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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 89 - Battle Between the Strong! Eight Desolation Sword Technique vs Shadow Kill!

Chapter 89: Battle Between the Strong! Eight Desolation Sword Technique vs Shadow Kill!

Who would be able to get the first place?

The heart of the elder judge was filled with anticipation. Then, he used his spiritual power to communicate with the judge team.

Elder Zhao, do you have any orders?

The elder of the judges replied.

The elder of the judges was also from the Sword Control Peak. He had the same surname as the sect master, Zhao. He was a member of the current sect master’s clan.

His judgment was very accurate. His cultivation had also reached the intermediate stage of the foundation establishment stage. Even among the elders, he was well respected.

“I had to change the original competition schedule. There are too many geniuses. I didn’t need to wait until the end.

“There were especially a few matches that I am eager to see.”

“Alright, Elder Zhao’s words suited my thoughts.

“The previous matches were indeed a little dull. I also wanted to know the results of a few matches.”

After a few matches had calmed down.

“The ninth match, Victor vs Zhang Zetian!”

After the referee announced this match, the entire stadium was in an uproar.

The disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain were still relatively calm. After all, neither Victor nor Zhang Zetian had anything to do with them.

However, the disciples of the external sects and the ten great cultivation families all started to shout wildly.

Victor was now the representative of the outside sects, while Zhang Zetian was the representative of the ten great cultivation families.

When two strong opponents clashed, it was hard to say who would win or lose!

The disciples of the outside sects and the ten great cultivation families would still unite against the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

However, when they clashed against each other, they naturally had to support their own disciple!

“Hehe, Victor’s winning streak ends here. It’s his bad luck to have met Zhang Zetian so early.”

“Hmmph! Do you guys really dare to say that Huang Qi isn’t strong?

“Wasn’t he still immediately killed by Victor in three moves?

“Your Zhang Zetian is at the same level as Huang Qi. Against Victor, you will still lose!”

“Hmmph, you’re too naive.”

“Huang Qi was the weakest among the personal disciples of the seven peaks.

“Do you know Zhang Zetian’s background? Do you know the Triple Shadow Kill?

“These three moves are not something you can imagine. It’s already good enough for Victor to be able to withstand the second move!”

Before Victor and Zhang Zetian had even exchanged blows, the disciples of the outside sects and cultivation families had already started arguing.

In the distance, in the seating area of the personal disciples.

You Huanyi drank her spirit tea and said with a smile, “Qin Yu, your foresight has always been good. Who do you think will win.”

Qin Yu glanced at You Huanyi.

Even when she witnessed Shangshan Cherong who had revealed his spirit channeling state, You Huanyi wasn’t even that interested.

Unless she had a crush on one of these people?

“I originally thought more highly of this outer sect disciple Victor.

“But the Zhang family’s Triple Shadow Kill is very strong. It was created by a foundation establishment cultivator.

“Combined with the black blade, its power is unparalleled!”

You Huanyi’s eyes lit up. She only said, “Then do you think more highly of Zhang Zetian?”

Qin Yu smiled but didn’t say anything. He shook his head.

This was a fierce battle between the strong, like dragons versus tigers!

Whether it was a dragon or a tiger, it was hard to say.

Whether it was Victor or Zhang Zetian, they were both cultivators who have strong attacks.

Everyone was looking forward to this battle!

Amidst the wild cheers from the outside world’s sects and the disciples of the ten great cultivation families.

Zhang Zetian walked onto the stage. He did not underestimate Victor, who came from an outside sect.

He immediately pulled out his black blade. He had seen Victor’s battle before.

Facing Victor, he had to use the Triple Shadow Kill.

Victor stood not far away from Zhang Zetian.

At this moment, the Qingfeng Sword was in his hand. This was a battle between a blade and a sword.

He really wanted to rely on his own sword moves to have a good fight.

Eight Desolates Sword technique versus Shadow Kill.

