sects.

Therefore, they had to start expanding the prestige of their family.

As their family grew, more and more experts and geniuses would naturally come to join their family.

“There’s still one last move, Victor, let’s see how you can block it!”

As Zhang Zetian spoke, spiritual power burst out from his entire body, and he raised the black knife high above his head with both hands.

As the light of the knife intensified, the spiritual power in his entire body immediately surged into the black knife like water being freed from a dam.

Victor could clearly feel that the spiritual energy accumulated in Zhang Zetian’s body was rapidly decreasing!

As expected of the ultimate skill of a foundation establishment stage cultivator, he could actually store so much spiritual energy at once!

In less than a breath’s time, Zhang Zetian had actually injected more than 50% of his spiritual energy into the black blade. Adding the consumption of the previous two slashes, Zhang Zetian’s remaining spiritual energy was only less than 30%.

It was a gamble, a one-hit victory!

“Take my strongest attack, Shadow Kill — Crescent Sky Dash!”

Zhang Zetian roared and his body exploded. A distance of several hundred feet was of no value to him.

Victor’s pupils constricted. The power of Zhang Zetian’s blade had actually increased by four times!

After continuously doubling, Zhang Zetian’s third move had increased by eight times compared to the first move!

Facing Zhang Zetian, Victor finally had the chance to test his new innate talent of the Tree Building technique, the Wood Spirit Embryo.

The energy formed from the fusion of the wood element spiritual energy and natural energy was endless!

Not only was this spiritual power indestructible, but it was also very tough and difficult to extinguish.

However, to destroy it, one needed several times more spiritual power to wear it down.

This was the power of nature that had existed since ancient times, the profoundness of immortality!

At this moment, Victor hadn’t fully comprehended the immortal power because of the limitation of his cultivation.

As of now, he couldn’t fully display the power of the Wood Spirit Embryo.

Even so, this kind of endless spiritual power wasn’t easy to destroy.


As if the world had been split in half, Victor’s imposing manner soared to the sky, and the power of nature was fully released.

At this moment, Ye Lingyun, who was sitting upright in the main hall, was greatly shocked, and her expression suddenly changed!

This was…

Ye Lingyun had been in Green Dragon Mountain for many years, and a trace of natural aura had been injected into her body, but it was only the aura of wind.

Just now, that aura that was similar to the power of heaven and earth was transmitted over, and she felt the aura of wind in her body tremble!

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 90 - Eight-Fold Increase of the First Shadow Kill Movement, the Crescent Sky