Eight Desolates Sword technique was created by Zhang Lingren, although it was not as strong as the Triple Shadow Kill that was created by a foundation establishment realm cultivator.

It seemed that Victor’s sword moves’ origin were at a great disadvantage.

A warrior’s sword move versus a foundation establishment cultivator’s sword move.

However, in Victor’s hands, the Eight Desolates Sword technique had been reborn.

From the completion of the sword force to the initial success of the sword intent.

This was all thanks to the Eight Desolation Sword technique.

Now, after many refinements, each of his sword moves contained the great power of the world.

The sword moves were no longer important.

The two stood 30 feet apart.

Three seconds later.

Zhang Zetian’s aura, which had been restrained in his body all this time, suddenly erupted.

Facing Zhang Zetian, Victor faintly felt the undercurrent surging in front of him, overflowing with killing intent.

Just by facing him, he felt as if he would soon be drowned by the overwhelming killing intent and undercurrent.

However, Victor was not afraid at all. His aura broke out, bringing along a subtle sharp aura that was neither completely revealed nor hidden. It may look average on the surface, but once he made a move, it would be a very impressive.

Zhang Zetian seemed to have sensed that his own undercurrent had been sliced apart.

He laughed arrogantly. “In this competition, I feel content to be able to meet an opponent like you!

“Three moves. If I can’t defeat you, I will admit defeat!”

Zhang Zetian didn’t say that because he was arrogant.

But because he only had three moves from the Triple Shadow Kill. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

After three moves, 80% of his spiritual power would have been consumed. If he couldn’t beat Victor, he would basically lose this battle.

Zhang Zetian was absolutely confident in the Triple Shadow Kill, especially the last move.

“Okay, let’s do it!”

As soon as he said this, Victor displayed the sturdy first move of his Eight Desolates Sword.

Suppressing Mountains and Rivers!

At that moment, his aura was like a river flowing through a heavy mountain.


The dark tide surged and covered the sky and the earth, covering the entire arena.

The rich spiritual energy in the air surged and formed ripples that could be seen by the naked eye, spreading out in circles.

It collided with the protective barrier by the side of the arena and was bounced back.

In the eyes of the audience, the entire arena was covered in a layer of black, as if the sky was filled with darkness.

“Shadow kill — Heaven-shaking Wave Kill!”

Zhang Zetian shouted loudly, and the black saber’s qi exploded. The dense dark qi suddenly erupted, and the aura grew.

Zhang Zetian attacked.

It was as if the entire world was enveloped by his blade aura, carrying countless waves of darkness.

Facing the overwhelming blade aura and dark tide.

Victor became serious, and his poured his spiritual power into the Qingfeng Sword.

The Tree Building technique, erupt!

At the same time, countless flames flashed in front of Victor, and the sword momentum turned into a dragon!

The wind came from the dragon, and it increased the momentum of the flames!

The sword thrust out, and with the momentum of the wind and clouds, the golden flames evaporated countless dark tides.


Under the vibration of spiritual power, the dark tide turned into a mass of dark fog.

In the dark fog, Victor’s sword and Zhang Zetian’s blade collided without any fancy moves!

Golden light flashed, and Victor’s sword pierced through the dark curtain with an unstoppable momentum!

Zhang Zetian was shocked. He did not expect that although Victor’s sword seemed simple, it actually contained many mysteries!

The powerful force of heaven and earth, the strange vibration force, and the endless golden flames.

The perfect fusion of the three forces made him feel somewhat helpless in resisting the forces!

At this moment, he finally knew how powerful Victor was.

It was not that Huang Qi was too weak, but that Victor was simply too strong, which was why Huang Qi was defeated so thoroughly!

The longsword was like a dragon, piercing through the dark fog and aiming straight at Zhang Zetian’s chest!

At the critical moment, Zhang Zetian used his palm as a blade, slashing heavily on the side of the sword.


The fierce collision caused the Qingfeng Sword to be bounced away in an instant.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 89 - Battle Between the Strong! Eight Desolation Sword Technique vs Shadow Kill!